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David Hockney

David Hockney, Metropolitan Museum of Art

Give it up for David Hockney, one of painting’s elder statesmen, and for his crystalline retrospective at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which proceeds in a string of perfectly curated mini-exhibitions. Check at the door the usual caveats and tsk-tsks regarding this wildly popular Anglo-Californian — that he’s a lightweight; that his “moment” was the ’60s; that he’s obvious. Suspend at least briefly the belief that a tragic vision, or abstraction, is essential for entry into art history’s pantheon.
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Sehoun Art Gallery, Tehran


Seyhoun Art Gallery, 11, 4th st., Vozara Ave. Tehran 1511717991 Iran
Tel : +98 21 88 71 13 05
Telefax : +98 21 88 10 24 22

Hyper Real


Hyper Real

20 Oct 2017 – 18 Feb 2018

A levitating man, a genetically engineered baby, towering giants – welcome to humanity amplified. From astonishing lifelike sculptures to cutting-edge digital art, Hyper Real provokes fascination, fear and joy, exploring the fundamental question: ‘what makes us human?’

National Gallery of Australia