Surrealist literature

Surrealist literature/Surrealist authors and poets, a guide to websites

See also: Surrealist Art
Surrealist art and literature, André Breton, definition of surrealism, texts, surrealism websites.

Surrealist love poems.
3 Surrealist Love Poems, from Surrealist Love Poems, a book edited by Mary Ann Caws.

Surrealism, information and paintings at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Surrealism pages at The Tate Gallery, London.

The Museum of Modern Art Surrealism collection, New York.

Women in the Surrealist movement. 
Women Surrealist authors.

Surrealist Writers
A directory of Surrealist writers and writings.

Wikipedia entries on Surrealist writers.

Writers and poets *

Apollinaire, Guillaume *

Guillaume Apollinaire

Apollinaire, poems at

Guillaume Apollinaire, Wikipedia entry.

Apollinaire. poems at The Poetry Foundation

Works by Guillaume Apollinaire
Project Gutenberg

Ebooks from Apollinaire, in French.

Aragon, Louis *

Louis Aragon, a web pge.

Louis Aragon, Wikipedia entry.

Bataille, Georges *

George Bataille. Texts by Bataille. Story of the Eye, and others. Supervert

Georges Bataille, Wikipedia entry.

Breton, Andre *

Andre Breton
What is Surrealism?

Arcane-17. Wikipedia entry.

Arcane 17 original manuscript.

The André Breton Page

Atelier André Breton: archives et collections personnelles d’André Breton


André Breton et Claude Lévi-Strauss, Marseille/ New York

Eluard, Paul *

Paul Eluard. Wikipedia entry.

Lautreamont *

Lautréamont (Isidore Ducasse)

Textes, Documents, Actualités, Bibliographie

Les Chants de Maldoror
Gutenberg Text (French)

André Breton
André Breton, 1924


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