Short stories, writers; a guide to websites

Short stories, short story, writers, awards; a guide to websites

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American short stories. 
20 Great American Short Stories

Awards *

Short stort prizes and competitions.

The Asham Award
The short story prize for unpublished women writers.

The Bbridport Prize
The short story and poetry competition.

The BBC National Short Story Award

The Raymond Carver Short Story Contest

Seán Ó Faoláin International Short Story Competition
The competition is run by the Munster Literature Centre in Cork, Ireland

Bibliomania: Short Stories on the Web.
800 texts of classic literature, drama, and poetry together with detailed literature study guides.

Classic short stories.

The short story writers showcase.
Short stories online.

American short stories. Twenty great American short stories. 
Hawthorne, Poe, Cooper, Alcott, Herman Melville, Mark Twain, Jack London.

The Bridport Prize, U.K.

The European Short Story Network
The European Short Story Network is a non-profit, pan-European initiative by authors, publishers and literature festivals. It aims to celebrate the work of contemporary short story writers from across Europe, and to help readers find and enjoy their work.

Fish Publishing Short Story Awards

Frank O’Connor International Short Story Award

Short stories at East of the Web

Short Story, U.K.
A website promoting the short story.

Small Wonder. The Charlston Short Story Festival, U.K.

Wikipedia entries on the short story.



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