Notable film directors


Pabst, G. W

G.W. Pabst (Georg Wilhelm) biography (in German).
Georg Wilhelm Pabst. Wikipedia.
G.W. Pabst. Film Reference
G. W. Pabst’s Pandora’s Box. MOMA

de Palma, Brian

Brian de Palma. Senses of Cinema
Brian De Palma. Wikipedia entry. 

Parajanov, Sergei

Sergei Parajanovi. Wikipedia entry.
Sergei Parajanov. Official Site
Sergei Parajanov. The Internet Movie Database

Pasolini, Pier Paolo

Pasolini. A page devoted to the life, literary and cinematic works of Pasolini.
Pasolini articles, bibliography and a filmography from Senses of Cinema.
Pier Paolo Pasolini. IMDB
Pier Paolo Pasolini. Wikipedia
Pier Paolo Pasolini. Filmgalerie 451
Pier Paolo Pasolini, an Italian website.
An interview with Pasolini.
Pier Paolo Pasolini. Articles from The Guardian.
Pier Paolo Pasolini. A MOMA exhibition.

Polanski, Roman

Articles on Polanski, from Salon.
Roman Polanski. An information page from
Polanski, Roman, Roman Polanski. Wikipedia entry.
Roman Polanski IMDB
Roman Polanski bibliography. C Berkeley Media Resources Center
Roman Polanski, a tribute site.
Knife in the Water
The Pianist
BBC audio interview with Polanski.
Roman Polanski. Articles in The The Guardian

Powell, Michael

Michael Powell & Emeric Pressburger. Senses of Cinema
Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger website. 

Pressberger, Emeric (and Michael Powell)

Emeric Pressburger. Wikipedia 
Emeric Pressburger IMDb
Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger website. 
Emeric Pressberger. BFI Screen Online


Ray, Satyajit

Satyajit Ray. IMDB
Satyajit Ray Foundation Life, films and film-making.
Satyajit Ray, Wikipedia entry.

Reed, Carol

Carol Reed filmography, IMDB.
Carol Reed. Senses of Cinema articles, biography, filmography.
Carol Reed, Wikipedia entry.
The Third Man

The Third Man Museum
The Third Man tour.
The Third Man locations.
The Third Man, Wikipedia entry.

Renoir, Jean

Jean Renoir. Internet Movie Database
Jean Renoir, Wikipedia entry.
Jean Renoir. Strictly Film School
Jean Renoir. Jean Renoir: A Bibliography of Materials in the UC Berkeley Library
The Complete Jean Renoir – Harvard Film Archive

Resnais, Alain

Alain Resnais. Strictly Film School
Alain Resnais. Background, filmography.
Alain Resnais. IMDB
Alain Resnais – Wikipedia
Alain Resnais obituary.The Guardian

Riefenstahl, Leni

Articles, images and web site links.
Leni Riefenstahl film clips from YouTube
Leni Riefenstahl, Wikipedia entry.
Leni Riefenstahl official site
Leni Riefenstahl, IMDB entry.
Leni Riefenstahl, Bight Lights Film Journal
Leni Refienstahl, BBC news entries.
Das Blaue Licht. fan site.

Rivette, Jacques

Jacques Rivette. Senses of Cinema
Jacques Rivette. French IMDB
Jacques Rivette. Wikipedia entry.
Jacquette Rivette. Internet Movie Database

Roeg, Nicolas

Nicolas Roeg. Senses of Cinema
Nicholas Roeg. IMDB
Nicolas Roeg. Wikipedia entry.
Nicolas Roeg articles at The The Guardian

Rohmer, Eric

Eric Rohmer articles at Fine Articles.
Adieu, Eric Rohmer. Senses of Cinema
Eric Rohmer. IMDB
Eric Rohmer. The Guardian

Rossellini, Roberto

Roberto Rossellini. IMDB filmography and photo archive.
Roberto Rossellini. Article by Derek Malcolm.
Roberto Rossellini. Senses of Cinema
Roberto Rossellini. Wikipedia entry.
Roberto Rossellini articles at Fine Articles.

