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A guide to websites


American Film Foundation: 
an award-winning not-for-profit documentary production foundation.

Awards *

Grierson Awards
The Grierson Awards recognize and celebrate documentaries from Britain and abroad that have made a significant contribution to the genre and that demonstrate quality, integrity, creativity, originality and overall excellence.

BAFTA awards for documentary.

Academy Award winners for documentary.

IDA Documentary Awards 

Sundance Documentary Awards

Wikipedia list of documentary film awards.


Bright Lights Film Journal
Reviews and articles on documentary films.

British documentaries *

BBC Archive
Take a trip through the BBC’s collective past with the archives and discover themed collections of radio and TV programmes, documents and photographs.

BBC Archives, Rare Clips & Video Archives
BBC Motion Gallery

Britfilms British Film Catalogue

British documentaries. 
The British Film Institute searchable database of collections.

British Pathe newsreel archives.

Doc House
DocHouse was formed to support and promote documentary in the UK. DocHouse aims to increase participation and develop new audiences for documentaries in the cinema, on television and emerging media.

Scottish Documentary Institute
SDI is an internationally recognized documentary research centre at The Edinburgh College of Art.


Doc Films, University of Chicago 

Documentaries, by name; databases, directories *

Search by name at The Internet Movie Database (IMDB.

Documentaries, by country.

Documentary and Ethnographic Film: 
A Bibliography of Books and Articles in the UC Berkeley Libraries

Documentary Classics
UC Berkeley Media Resources Center

A search site for independent documentary videos.

Documentary Archive
A resource for documentary film enthusiasts.

Documentary film makers *

Documentary film directors

Documentary Films
Watch documentaries online for free.

Documentary film news and reviews.

Documentary and Ethnographic Film: 
A Bibliography of Books and Articles in the UC Berkeley Libraries

The Documentary Filmmakers Group,
the UK’s largest documentary organization.

a video label devoted to documentary film.

Documentary Films Net
News, reviews, and filmmaker resources.

The Docus
The online documentary reference. The Docus provides a database from official sources, daily updates and “documentaries of the day” in the social networks.

A search site for independent documentary videos.

Documentary Archive
A resource for documentary film enthusiasts.


European documentary film *

East Silver
A Central and Eastern European documentary film website.

European documentary film making. 
Documentary in Europe.

European Documentary Network
European Documentary Network covers all areas of the genre from all over the world: reviews of new films, reports from festivals, interviews with filmmakers, technical developments, industry issues, aesthetic and ethical issues.
Web portal of European film archives

War footage *

War documentaries and newsreels from ‘World War Footage’

Chronos History, YouTube Channel
Chronos History distributes high-quality historical film material covering the period from 1900 until the threshold to the digital era.


Festivals *

Documentary Film Festival Listings
An extensive listings of film festivals from

Aldeburgh Documentary Festival (UK)
A leading public-facing celebration of the documentary film.

Chicago International Documentary Festival

Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival

DOXA Documentary Film Festival, Vancouver, Canada

Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, Durham, U.K.

Hot Docs
North America’s largest documentary festival.

The London International Documentary Festival – LIDF

New York International Documentary Festival

Open City Docs Fest, London
The festival award categories include Grand Jury Award, Best Emerging Director, Best UK Documentary, Best Short Film and Best MyStreet Film.If you have made a documentary feature or short, from anywhere in the world, submit your film here.

Philadelphia Documentary and Fiction Festival

Sheffield International Documentary Festival

Folklore. An online archive of folklore documentaries.

Full Frame Documentary Film Festival


International Documentary Association
The Italian documentary website.


Online documentaries *

Insight News TV

Media Rights: Media that Matters

Watch Documentary Films Online

Top Documentary Films
A list of viewable documentaries, catalogued by subject.

Reviews and news *

Documentary Films.Net
News, reviews, and filmmaker resources.

The Documentary Blog

International Documentary Association

Wikipedia entry on documentary film.