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Victorian literature; Victorian poets, writers and novelists; a list of websites

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Aspects of the Victorian Book
The British Library

Literature of the Victorian Period
Biographies and photographs of Victorian writers.

Victorian London, a Dictionary and Illustrated Encyclopedia

Hyper-Concordance. The Victorian Literary Studies Archive
This Hyper-Concordance is written in Perl, a program that scans and displays lines based on a command entered by the user. The main advantage of the Perl program is that it not only identifies the concordance lines but the words occurring to the left and the right of the word or phrase searched.

Victorian Network
Victorian Network is an MLA-indexed online journal dedicated to publishing and promoting the best work in Victorian Studies by postgraduate students and early career academics.

Poets. Victorian poets. 
Etexts from Poet Seers.

A list of Victorian poets, from Wikisource.

Victorian Literature Overview
A Timeline of British Literature, 1709-1918.

Victorian Prose Archive
E-Texts for Victorianists. British Victorian fiction and non-fiction prose texts in PDF format. Authors include Arnold, Carlyle, Froude, Newman, Pater and Wilde.

Victorian Web. A dedicated website with comprehensive information on Victorian authors and poets, with texts, commentary and background material. 
The Victorian Web, which originated in hypermedia environments (Intermedia, Storyspace) that existed long before the World Wide Web, is one of the oldest academic and scholarly websites.

Victorian, nineteenth century (Luminarium). 
Internet resources, essays, etexts, etc).

The Victorian Women Writers Project

Wikipedia entry on Victorian literature.

Some Victorian writers *

Arnold, Matthew

Arnold, Matthew
Culture and Anarchy, On Translating Homer…

Carlyle, Thomas

Carlyle, Thomas
Past and Present

Carroll, Lewis

Lewis Carroll. Wikipedia

Works by Lewis Carroll. The Open Library

The Lewis Carroll Society

Dickens, Charles

Charles Dickens. Wikipedia

Charles Dickens.Texts, novels.

The Life of Charles Dickens. The Dickens Fellowship

Kipling, Rudyard

Kipling, Rudyard

Pater, Walter Horatio
Complete Works, with earlier editions)

Rossetti, Christina

Rossetti, Christina

Rossetti, Dante Gabriella

Rossetti, Dante Gabriella

Ruskin, John

John Ruskin, Wikipedia entry.

Ruskin Library and Research Centre

The Ruskin Society

Works by or about John Ruskin. The Internet Archive

Stevenson, Robert Louis

Robert Louis Stevenson. Wikipedia entry.

Books by Robert Louis Stevenson at Project Gutenberg.

The Robert Louis Stevenson website.

Tennyson, Lord Alfred

Alfred Tennyson

Alfred, Lord Tennyson. Wikipedia

Works by or about Tennyson. The Internet Archive

Thackeray, William Makepeace

Thackeray, William Makepeace. William Makepeace Thackeray
Wikipedia entry.

William Makepeace Thackeray
eBooks @ Adelaide

Works by William Makepeace Thackeray
Project Gutenberg

Trollope, Anthony

The Trollope Society

Works by or about Anthony Trollope. The internet Archive

Wilde, Oscar

Wilde, Oscar
Dorian Gray, Intentions…

Wilde, Oscar. Oscar Wilde. Brown University. A comprehensive overview of Oscar Wilde’s life and works.

Oscar Wilde, Wikipedia entry.

Le Pere Lachaise Cemetery, Paris. Oscar Wilde’s grave.

Photographs of Wilde from the Clark Library.

Quotes from Oscariana. Oscar Wilde quotes.