Russell, Ken

A Ken Russell site with plenty of pictures. Updates, film history.
Ken Russell. IMDB
Ken Russell. Wikipedia entry.
Ken Russell. Screenonline biography.
Ken Russell videos and films on YouTube.


Scott, Ridley

Ridley Scott. IMDB
Ridley Scott. The Guardian
Ridley Scott, Wikipedia entry.
Ridley Scott Associates (RSA)

de Sica, Vittorio

Vittorio de Sica short biography and historical background. Sony Classics
Vittorio de Sica. IMDB
Vittorio de Sica. Strictly Film School
Vittorio de Sica. Senses of Cinema

Sirk, Douglas

Douglas Sirk’s Glorious Cinema of Outsiders. The New Yorker
Douglas Sirk: 10 essential films. BFI
Douglas Sirk. Wikipedia

Sivan, Santosh

Santosh Sivan. Soulscape, reflections on cinematography, memoirs. 
Santosh Sivan’s official homepage.

Sokurov, Alexander

Alexander Sokurov Homepage
The Russian Ark
Alexander Sokurov, Wikipedia entry.

Spielberg, Steven

Steven Spielberg. Wikipedia entry.
Steven Spielberg. IMDB
Steven Spielberg. TCM Movie Database
Steven Spielberg. Senses of Cinema
Steven Spielberg. Internet Speculative Fiction database.
Steven Spielberg Bibliography (UC Berkeley)

Sturges, Preston

Preston Sturges. Wikipedia entry.
Preston Sturges. IMDB
Preston Sturges. Senses of Cinema

Syberberg, Hans-Jürgen

Syberberg Offizielle Homepage. Filme Ludwig II., Karl May, Winifred Wagner, Hierneis, Hitler Ein Film aus Deutschland, Parsifal.
Hans-Jürgen Syberberg. Wikipedia
Hans-Jürgen Syberberg. IMDB
Syberberg’s ‘Hitler’. The New York Review of Books
Syberberg’s Hitler films
Susan Sontag on Syberberg
Susan Sontag spoken commentary and YouTube clips from Hitler. a Film from Germany.
Ludwig, End of a Fairy-Tale King (YouTube)



Tarantino, Quentin

Quentin Tarantino Archives
Quentin Tarantino. IMDB
The Quentin Tarantino Archives
Everything Tarantino, a weblog.

Tarkovsky, Andrei

Andrei Tarkovsky.  A dedicated site, with biography, writings, interviews and films. 
Andrei Tarvoksky. IMDB
Andrei Tarkovsky. An information site.
Andrei Tarkovsky, film clips from YouTube.
Andrei Tarkovsky. Background information and synopsis of each film.

Tavernier, Bertrand

Bertrand Tavernier. Homepage, links, filmography, interviews.
Bertrand Tavernier. IMDb
Bertrand Tavernier. Wikipedia
Bernard Tavernier. Senses of Cinema

Tornatore, Giuseppe

Giuseppe Tornatore. IMDb
Giuseppe Tornatore. Wikipedia

Truffaut, François

Francois Truffaut filmography from IMDB.
Francois Truffaut, Wikipedia entry.
Jules et Jim
Francois Truffaut. The Guardian
Truffaut’s Last Interview. The New Yorker
Francois Truffaut, film clips from YouTube.
Francois Truffaut. Senses of Cinema biography and background information.


Varda, Agnès

Agnès Varda. Wikipedia
Agnès Varda IMDB
Agnès Varda. Senses of Cinema
Agnes Varda 2010 BBC Interview

Vertov, Dziga

The man with a Movie Camera (Video on YouTube)
Dziga Vertov. Wikipedia
Dziga Vertov. IMDb
Dziga Vertov. Senses of Cinema
Dziga Vertov. Ubuweb
Dziga Vertov. MOMA
Kino-Eye: The Revolutionary Cinema of Dziga Vertov. UCLA

Vidor, King

Youtube videos of films by King Vidor.
King Vidor. Wikipedia entry.

