English authors: novelists, poets and playwrights

Famous English novelists, poets, playwrights and essayists; British (UK) writers. A website reference list

English-language writers and poets name index:
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Agard, John

John Agard. The Poetry Archive
John Agard. The British Council

Ayckbourn, Alan

Alan Ayckbourn’s website.
Alan Ayckbourn, Wikipedia entry.

Amis, Martin

Martin Amis Web. Commentary, interviews, articles.
Martin Amis, Wikipedia entry.
Articles and reviews by Martin Amis at The Guardian.
Paris Review interview with Martin Amis.
Transcript of online web discussion (2002)

Andrewes, Lancelot

Lancelot Andrewes
Lancelot Andrewes. Wikipedia
Works by or about Lancelot Andrewes

Auden, W. H.

The W. H. Auden Society
W. H. Auden (Wystan Hugh Auden). Poetry Exhibits.
W. H. Auden, Wikipedia entry.
Interviews and readings
Auden reads “On Reading a Child’s Guide to Modern Physics”.
Paris Review interview with Auden

Austen, Jane

Jane Austen Homepage.
Jane Austen, Wikipedia entry.
The Jane Austen Society of North America
The Jane Austen Society of the United Kingdom
Jane Austen’s House Museum, 
The Jane Austen Centre, Bath

Works by Jane Austen

Works by Jane Austen. Electronic Literature Foundation
Jane Austen at Project Gutenberg. 
Works by Jane Austen, ebooks and HTML.
Works by Jane Austen
Printable PDF ebooks.
Works by Jane Austen for cell phones.


Ballard, J. G.

J. G. Ballard. Wikipedia entry.
Ballardian: The World of JG Ballard, an information and news site.
The Marriage of Reason and Nightmare, City Journal, Winter 2008

Banville, John

John Banville. Wikipedia entry.
John Banville. Latest news and comments, from The Guardian.
John Banville. Information from British Council Literature
John Banville. Paris Review
John Banville. News and reviews from The New York Review of Books.

Barnes, Julian

Julian Barnes homepage, with interviews, bibliography, discussion, study resources.
Julian Barnes. Guardian articles, reviews and interviews.

Beckett, Samuel

Samuel Beckett. Nobel Prize Archive
Samuel Beckett Wikipedia entry.
The Beckett International Foundation at the University of Reading, UK.
Samuel Beckett Society
University of Texas online exhibition of Beckett at the Harry Ransom Center.

Betjeman, Sir John

Sir John Betjeman Homepage
John Betjeman. Poems by Betjeman at The Poetry Archive.
The John Betjeman Archive
John Betjamin Wikipedia entry.

Blake, William

William Blake Archive. Searchable database of complete poetry and prose.
William Blake. The Poetical Works of William Blake
William Blake on the Web: a link directory.
Book of Job,
America: A Prophecy
Collected Poems
Visions of the Daughters of Albion
Europe: A Prophecy
The Marriage of Heaven and Hell
Selections from the Four Zoas
Songs of Innocence

Bogarde, Sir Dirk

The Official Dirk Bogarde Homepage
Dirk Bogarde Facebook Page
Dirk Bogarde Wikipedia entry.

Brontë Sisters

The Bronte Parsonage Museum, The Bronte Society.
A blog devoted to the lives and writings of the Brontë sisters. The blog is updated daily with all kind of informations, news and anything Brontë-related happening around the world.
Bronte sisters, Wikipedia entries.
Emily Bronte
Charlotte Bronte

Brooke, Rupert

Rupert Brooke. The Fish, Heaven, The War Sonnets and other poems (includes picture of Brooke war grave).
Rupert Brooke, collected poems. Bartelby etexts.
Rupert Brooke, Wikipedia entry.
The Rupert Brooke Society
Works by Rupert Brooke at Project Gutenberg
Brooke correspondence at The Elizabeth Whitcomb Houghton Collection.
150 poems of Rupert Brooke. The Poetry Archive

Browne, Sir Thomas

Browne, Sir Thomas. Religio Medici, Hydriotaphia and Letter to a Friend
The Sir Thomas Browne Page, University of Chicago
Sir Thomas Browne. Luminarium, an introduction.
Sir Thomas Browne, Wikipedia entry.

