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Romantic literature, Romantic Writers and Poets Novels and Poetry of the Romantic Period

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Romantic literature web resources.
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The Romantics. The British Library

Romantic literature internet search tools.

Romanticism, Wikipedia entry.

Romantic poetry, Wikipedia entry.

The Sublime. Primary works on the idea of the sublime.
The Voice of the Shuttle

Romantic Writers and Poets

Burke, Edmund *

Edmund Burke. On the sublime and the Beautiful

Byron, Lord Byron (George Gordon) *

Byron. The Byron Chronology, a searchable hypertext chronology of important dates in the life of George Gordon.
Lord Byron Wikpedia entry.
Lord Byron. A comprehensive study of his life and work.
The Works of Lord Byron: Letters and Journals. Vol. 1
Byron’s Poetical Works, Volume 1
Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage
Don Juan
Don Juan: Canto I
Fugitive Pieces
Life of Lord Byron, Vol. 5 With His Letters and Journals
Drama en tres actos

Coleridge, Samuel Taylor *

The Samuel Taylor Coleridge Archive, Poems and essays.
Coleridge poems.
Coleridge, a background and overview.
The Rime of the Ancient Mariner
Letters of Samuel Taylor Coleridge from the Internet Archive
Samuel Taylor Coleridge at The British Library
Manuscript of Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s ‘Kubla Khan’ (c 1797-1804)

Godwin, William *

William Godwin Archive
William Godwin. Introduction and texts.

Goethe, Johann Wolfgang *

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Wikipedia entry

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.National Library Catalogue, Germany
Works by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.
Project Gutenberg
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Weimar. Classicism in the Literary Encyclopedia
BBC In Our Time Programme on Goethe.
Goethe’s dual language poems (English and German).

Hölderlin, Johann Christian Friedrich *

Friedrich Holederin. Wikipedia entry.
Hölderlin Gesellschaft
Holderlin. Poems by Friedrich Hölderlin

Keats, John *

The Poetical Works of John Keats
John Keats. A Keats website, with letters, poems, Keats news.
Keats. A comprehensive study of his life and work.
John Keats, selected letters.
John Keats, original manuscripts.
The Keats and Shelley House, Rome.
John Keats, Wikipedia entry.
John_Keats. The 1819 odess.
John Keats. The Life and Works of John Keats
Ode on a Grecian Urn
Ode to a Nightingale
Ode on Indolence
Ode to Psyche
Ode on Melancholy
To Autumn

Novalis (Georg Philipp Friedrich Freiherr von Hardenberg) *

Novalis, Wikipedia entry.
Novalis: Hymns to The Night
An English translation by George MacDonald

Peacock, Thomas Love *

The Thomas Love Peacock Society
Thomas Love Peacock poems. The Poetry Foundation
Full text of “The Poems of Thomas Love Peacock” Internet Archive

Shelley, Mary *

Works by Mary Shelley.
Project Gutenberg
Frankenstein. Project Gutenberg
Mary Shelley, British Library
Mary Shelley. Wikipedia entry.

Shelley, Percy *

Complete Works of Shelley
Percy Bysshe Shelley. Biography and Works
Percy Shelley Resource Page
Percy Shelley. Selected Works of Percy Bysshe Shelley
A Guide to the Percy Bysshe Shelley Manuscript Material in the Pforzheimer Collection
Archival material relating to Percy Bysshe Shelley

Wollstonecraft, Mary *

Mary Wollstonecraft. Wikipedia
Works by Mary Wollstonecraft
Archival material relating to Mary Wollstonecraft
Mary Wollstonecraft manuscript material, 1773–1797
Vindication of the Rights of Woman

Wordsworth, William *

William Wordsworth. The Lyrical Ballads
William Wordsworth. The Complete Poetical Works
roject Gutenberg.
William Wordsworth. Biography and Works
William Wordsworth. Wikipedia entry.
The Wordsworth Trust
Romantic Circles: Editions & articles on Wordsworth and other authors of the Romantic period.
Wordsworth and the Lake District

Lord Byron in Albanian dress, by Thomas Phillips, 1813
Lord Byron in Albanian dress, by Thomas Phillips, 1813