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Allen, Woody

Woody Allen. Wikipedia

Woody Allen

Woody Allen. IMDb


Aristophanes, Wikipedia entry.

Atkinson, Rowan

Atkinson, Rowan. Rowan Atkinson. Wikipedia entry.

Rowan Atkinson. IMDB

Rowan Atkinson biography at BFI Screenonline

Australian humour *

Dame Edna Everage


Bean. Mr Bean

Beerbohm, Sir Max. Max Beerbohm artwork.

BBC Comedy Homepage

Bob Hope. 96 years of Hope. Bob Hope’s website. Hear Bob tell a joke. 

British humour, British comedians, British comedy *

Absolutely Fabulous

Barker, Ronnie. Ronnie Barker

BBC – BBC Radio 7 Comedy Homepage

British Comedy Homepage

British humour. Wikipedia

A beginner’s guide to British humor. EF Blog

Comedians. BBC profiles of British comedians.

Fry, Stephen. Stephen Fry homepage. The Adventures of Stephen Fry

Interviews on video with Stephen Fry.

Wikipedia entry on Stephen Fry.

Gervais, Ricky. Ricky Gervais. The Office

Gervais, Ricky. Ricky Gervais Website and Podcast

Goon Show Depository, an exhaustive information source.

Goon Show Site. Downloads. MP3s.

Goon Show Preservation Society

Izzard, Eddie. Eddie Izzard

Philomena Cunk (Diane Morgan). Wikipedia

The Wodehouse Society

Monty Python 

Spike Milligan

British TV comedies

Absolutely Fabulous

BBC Comedy Homepage

Fawlty Towers

Little Britain

Mr Bean

To the Manor Born

The Morecambe and Wise Home Page

The Office

Spitting Image

The Vicar of Dibley

Yes, Minister


Cambridge Footlights

Cleese, John. The John Cleese website. A new direction in cyber-space silliness.

Comedians *

Comedy Online. Stand up comedy in Britain.

Comedy-O-Rama. Great figures of comedy.

Comedy: definition and history, from Wikipedia.


Edna Dame Edna Everage 


Festivals, comedy festivals *

Chicago Comedy Festival

Edinburgh Festival. BBC

Glasgow International Comedy Festival

Köln Comedy Festival

Greenwich Comedy Festival, London.

Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Chicago Comedy Festival

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Glasgow International Comedy Festival

Hamptons Comedy Festival

Laughter Arts Festival

Leicester Comedy Festival

Melbourne International Comedy Festival

San Francisco SketchFest

Montreal Comedy Festival. Hahaha

New Zealand International Comedy Festival

French humour *

Retrouvez toute l’actualité de l’humour, humoristes, théâtres et festivals. Toute l’actualité de l’humour francophone est sur Youhumour ! (French and International)


Fry, Stephen. The Stephen Fry homepage. The Adventures of Stephen Fry

a large archive of humourous websites: one-liners, cartoons, animations, advice, office humour, etc. 


German humour *

Henning Wehn: German Comedy Ambassador to Great Britain

Wikipedia entry on German humour.

Gervais, Ricky. Ricky Gervais Website and Podcast

Professional jokes. 
Medical jokes, social worker jokes, lawyer jokes, etc.


A. P. Herbert
Wikipedia entry.

Humour search engines *

Humour websites. A directory and search engine for humour on the internet.

Retrouvez toute l’actualité de l’humour, humoristes, théâtres et festivals. Toute l’actualité de l’humour francophone est sur Youhumour !

Humor Search Engine. Jokes, humor.

Humour in English Literature, a discussion between Clive James and Peter Porter (audio).


Insults. Great insults


Jerry Lewis

Jewish humour *

Jewish humour. Wikipedia

Harry Leichter’s Large Collection of Clean Jewish Humor

Jewish comedians. Wikipedia

Joan Rivers. Wikipedia


Jokes *

Work Jokes.

Journals, magazines *

The New Yorker

The Onion

Private Eye. The British satirical magazine.

The Spectator

Suck. A satirical magazine.

Taki. The Spectator  column.

Taki’s Magazine


Leacock, Stephen

Stephen Leacock Museum

Stephen Leacock. Selected poetry.


Marx Brothers. Chico, Harpo, Groucho

Modern Humorist

Montreal Comedy Festival. Hahaha 


Net Funny. A jokes portal.

The New Yorker


America’s online satirical journal. 


Parker, Dorothy. A Dorothy Parker website.

Dorothy Parker, Wikipedia entry.

Poems/Humorous poems *

Amazingly Bad Poetry Journal
A collection of bad poetry and humorous comment on topical subjects.

Ogden Nash Online
A large e-text archive collection of Nash’s verse.

Pope, Alexander

Alexander Pope

Alexander Pope
An introduction.

Alexander Pope Quotes


Private Eye
The British satirical magazine.

Professional jokes. Medical jokes, social worker jokes, lawyer jokes, etc.


Quotations *

Humor Quote

Famous quotes.
Quotes and Authors

Humor Quotes 


Sellers, Peter
Peter Sellers official Web site offers biography, filmography, photos, quotes, news and more about the legendary actor.

Peter Sellers
This is a non-commercial tribute site.

Peter Sellers videos and audios on YouTube.

Peter Sellers

Shakespeare, William

Shakespearean comedy.
Wikipedia entries.


Stand-Up New York Comedy Club

Suck. A satirical magazine.


Taki. The Spectator column.

Taki’s Magazine

Thurber, James. James Thurber, a website.


Waugh, Auberon. Auberon Waugh. The Guardian

Waugh, Evelyn

Evelyn Waugh. Doubting Hall, an Evelyn Waugh website.

The Evelyn Waugh Society

Wilde, Oscar

The Oscar Wilde Homepage.

An Ideal Husband. A searchable etext.An Ideal Husband by Oscar Wilde. The Literature Page

The Importance of Being Earnest

Le Pere Lachaise Cemetery, Paris. Oscar Wilde’s grave.Photographs of Wilde from the Clark Library.

Wodehouse, P. G.

The Russian Jeeves and Wooster Society

The Wodehouse Society