Browning, Elizabeth Barrett

Elizabeth Barrett Browning, poems, web links.
Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Sonnets from the Portugese
Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Wikipedia entry.
Works by Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Project Gutenberg.
The Brownings: a Research Guide. Baylor University
Elizabeth Barrett Browning website.
The Browning Family Collection at the Harry Ransom Center.
UK National Archives archival material relating to Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

Browning, Robert

Selected poems by Robert Browning.
Robert Browning. Selected poems. Poetry Exhibits
Robert Browning. Articles and criticism on the web. Literary History

Bunyan, John

The John Bunyan Archive

Burgess, Anthony

International Anthony Burgess Foundation
Antony Burgess reads from A Clockwork Orange (audio).
Anthony Burgess, Wikipedia entry.
Anthony Burgess. New York Times archives.
Anthony Burgess. New York Times archives of Burgess articles, reviews and interviews.

Butler, Samuel

Samuel Butler etexts.
Samuel Buter texts at Project Gutenberg.
Samuel Butler, Wikipedia entry.
Erewhon; Or, Over the Range
Darwin among the Machines (To the Editor of the Press, Christchurch, New Zealand, 13 June, 1863.)

Byatt, A. S.

A S Byatt Homepage

Byron, Lord George Gordon

Lord Byron, biography and works.
Centre for Byron Studies
Located in the School of English at the University of Nottingham, the Centre is a forum for research on Byron and Romanticism
The Byron Society
This site includes details about The Byron Journal, the Society’s annual publication, also activities organised by the society and subscription details.
Newstead Abbey
Nottingham City Council’s website about Newstead Abbey
Lord Byron. Wikipedia entry.
Lord Byron. Byronmania. A Web Site of Fact and Fiction about George Gordon Lord Byron,
6th Baron Byron of Rochdale.
Lord Byron. A Comprehensive Study of Byron’s Life and Work.


Carroll, Lewis (Henry Dobson)

Lewis Carroll Society U.S. Homepage
Lewis Carroll Society U.K. Homepage.
Carroll, Lewis. An Overview
Lewis Carroll Homepage
Alice in Wonderland, an interactive adventure.
Lewis Carroll, Wikipedia entry.
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
The Hunting of the Snark
Through The Looking Glass
Sylvie and Bruno
Archival material relating to Lewis Carroll listed at the UK National Register of Archives
Lewis Carroll online exhibition at the Harry Ransom Center.

Carter, Angela

Angela Carter. An introduction.
Angela Carter’s Feminist Mythology. The New Yorker

Chatwin, Bruce

Bruce Chatwin. The Bruce Chatwin website.
Bruce Chatwin. Wikipedia entry.

Chaucer, Geoffrey

Geoffrey Chaucers etexts.
Chaucer Metapage. Chaucer WWW Resources
Chaucer. Wikipedia entry.
Works by Geoffrey Chaucer. Project Gutenberg
Poems by Geoffrey Chaucer. PoetryFoundation.org
Early Editions of Chaucer
eChaucer: Full Texts, Modern Translation, and Easy-To-Use Concordance

Chesterton, G K

G. K. Chesterton, Wikipedia entry.
Works by G. K. Chesterton.
Project Gutenberg
Works by G. K. Chesterton.
Works by G. K. Chesterton
The American Chesterton Society

Clare, John

John Clare. Wikipedia entry.
John Clare Page
John Clare: Poems
A small selection of poems selected from Poems by John Clare.
John Clare Society homepage
John Clare Blogspot

Cleveland, John

John Cleveland. Poems by John Cleveland.
John Cleveland. On the Memory of Mr. Edward King, Drown’d in the Irish Seas
John Cleveland. Selected Poetry of John Cleveland.

