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English Literature Essays. From Literature-Study-Online
A structured guide to a wealth of sites helpful in the study of English Literature. Ian Mackean’s  English Literature Essays page publishes essays on a wide variety of authors and aspects of literature, some by himself and others by lecturers and students from all over the world, and it also links to his English Literature Discussion Forum.

English Essays from Sir Philip Sidney to Macaulay.
Four centuries of the development of English prose are illustrated by 24 works from 17 authors, ranging from those best known for the essay, like Addison and Hazlitt, to those, like Jonson and Coleridge, whose poetic spirit infuses all their writings. Harvard Classics

The Essay, Wikipedia entry.

Essay eTexts at Project Gutenberg.

Information on writing essays, tips.

More than 20,000 essays on all topics.

Great essayists *

The English essayists: a comprehensive selection from the works of the great essayists, from Lord Bacon to John Ruskin.
Internet Archive. Downloadable texts.

Wikipedia list of literary essayists.

Calasso, Roberto

Roberto Calasso, Wikipedia entry.

Emerson, Ralph Waldo

Works by Ralph Waldo EmersonProject Gutenberg

Works by Ralph Waldo Emerson in free audio format. 

Montaigne, Michel de

Essays of Michel de Montaigne. Project Gutenberg

The Essays of Michael de Montaigne, Michel de Montaigne. Free Ebook