Science fiction websites

Science fiction, speculative fiction; a list of websites

Cyberpunk *

Wikipedia entry.

A comprehensive directory of Cyberpunk websites.

Galaxy Magazine
Original science fiction.

Awards *

The Hugo Award

Information on the major literary awards of the SF and fantasy community.

The John W. Campbell Award
The John W. Campbell Award for the best science-fiction novel of the year.

The Mythopoeic Awards

Philip K. Dick Awards
The Philip K. Dick Awards for distinguished science fiction.

Prix Aurora Awards
Canadian author science fiction awards.

Sidewise Awards
Awards for alternate history and parallel reality fiction.

Skylark Awards
The Edward E. Smith memorial award for imaginative fiction.

Science fiction authors *

An index to over 9392 science fiction authors’ biographies, bibliographies, pseudonyms and links.
Magic Dragon

List of science fiction authors.
Wikipedia entries.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Authors
SF Site

Science Fiction and Fantasy Bibliography

Classics of Science Fiction

Feminist Science Fiction

Heinlein, Robert A

Magazines, journals of science fiction *

Wikipedia list of science fiction magazines.

Fantasy and Science Fiction



Locus Online

Nova Science Fiction


La Maison d’Ailleurs
Musée de la science fiction, de l’utopie et des voyages extraordinaires. Museum of science fiction, utopia and extraordinary journeys.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America

Science Fiction masterwork reviews

The SF Site

Speculative fiction *

The Internet Speculative Fiction Database

Speculative fiction Wikipedia entry.

Strange Horizons, a weekly speculative fiction magazine.

Wikipedia science fiction entry.

World Science Fiction Society


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