Conrad, Joseph

Joseph Conrad Wikipedia entry.
The Joseph Conrad Society (U.K)
The Joseph Conrad Centre of Poland
Biography of Joseph Conrad


Joseph Conrad etexts from Project Gutenberg.
Works by or about Joseph Conrad at Internet Archive and Google Books
Works by Joseph ConradThe Online Books Page (various)
Works by Joseph Conrad. LibriVox audio books.

Cowper, William

Works by William Cowper. Project Gutenberg.
Essays by William Cowper. Quotidiana.org
Complete Poetical Works of William Cowper. CCEL
Hymns by William Cowper
The Task, and Other Poems
Archival material on William Cowper. National Register of Archives

Crashaw, Richard

Richard Crashaw (1613-1649)
Biography, works and web resources for the metaphysical poet.

Cummings, E E

E E Cummings webpage
E. E. Cummings. Poems online. Project Gutenberg
Wikipedia entry on E E Cummings.
E.E. Cummings Collection at the Harry Ransom Center at the University of Texas at Austin
E. E. Cummings. Poems at The PoetryFoundation.org
Audio readings by E E Cummings at LibriVox.


Defoe, Daniel

Daniel Defoe, biography and a searchable database of texts.
Daniel Defoe Wikipedia entry.
Daniel Defoe etexts from Project Gutenberg.
Daniel Defoe, an introduction.

de Quincey, Thomas

Thomas de Quincey etexts. Confessions of an English Opium Eater
Wikipedia entry on Thomas de Quincy.
Thomas De Quincey elibrary. PDFs of Confessions of an English Opium-EaterOn Murder Considered as One of the Fine Arts, and The Literature of Knowledge and the Literature of Power
Works by Thomas de Quincey. Project Gutenberg

Dickens, Charles

Charles Dickens, an overview.
Charles Dicken etexts from Project Gutenberg.
Works by or about Charles Dickens at The Internet Archive.
Charles Dickens: Google scanned books.
Works by Charles Dickens for your mobile phone.
Charles Dickens Biography, Context, Interactive Timeline
A Charles Dickens Journal
David Perdue’s Charles Dickens Page
The Dickens Fellowship
A Dickens web page, 
All his works, hyper concordance, criticism and reviews. 
The Dickens Page, a Dickens portal.
Charles Dickens. Gad’s Hill Place
Charles Dickens Wikipedia entry.

Donne, John

John Donne. Poetic works essays, life, audio files.
John Donne. The Poetry Foundation
John Donne. Academy of American Poets
John Donne. Biography and Works. Search Texts, Read Online
Digital Donne (digital images of early Donne editions and manuscripts)
John Donne, Wikipedia entry.

Doyle, Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle

Arthur Conan Doyle. Wikipedia entry.
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Home Page
The Official web site of the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Literaray Estate. Including a specially written biography of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and detailed background information.
The Chronicles of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Learn about the life and work of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Site includes quotes, games and little-known facts.
Arthur Conan Doyle. Biography and Works. Search Texts
The Arthur Conan Doyle Society Home Page
The Sherlock Holmes Museum
Archival material relating to Arthur Conan Doyle at the UK National Register of Archives.
Works by Arthur Conan Doyle. PProject Gutenberg
Works by or about Arthur Conan Doyle in libraries.
Works at Project Gutenberg Australia
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, full text with embedded audio.

Dryden, John

John Dryden poems. Poetry Archives
John Dryden, Wikipedia entry.
John Dryden. Plays, poems, background information.

Duffy, Carol Ann

Carol Ann Duffy. 
The Guardian.co.uk

Dunmore, Helen

Helen Dunmore. Poetry Foundation
Helen Dunmore. Poetry Archive
Helen Dunmore. Wikipedia
Helen Dunmore. The Guardian

Durrell, Lawrence

Lawrence Durrell. The International Lawrence Durrell Society


Eliot, George

George Eliot at The Victorian Web
Works by George Eliot. 
Project Gutenberg
The Life of George Eliot by John Morley. Project Gutenberg
Athenaeum review of
The Mill on the Floss, by Geraldine Jewsbury.
George Eliot, Works in e-book.
George Eliot. Full text downloads in HTML, PDF, text formats.
Archival material relating to George Eliot. 
National Register of Archives
George Eliot Collection, Harry Ransom Center manuscript archive, University of Texas.

