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  1. Famous Czech authors


A2. Advojka
A weekly Prague-based cultural newspaper.


Blue World. Poetry, prose, quotations, list of authors, translations, commentary.

Contemporary Czech Literature

Czech fiction, poems and other genres.

Czech literature, Czech writers. Resources from Dr. John M. Ulrich, Department of Languages & Literature, Mansfield University.

Czech and Slovak literature texts on the internet. Oxford University

Czech travel guide.


A literary journal.

Czech literary journal.


Magazlin. A cultural magazine.

Museum of National Literature
A specialized museum of the Czech Republic, which serves a collection-building, research, cultural, educational, instructional and methodological role.

National Library of the Czech Republic

An established literary magazine.

Oxford University Czech and Slovak Literature Resources.


Amateur literary magazine.

A literary server for poetry and more.

The Prague Post

Potápěč. Czech and Slovak Literature Resources

Nova Pritomnost
Czech cultural magazine.


Society of Czech of Writers

Wikipedia entry on Czech literature.

Famous Czech authors *

Wikipedia list of Czech writers.

Blatný, Ivan

Ivan Blatný. Wikipedia

Havel, Vaclav

Vaclav Havel
Václav Havel. The official website.
Václav Havel. Wikipedia entry.

Kafka, Franz

Works by Franz Kafka at Project Gutenberg
Kafka Metamorphosis, a public wiki dedicated to Kafka and his work.
The Kafka Project project to publish online all Kafka texts in German.
End of Kafkaesque nightmare: writer’s papers finally come to light.
Franz Kafka’s Album
Franz Kafka. Wikipedia entry.
Franz Kafka Biography
Franz Kafka Online. The Works and Life of Franz Kafka
Franz Kafka.

Klíma, Ivan

Ivan Klima. An article from The Guardian
Ivan Klima. An article at
Ivan Klima. New York Times reviews.
Ivan Klima. Encyclopedia Britannica
Ivan Klima, Wikipedia entry.

Kundera, Milan

Milan Kundera. Wikipedia
Milan Kundera and the Czech Republic
Review of The Unbearable Lightness Of Being
Milan Kundera Paris Review interview.
Milan Kundera. Prague

Skvorecky, Josef

Josef Skvorecky Dies at 87.
Josef Škvorecký. Wikipedia
Josef Skvorecky. Telegraph
Josef Škvorecký obituary. The Guardian