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Berlin International Film Festival, YouTube channel.

Cinema of Germany. Wikipedia

Bundesarchiv / Filmarchiv (BArch). German Film Archives Online
The Bundesarchiv is the German government’s official archive, holding public and private records originating from the German Reich, the German Democratic Republic and the Federal Republic ofGermany. The Bundesarchiv constitutes the main executive body to carry out the safeguarding of the national film heritage.

Deutsches Filminstitut – International Your portal to comprehensive information on German movies.

10 Classic German Expressionist Films: From Nosferatu to The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. From Open Culture

German Films:Browse the German Film Archive

New Europe: A history of German cinema in clips. The Guardian 

New German Cinema. The Criterion Collection

German Cinema | InterNations

Cinema in Germany. The German Way & More

German Film. The Goethe Institut

30 Essential German Films You Need To Watch

Directors *

German film directors. Wikipedia

IMDb: Best German Directors

Rainer Werner Fassbinder. Wikipedia

Werner Herzog

Rainer Werner Fassbinder. IMDb

Fritz Lang. Wikipedia

Ernst Lubitsch. IMDb

F. W. Murnau. Wikipedia

F.W. Murnau. IMDb

Margarethe von Trotta. Wikipedia

Margarethe von Trotta. IMDb

The Believer. Interview with Margarethe von Trotta

Margarethe von Trotta. Zeitgeist Films

Wim Wenders