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Claus, Hugo

Claus, Hugo. Hugo Claus
Study and Documentation Centre Hugo Claus

Hugo Claus
Background information, short biography.

Maeterlinck, Maurice

Maeterlinck, Maurice
Maeterlink and symbolism
Maeterlinck’s The Intruder
Maeterlinck’s The Intruder
Maurice Maeterlinck: Poems
The Blue Bird: a Fairy Play in Six Acts
Maurice Maeterlinck. Wikipedia,

Simeon, Georges

SimeoSimeon, Georges. Georges Simeo/Maigret
Georges Simenon. Wikipedia

Theuninck, Jan

Theuninck, Jan. Jan Theuninck
Stalag X B: Gedichte – poems – poèmes.

Timmermans, Felix

Timmermans, Felix. Felix Timmermans
Pallieter by Felix Timmermans. Project Gutenberg etext.