Film scores, soundtracks, film composers

Film scores, soundtracks, film composers, classical music on film
A comprehensive directory of websites


Classical music used in films.
Streaming audio files from Naxos.

Top 10 Classical Music Moments in Cinema.

20 Greatest Classical Music Moments In Movies. CMUSE

Composers *

List of film score composers.


Film Score Monthly

Filmtracks. Modern soundtrack reviews.

Movie Sounds forums and Movie Discussions


MFiles, uk. Aims to bridge the divide between classical music and film music. 
For the foreseeable future, the intention is to build up a sizeable catalogue of Sheet Music, MIDI files and MP3 files, together with informative content in the form of articles, reviews and reference material about composers and their music.

Naxos music library. Classical music in films, film themes.


Soundtrack finders * The art of film and television music.
Reviews, news, new soundtracks.

Soundtrack Collector
A database and directory of movie sound tracks. SoundtrackCollector is an on-line community of people interested in movie soundtracks.
Keep track of your soundtrack collection using an easy to use web interface.
Put soundtracks you would like to have on your wish list. Rate or review soundtracks and see what others have to say.


Tutorial on film music. The Art of Foley
A tutorial designed to educate and inspire those interested in the craft of movie sound effects.


Websites, film soundtrack databases, reviews, directories from around the world *

Film Score Monthly
Film Score Monthly is America’s leading magazine about motion picture and television music.
Cinemusic is a German site with lots of information (in German) on soundtracks.

Filmtracks is a site full of soundtrack reviews, news, interviews, an audio library, composer tributes, sheet music etc.

Soundtrack reviews, a forum called The Dominium and a news section.

Italian Soundtracks
A site featuring the covers of more than 800 mostly Italian soundtrack LPs.

Spy Bop Royale
Spy Bop Royale is a site dedicated to the spy soundtracks of the 60’s.

StreamingSoundtracks is an independent internet radio station that provides the online community with the opportunity to listen to soundtracks through streaming MP3 technology.

Mundo BSO
Spanish web site with thousands of film scores reviews, hundreds of film composers, where you can write, vote or participate.

Godzilla Monster Music
A comprehensive site dedicated to the music from Japanese monster movies.

The Film Music Society
The Film Music Society is a non-profit organization established by professionals in the film and music communities.

A Spanish website devoted to movie, TV, videogame and documentary orchestral scores.

Score Magacine
A Spanish film music magazine.

The Soundtrack Information Site.
Non-profit soundtrack database site, covering all sorts of soundtrack and score albums from movies, computer- and videogames, TV series, direct-to-video, anime and even musicals from Broadway, theatre or radio.
A score guide with reviews, a composers database, news, interviews (in French).
The biggest web site in Poland about movie music. Reviews (in polish), sound clips, interviews, music shop.

Main Titles is a place for the film music community.

Wikipedia entry on film soundtracks.

Famous composers of film scores (a selection) *

Arnold, Sir Mathew. Mathew Arnold film scores.

Barry, John. A page dedicated to John Barry.

John Barry, Wikipedia entry.

Bernstein, Elmer. Elmer Bernstein

Delerue, George. Delerue website.

Georges Delerue. Wikipedia

Goldsmith, Jerry. Jerry Goldsmith

Herrmann, Bernard. Bernard Herrmann

The Bernard Herrmann Society

Bernard Herrmann. Wikipedia

Bernard Herrmann. IMDb

Jarre, Maurice

Maurice Jarre, Wikipedia entry.

Maurice Jarre at the Internet Movie Database

Korngold, Erich Wolfgang. Erich Wolfgang Korngold

Erich Wolfgang Korngold, Wikipedia entry.

Goodwin, Ron. Ron Godwin

Prokofiev, Sergei. Sergei Prokofiev

Prokofiev film scores

Rota, Nino. Nino Rota web page. Composer for Fellini’s films.

Shore, Howard. Howard Shore

Shostakovich, Dmitri. Dmitri Shostakovich, Wikipedia entry.

Steiner, Max Steiner. Max Steiner

Max Steiner

Williams, John. The John Williams Web Pages

John Williams. Wikipedia

Williams, Ralph Vaughan. Ralph Vaughan Williams. Naxos Classical Music

Ralph Vaughan Williams. Free listening, videos.

Ralph Vaughan Williams film and TV scores.

Zimmer, Hans. Hans Zimmer. Wikipedia