Vigo, Jean

Jean Vigo. Senses of Cinema
Jean Vigo. Wikipedia entry.
Jean Vigo. IMDB

Visconti, Luchino

Luchino Visconti homepage. Website dedicated entirely to Luchino Visconti and his works.
Films by Luchino Visconti. IMDB
Luchino Visconti, Wikipedia entry.
Documentary on Visconti. YouTube BBC video
The BFI Visconti Project. A major celebration of the work of Luchino Visconti.
Archivio Luchino Visconti, parte del patrimonio degli Archivi della Fondazione Istituto Gramsci.
Luchino Visconti’s Death in Venice, Literature/Film Quarterly, v. 2, 1974, an in-depth analysis of Death in Venice.
Luchino Visconti. Liens, biographie, Textes et critiques, web sites.
YouTube videos of films by and about Visconti.
Luchino Visconti Facebook page.

von Trier, Lars

Lars von Trier. Wikipedia entry.
Dogville official site.
Dogville IMDB
Lars from 1-10
Zentropa Production Company
Lars von Trier. Articles from Senses of Cinema
Lars von Trier. The Independent Weekly article.
Dogme 95. Wikipedia
Dogme 95: The Vow of Chastity (abridged)

von Trotter, Margarethe

Margarethe von Trotta, article by Ben Andac, with web resources and discography from Senses of Cinema.
Margarethe von Trotta. Wikipedia
Margarethe von Trotta. IMDb
Margarethe von Trotta. Filmmaker Magazine


Wachowski Brothers (Lilly and Lana)

Wachowski Bothers. Wikipedia entry.
Lana Wachowski. The Internet Movie Database
Andy Wachowski. The Internet Movie Database
Lilly Wachowski. Articles at The Guardian.

Wai, Wong Kar

Wong Kar Wai. In the Mood for Love
Wong Kar-Wai. IMDB
Wong Kar-Wai, Wikipedia entry.

Wajda, Andrzej

Man of Iron. IMDb
Andrzej Wajda. An information page from
Man of Iron. Wikipedia
Andrzej Wajda. Wikipedia
Andrzej Wajda. IMDb
Andrzej Wajda. Official Website
Andrzei Wajda. BFI  Sight & Sound
Andrzej Wajda. The Cinema of Andrzei Wajda
Andrzej Wajda. Filmweb

Warhol, Andy

The Andy Warhol Museum
Andy Warhol. Filmography from IMDB.
Andy Warhol on YouTube

Weerasethakul, Apichatpong

Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall HisPast Lives. IMDB
Apichatpong Weerasethakul. Wikipedia
Kick the Machine
Apichatpong Weerasethakul. Austrian Film Museum
Apichatpong Weerasethakul. Video Interview

Weir, Peter

Peter Weir
Peter Weir. IMDB

Welles, Orson

Wellesnet, a leading internet source of information about the life, career and works of Orson Welles. 
Orson Welles, Wikipedia entry.
Orson Welles. IMDB
Orson Welles Facebook page.
Orson Welles videos. YouTube
Mercury Theatre on the Air, a show featuring the acclaimed New York drama company founded by Orson Welles and John Houseman.
Guide to the Orson Welles Materials, Lilly Library, Indiana University.
Finding Aid for the Orson Welles – Oja Kodar Papers 1910–1998. University of Michigan

Wilder, Billy

Billy Wilder. Wikipedia entry.
Billy Wilder. IMDB
Billy Wilder. PBS

Winders, Wim

The Wim Wenders official site.
Wim Wenders, Wikipedia entry.
Wim Wenders, article, filmography and web resources from Senses of Cinema.
Wim Wenders. The Guardian

Wise, Robert

Robert Wise, IMDB.
Robert Wise. Conversations with Robert Wise.
Robert Wise, an interview. Bright Lights Film Journal
Robert Wise Wikipedia entry.


Yimou, Zang

Zang Yimou. Senses of Cinema article.
Zang Yimou. IMDB
Zang Yimou. Wikipedia entry.
Zhang Yimou. Hong Kong Movie Database


Krzysztof, Zanussi

Krzysztof Zanussi. IMDB
Krystof Zanussi. Strictly Film School
Zanussi Facebook page.

Zinnemann, Fred

Fred Zinnemann. IMDB
Fred Zinnemann. Senses of Cinema article.