British cinema, film, film makers, past and present

British cinema, British film directors, U.K. film organizations, jobs, blogs and journals; an index of websites

Journals and blogs *

Dedicated to classic British cinema. Studios, genres, history.

Sight and Sound
The international film journal, based in the U.K.

Film Journal International

Senses of Cinema
An online film journal devoted to the serious and eclectic discussion of cinema, of art, independent and experimental cinemas.

Journal of British Cinema and Television

The Guardian film section.

Mild Concern, the UK Film, TV & Arts Blog

Ultra Culture. Irreverent reviews. It’s easy to be cynical. Fun too.

Databases, directories, centres, archives, film information sources *

British Film Institute archive collections.

A site providing access to film and television resources through the World Wide Web. Its primary purpose is to facilitate the study of film/TV. As opposed to some web sites that take more of a fan’s approach to the media, ScreenSite stresses the teaching and research of film and television and is designed for educators and students.

Animate Projects
Animate Projects Limited is a UK-based, not-for-profit arts organization, developing initiatives that explore the relationship between art and film, and the place of film and its concepts in contemporary art practice.

British film resources, training, schools, film and video festivals, films now showing, search engine.

British Cinema in the 50s and 60s. 
A site devoted to the brief revitalization of the British Cinema Industry during the 1950s and 1960s when the family film gave way to genre films aimed at young adult audiences.

British Council Film and Television Department 

British Film 
BF Supports, promotes and raises funding for feature film production made in Britain.

British Film Greats
A guide to British films, cinema and theatre work, it includes biographies of the best English stage and screen actors and actresses.

British Film Institute (BFI). Includes British film links and resources.

The British Film Resource
A collection of film theory articles and essays relating to the first 100 years of British film.

British Films of the 30s, 40s and 50s. It’s Not Just Michael Powell
Stars, photos, articles and archives.

Dedicated to classic British cinema. Studios, genres, history.

Cinemas *

London Cinema Guide

U.K. cinema releases.

UK Film release schedule, past, present and future.


Classic British Cinema
A personal view of British cinema from its beginnings in the 1900’s right through to the 1950’s.

Coffee Films
An English independent film production company.

Courses and training *

U.K. film courses, training and career advice.

National Television and Film School

The Cyber Film School
A website for serious students of the cinema, this comprehensive, easy-to-use site serves up a diet of news, reviews, forums and articles.

Festivals, film awards *

London Film Festival

British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA)

Edinburgh Film Festival website

Cambridge Film Festival

UK Film Festival

The Oscars, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, U.S.A.

Reviews, rankings, interviews, upcoming films *

Interviews, reviews, exclusives, cinema search. The FilmFour Channel

Films in progress, current U.K. film projects, news.
BritFilms lists British feature films in progress, prior to their inclusion in the British Films Catalogue. It lists a film’s director, producers, screenwriter, cast, sales agent and production status.

Films. 100 Favourite British Films. The British Film Institute

BritMovie forum

Future Movies
British movie review and filmmaking website. Future cinema, current cinema, movie archive, filmmaking.

Jobs *

Television / Film Production Information & Jobs UK
UK film production and television production news on every shoot entering preproduction in the UK. If you are looking for TV jobs or film jobs, product placement or music placement, Advance Production News magazine lists all productions looking to cast, crew, find facilities and locations.

A site providing access to film and television resources through the World Wide Web. Its primary purpose is to facilitate the study of film/TV. As opposed to some web sites that take more of a fan’s approach to the media, ScreenSite stresses the teaching and research of film and television and is designed for educators and students.

UK Screen
A service for UK film industry professionals and wannabes. Film-makers, actors, musicians and agents can enter their details in its searchable database.

Director databases and lists *

Directors. British film directors (BritFilm). Biographies.

British film directors.
A database of biographies and up-to-date filmographies of contemporary British feature film directors.

British Film Institute top 100 British films.

Directors: a quick guide to well-known contemporary British film directors. Beatdown.

English film directors, a web list from Wikipedia.

The Telegraph list of top 21 British directors of all time.

Wikipedia list of British film directors.

Edinburgh International Film Festival.

Exposure: an internet reference for young film-makers.
Useful news, lists of contacts, a lively forum for discussion and advice, and tips for aspiring film-makers.

Well-known British film directors *

Greenaway, Peter

IMDb: Peter Greenaway
Biography and filmography.

Peter Greenaway
Lists Peter Greenaway films, posters, and movie stills.

Peter Greenaway
Faculty page of the director and professor of Cinema Studies.

Peter Greenaway
Examines the cinematic works of the English artist.

Peter Greenaway
Biography, filmography, bibliography, exhibitions, and words.

Hitchcock, Alfred

Alfred Hitchcock: Cosmopolis
The Alfred Hitchcock exhibition at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

Alfred Hitchcock Geek
Blog by Joel Gunz discusses the life and films of the director.

Alfred Hitchcock Wiki
Fan site with news, articles, galleries, videos, interviews, and discussion.

The Films of Alfred Hitchcock
Essays on the use of the Point of View shot.

Hitchcock: The British Years
A guide to Hitchcock’s early films with pictures and year film was made.

IMDb: Alfred Hitchcock

Lean, David

The David Lean Homepage

David Lean
David Lean biography and filmography from the Internet Movie Database.

David Lean
The Britmovie guide. Biography,film synopses and credits.

Leigh, Mike

Mike Leigh. A profile from Screen Online.

Mike Leigh. IMDB

Mike Leigh. Wikipedia

Loach, Ken

Ken Loach production company.

Ken Loach. Profile from Screen Online

Ken Loach. IMDB

Ken Loach. Wikipedia

Powell, Michael

Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger website. 
Site run by the Powell and Pressburger Appreciation Society. Pressberger, Emeric and Michael Powell

Emeric Pressburger 

Emeric Pressburger IMDb

Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger website. 
A site run by the Powell and Pressburger Appreciation Society.

Emeric Pressberger. 
BFI Screenonline

Reed, Carol

Carol Reed, director of The Third Man.

The Third Man Museum
in Vienna is a privately run museum. A tribute to Graham Greene, Carol Reed, Orson Welles, Joseph Cotten, Alida Valli, Anton Karas, Paul Hoerbiger and … Harry Lime!

The Third Man tour.

The Third Man locations.

The Third Man
Wikipedia entry on The Third Man.

Russell, Ken

Ken Russell on YouTube. Documentaries and films.

Ken Russell. Wikipedia entry.

A Ken Russell website, by Iain Fisher.

Ken Russell. Screen Online

Ken Russell films. IMDb

Ken Russell on television; early documentaries and dramas.

Ken Russell, an interview, with early photographs. The Arts Desk

A Ken Russell obituary from The Guardian