Eliot, T S

T..S. Eliot. Hypertext version of The Wasteland.
T. S. Eliot. Modern American Poetry. Biography and etexts.
T. S. Eliot Wikipedia entry.
T. S. Eliot. Poems and The Sacred Wood at the Bartleby site.
T.S. Eliot. Academy of American Poets. Eliot reading La Figlia Che Piange
T.S. Eliot reading The Waste Land.
T.S. Eliot Nobel Prize Archive
The Waste Land by T.S. Eliot as hypertext.
What the Thunder Said: T.S. Eliot
A site devoted to the life and works of T.S. Eliot.
T. S. Eliot: Poems
The Hippopotamus, Hysteria, The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, Morning at the Window, Rhapsody on a Windy Night, and Sweeney Among the Nightingales.
The T.S. Eliot Society (US)
T.S.Eliot Society (UK)


Faber, Michel

Michel Faber, Wikipedia entry.
Michel Faber. British Council
Michel Faber. The Guardian review of The Book of Strange New Things

Faulks, Sebastian

Sebastian Faulks. Wikipedia entry.
Sebastian Faulks Official Website

Fielding, Henry

Henry Fielding. Biography, Tom Jones, Joseph Andrews etexts. 

Forster, E M

E M Forster. Aspects of E M Forster, a dedicated E M Forster website.
E M Forster. Wikipedia entry on E M Forster.
E M Forster. ‘Only Connect,’ an unofficial E M Forster website.

Fowles, John

A John Fowles Webpage
John Fowles articles at The Guardian.
John Fowles, Wikipedia entry.

Francis, Dick

Dick Francis website.
Dick Francis Wikipedia entry.

Fuller, Roy

Roy Fuller. The Poetry Foundation
Roy Fuller The War Poet Association


Gissing, George Robert

George Robert Gissing webpage.
George Gissing. Victorian Web
George Gissing’s grubby life. The Telegraph
George Gissing. Wikipedia

Graves, Robert

Robert Graves Society (Oxford University)
Robert Graves Wikipedia entry.
The Robert Graves Collection at The First World War Poetry Digital Archive, Oxford University
Works by Robert Graves. Project Gutenberg.
Robert Graves Trust
War Poets Association
PDF Collection of Robert Graves Poems
“Robert Graves in Deia, Majorca”
Official website for ‘La Casa de Robert Graves’ in Deia, Majorca.
The Complete Works of Robert Graves by Carcanet Press
Robert Graves Papers at Southern Illinois University

Gray, Simon

Gray, Simon. Simon Gray, playwright and diarist.


Hamilton, Ian

The Ian Hamilton website
Ian Hamilton’s obituary, from The Guardian.
Ian Hamilton Wikipedia entry.

Hamilton, Patrick

Patrick Hamilton. Literary Encyclopedia entry.

Hardy, Thomas

Thomas Hardy Resource Library. Texts, biography, background, commentary.
Thomas Hardy. Poems, Wessex Poems and Other Verses
Thomas Hardy. 
Project Gutenberg etects.
Works by Thomas Hardy. The Internet Archive
Poems by Thomas Hardy. Poetry Foundation
Poems by Thomas Hardy at PoemHunter.com
Thomas Hardy’s Wessex
Thomas Hardy. Wikipedia

Harrison, Tony

Tony Harrison. Academy of American Poets
Tony Harrison, Wikipedia entry.

