Famous film directors, a list of websites

Great film directors, a comprehensive list of websites

Registi famosi; berühmte regisseure; réalisateurs célèbres; directores de cine


Academy Award and Cannes Film Festival winners

Academy Awards database of past OSCAR winners and nominees. AMPAS

Cannes Film Festival

Cannes Film Festival award winners.

The Venice Film Festival

Female film directors

Female directors, a list from Wikipedia.

100 popular films made by women. IMDB

Alliance of Women Directors
Established in 1997, is the only organization solely dedicated to education, support and advocacy for women directors in the entertainment industry.

Film director directories, databases, awards

Fifty Greatest Directors and their Best Films
A listing designed as a tribute to the 50 greatest directors of English-language films, selected according to the ‘auteur’ theory.

The Guardian list of top 40 film directors.

The Movie Data Base
Quick facts on almost every film in the world.

Directors’ top 100. BFI

CultureTrip lists of the greatest film directors.

Senses of Cinema database of articles on great film directors.

Wikipedia encyclopedia entries on notable film directors.

Famous film directors


Allen, Woody

Favorite Woody Allen lines.
The official Woody Allen website.
Woody Allen IMDB entry.
Woody Allen, Wikipedia entry.
Video interview with Woody Allen, by Jean-Luc Godard.
Woody Allen news and articles at The Guardian

Altman, Robert

Altman, Robert. Robert Altman. IMDB
Robert Altman Wikipedia entry.

Angelopoulos, Theodoros

Theodoros Angelopoulos. IMDb
Theodoros Angelopoulos. Wikipedia entry.
Theo Angelopoulos. The Guardian articles.
Theo Angelopoulos, Greek Film Director, Dies at 76. NY Times

Anger, Kenneth

Kenneth Anger. IMDB
Kenneth Anger film clips from YouTube.
The Kenneth Anger official website.
Kenneth Anger, Wikipedia entry.
Kenneth Anger. Magick Lantern Cycle: Images & Synopses
Guardian interview with Kenneth Anger.

Argento, Dario

Dario Argento. Wikipedia
Dario Argentino. IMDB


Bergman, Ingmar

Ingmar Bergman. The Swedish site.
Ingmar Bergman clips, films and interviews from YouTube.
Ingmar Bergman, Wikipedia entry.
Ingmar Bergman. An overview.
Ingmar Bergman. The Guardian, articles and news.
Ingmar Bergman. Senses of Cinema
Ingmar Bergman at The Internet Movie Database

Bertolucci, Bernardo

Bernardo Bertolucci filmography. IMDB
Bernardo Bertolucci, Wikipedia entry.
Bernardo Bertulucci, film clips from YouTube.
Articles on Bertolucci in The Guardian.
Bernardo Bertolucci on being burned by Hollywood . The Telegraph
Bernardo Bertolucci Great Director profile. Senses of Cinema

Brakhage, Stan

Stan Brakhage, Wikipedia entry.
Stan Brakhage on the Web: sites with writings about and by Stan Brakhage.
Stan Brakhage. Films by Stan Brackhage. IMDB
Stan Brakhage. Experimental Cinema Wiki
Obituary: Stan Brakhage. The Guardian
Stan Brakhage, Great Director profile. Senses of Cinema
The films of Stan Brakhage. The New Yorker

Bresson, Robert

Robert Bresson. Wikipedia entry.
Robert Bresson. IMDB
Robert Bresson website.
The Cinema of Robert Bresson. The Failure to Find the Holy Grail. An overview of his work.

Buñuel, Luis

Página oficial del Centenario de Luis Buñuel.
Luis Bunuel, Wikipedia entry.
The Luis Buñuel Film Institute
Senses of Cinema: Great Directors Critical Database
Luis Bunuel film clips from YouTube.


Campion, Jane

Jane Campion filmography. IMDB
Jane Campion. Interview and articles in The Guardian.
Jane Campion. NZ On Screen
Jane Campion, Wikipedia entry.

Cassavetes, John

John Cassavetes page, with background, films, biography.
John Cassavetes, filmography, biography.
John Cassavetes, Wikipedia entry.

Ceylan, Nuri Bilge

The official website of Nuri Bilge Ceylan
Nuri Bilge Ceylan. IMDb
Nuri Bilge Ceylan on Winter Sleep
Nuri Bilge Ceylan. Wikipedia

Chabrol, Claude

Claude Chabrol. Internet Movie Database
Claude Chabrol. Great Director profile from Senses of Cinema
Claude Chabrol, Wikipedia entry.
Claude Chabrol. IMDB
Claude Chabrol. NYTimes.com

Chaplin, Charles

The Charles Chaplin web site. News, exhibitions.
Charles Chaplin, Wikipedia entry.
Charles Chaplin, filmography. IMDB.
Charles Chaplin: articles in The Guardian.
Charles Chaplin: articles in The New York Times.
Charlie Chaplin films and interviews at YouTube.

Clouzet, Henri-Georges

Henri-Georges Clouzot. Wikipedia
Henri-Georges Clouzot. IMDb
Henri-Georges Clouzot. MOMA
Henri-Georges Clouzot. Harvard Film Archive
Henri -Georges Clouzot. The Guardian

Cocteau, Jean

Jean Cocteau. Biography, bibliography, a filmography, movie stills.
Jean Cocteau Official Site
Jean Cocteau film clips from YouTube.
Jean Cocteau. Internet Movie Database entry.
Jean Cocteau. Great Director profile. Senses of Cinema
Jean Cocteau. Biography and films. Films de France
Jean Cocteau articles in The Guardian
Jean Cocteau, Wikipedia entry.

Coppola, Francis Ford

Francis Ford Coppola. Wikipedia entry.
Francis Ford Coppola. Internet Movie Database entry.
Zoetrope Virtual Studio
Francis Ford Coppola.  New York Film Academy
Francis Ford Coppola articles in The Guardian
Francis Ford Coppola. New York Times articles and news.
Francis Ford Coppola. Senses of Cinema
Zoetrope Studios
Apocalypse Now. Reviews
Apocalypse Now. Internet Movie Database
Apocalypse Now. Wikipedia entry.
Apocalypse Now. Reviews and trailers from Rotten Tomatoes.

Cukor, George

George Cukor homepage.
George Cukor. IMDB
George Cukor, Wikipedia entry.
George Cukor. Article, filmography and web resources from Senses of Cinema.
George Cukor bibliography at UC Berkeley Media Resources Center