Film theory and criticism, film studies

Film theory, film criticism and film studies
A comprehensive directory of film theory and film criticism websites

Film criticism *

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Cinema Vortex
Film studies, news and film reviews.
A magazine for media theory, criticism and culture. Reviews and essays.


Film Criticism
Founded in 1976, Film Criticism is the third oldest academic film journal in the U.S..

Movie reviews, film criticism and funk. CinemaFunk is a website dedicated to providing high-quality movie reviews, in-depth film criticism and analysis. It also wants to develop a film canon of films considered ‘best ever’.

The Film Journal
The Film Journal is an  independently produced, online film publication which seeks to contribute to the community of serious-minded film websites by being a forum for eclectic film criticism, study and discussion.

The Journal of Short Film
The Journal of Short Film (THE JSF) is a not for profit peer reviewed publication that is devoted to the distribution of the underrepresented medium of short film.

Film Philosophy
Film-Philosophy is an international peer-reviewed academic journal dedicated to philosophically discussing film studies, aesthetics and world cinema.


Compares reviews between critics. Film ratings based on a weighted average of various individual reviews.


New York Film Critics Circle Awards (IMDB)

New York Times film reviews and news.

Critics’ choices for best films

Greatest Films (
Interpretive, descriptive reviews, commentary and historical background on Hollywood and American classic films. Film reference material and hundreds of vintage film posters.

Film studies *


Bright Lights
A journal of film analysis.


A scholarly journal on Film and Media. 


Images Journal
Film and popular culture.


The New York Film Academy
Designed for the new generation of filmmakers who share a common passion and want to learn by making their own films immediately in a hands-on intensive program.An international institute with schools in such places as New York, Universal Studios, California, Boston, Chicago, Miami, London, Paris,Tokyo and soon in Mexico.


Prague PCFE Film School
provides practical instruction in filmmaking for motion pictures and television. Cross-disciplinary in approach, the school aims to create informed auteurs and well-rounded specialists.


Schools: a list of film school websites

Society for Cinema and Media Studies

Strictly Film School
Dedicated to the analysis of landmark world cinema from an academic perspective.

Film theory, film and philosophy *

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Film theorists

Arnheim, Rudolf

Arnheim, Rudolf. Rudolf Arnheim, Wikipedia entry.

Bazin, André

André Bazin: Part 1, Film Style Theory in its Historical Context

André Bazin: Part 2, Style as a Philosophical Idea

Andre Bazin, Wikipedia entry

Deleuze, Giles

Gilles Deleuze
Wikipedia entry.

Giles Deleuze on Cinema. YouTube

Gilles Deleuze Bergsonian Film Project

Eisenstein, Sergei

Sergei Eisenstein

Sergei Eisenstein
Wikipedia entry

Association Française de Recherche sur l’Histoire du Cinéma. I895, revue.

Auteur theory of film.
Wikipedia entry.

Kracauer, Siegfreid

Siegfried Kracauer
Wikipedia entry.

Truffaut, Francois

Francois Truffaut

Francois Truffaut. Films and biography.

Works by or about François Truffaut in libraries.

Francois Truffaut. Cinematismo

Articles on Truffaut in The Guardian.


Culture Court
Film reviews.


Feminist film theory *

Feminist Film Theory, by Anneke Smelik.

Laura Mulvey

Laura Mulvey
Wikipedia entry.


Film sound theory. 
The Art and Analyses of Film Sound Design

Film theory. Scholarly articles on film from OffScreen.



Offscreen film journal.


Senses of Cinema
An online film journal devoted to the serious and eclectic discussion of cinema.

Strictly Film School
A journal of landmark cinema, examining universal themes, symbols and imagery, historical and artistic genres.


Wikipedia entry on film theory.