Heaney, Seamus

Seamus Heaney. The Internet Poetry Archive
Seamus Heaney. Nobel Prize Archives
Seamus Heaney. Poetry Archive
Seamus Heaney. Academy of American Poets. Poetry.org

Hill, Geoffrey

Geoffrey Hill. Bibliography, quotes, reviews. poems. Complete Review
Geoffrey Hill. Wikipedia entry.
Geoffrey Hill poems, a small selection.
Geoffrey Hill wins Oxford Professor of Poetry election. Guardian Online
The Geoffrey Hill Server, Background information.
Review of Hill’s Selected Poems at The Critical Flame.

Hollinghurst, Allan

Allan Hollinghurst. Wikipedia entry.

Hughes, Ted

Ted Hughes. Links to Ted Hughes webpages.
Ted Hughes. Academy of American Poets
Ted Hughes Homepage
Ted Hughes Website. Earth-Moon

Huxley, Aldous

Aldous Huxley web links, Huxley audio recordings. essays.
Brave New World  etext.
Chrome Yellow.  Gutenberg etext.
Aldous Huxley. Wikipedia
Aldous Huxley. The Guardian
Aldous Huxley : Brave New World
Books by Huxley, Aldous (sorted by popularity) – Project Gutenberg
Aldous-Huxley-Forschungsstelle / Centre for Aldous Huxley Studies, Aldous Huxley Society


Imhla, Mick

Mick Imhla

Ishiguro, Kazuo

Kazuo Ishiguro. An overview from Brown University.
Kazuo Ishiguro  Guardian.co.uk
Kazuo Ishiguro. Wikipedia entry.


James, Henry

Henry James Scholar’s Guide to the Web. Etexts of many Henry James novels included.
Henry James, Wikipedia entry.
A Hyper-Concordance to the Henry James etexts at New Paltz 
Henry James. The Ladder, a Henry James website.
Henry James, etexts from Project Gutenberg.
Henry James. Biography of Henry James and a searchable collection of works.

Johnson, Samuel

The Samuel Johnson Sound Bite Page
The most comprehensive collection of Samuel Johnson quotes on the web
Samuel Johnson. Wikipedia entry.
The Doctor Johnson Page. Dr Johnson etexts and biography (Jack Lynch, Rutgers University).

Joyce, James (James Augustine Aloysius Joyce)

James Joyce, a dedicated website.
Finnegans Wake
A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
James Joyce, Wikipedia entry.
Guardian articles on James Joyce.
James Joyce reading, an audio file.
The James Joyce Scholars’ Collection, University of Wisconsin
The james Joyce Tower and Museum, Dublin


Kay, Jackie

Jackie Kay. British Council Literature
Jackie Kay. Poetry Archive
Jackie Kay. Interview in The Telegraph
Jackie Kay. The Guardian

Keats, John

John Keats. The poetical works of John Keats.
Keats. Study of Keats, life and work. Poems, trivia, portrait, webpage links.
Keats: A comprehensive study of his life and works.
Keats and Shelley House, Rome.

Kipling, Rudyard

Rudyard Kipling (Kipling Society)
Rudyard Kipling. Poems, from Everypoet.com
Rudyard Kipling. Nobel Prize Archive
Rudyard Kipling. Fiction (The Jungle Book), short stories and poetry. Online literature.com.
Rudyard Kipling. An Overview, from VictorianWeb


Larkin, Philip Arthur

Philip Larkin poems.
the Philip Larkin Society
Philip Larkin, Wikipedia entry. 
Philip Larkin (1922–1985)
The Poetry Archive
Philip Larkin.Introductions, with poems online.
The Poetry Connection

Lawrence, D. H. (David Herbert Lawrence)

D H Lawrence, Wikipedia entry.
D.H. Lawrence etexts from Bibliomania.
Works by or about D. H. Lawrence in libraries (WorldCat).
Works by D. H. Lawrence at 
Project Gutenberg
D. H. Lawrence archive at The University of Nottingham
D. H. Lawrence archive at Harry Ransom Center University of Texas.
Lady Chatterley’s Lover Study Guide
Lady Chatterley’s Lover
Sons and Lovers
The Rainbow – Study Guide
The Rainbow
Women in Love

Lewis, C. S. (Clive Staples Lewis)

The C.S. Lewis Website.  Into the Wardrobe
C. S. Lewis, Wikipedia entry.


Machen, Arthur

Arthur Machen. Works by Arthur Machen. Project Gutenberg.
Arthur Machen. Wikipedia entry.
Arthur Machen, a bibliography.
The Great God Pan

Marlowe, Christopher

Christopher Marlowe. Complete works of Christopher Marlowe.
Christopher Marlowe. Luminarium. Life, works, essays and articles.
Christopher Marlowe. The Marlowe Society
Christopher Marlowe. Background information.
The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus From the Quarto of 1604 by Christopher Marlowe
The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus From the Quarto of 1616 by Christopher Marlowe
The Jew of Malta
Tamburlaine, etext of part I
Tamburlaine, etext of part II

Marvell, Andrew

Marvell, Andrew. Andrew Marvell. The works of Andrew Marvell, from Luminarium.
Andrew Marvell. The Selected Poetry of Andrew Marvell.

Maugham, Somerset

Somerset Maugham etexts, forum, articles.
Of Human Bondage
Of Human Bondage. Project Gutenberg
Somerset Maugham. The British Library
Somerset Maugham. Wikipedia entry.
Works by W. Somerset Maugham
 at Project Gutenberg
Works by W. Somerset Maugham on audio. MP3 files
LibriVox audio books.
Works by or about W. Somerset Maugham in libraries (WorldCat catalogue)

McCarthy, Tom

Tom McCarthy. Surplus Matter, a Tom McCarthy website.
Tom McCarthy, Wikipedia entry.

McCough, Roger

Roger McGough Homepage

McEwan, Ian

Ian McEwan, Wikipedia entry.
Ian McEwan Website: Books Written by Ian McEwan
Ian McEwan. Articles in the Guardian.

Milton, John

The Milton Homepage, devoted to the life, literature and times of John Milton. Articles, reviews, poems.
John Milton. Luminarium  Milton page. Quotes, essays, works.
John Milton Reading Room
An online, almost fully annotated, collection of all of Milton’s poetry and selections of his prose.
Paradise Lost
Paradise Lost study guide.
John Milton. Paradise Regain’d (Paradise Regained)
John Milton, Wikipedia entry.Open Milton
An open set of Milton’s works, together with ancillary information and tools, in a form designed for reuse, launched on Milton’s 400th Birthday by the Open Knowledge Foundation.
The Poetical Works of John Milton,
edited after the Original Texts by the Rev. H.C. Beeching
The Prose Works of John Milton.
With a Biographical Introduction by Rufus Wilmot Griswold. In Two Volumes

Mitchell, David

David Mitchell. Wikipedia entry.
David Mitchell. An essay by David Mitchell
David Mitchell on writing. BBC
David Mitchell. BBC Audio Podcast

Moore, George

George Moore texts at Project Gutenburg
Works by or about George Moore at The Internet Archive, with scanned books and illustrations.
George Moore. Encyclopedia Britannica
George Moore, Wikipedia entry.

Moore, Marianne

Marianne Moore

Morris, William

William Morris. Selected poetry of William Morris.

Mortimer, Sir John

Sir John Mortimer

Motion, Andrew

Andrew Motion press and contacts page.
Andrew Motion. The Poetry Archive
Andrew Motion. BBC article on Andrew Motion’s ideas on faith.
Andrew Motion. Wikipedia
Andrew Motion. The Guardian: reviews and articles.

Nabokov, Vladimir

Vladimir Nabokov. The Nabokov Library
Vladimir Nabokov. The International Nabokov Society
Zembla. For Nabokovians. The Official site of the Vladimir Nabokov Society. Life and works, news, pictures, writings. Lolita, Ada, The Real Life of Sebastian Knight.
Ada Online 
The Nabokov Museum, St. Petersburg.
The Nabokov Online Journal
Vladimir Nabokov. New York Public Library exhibit.

Naipaul, Sir V (idiadhar) S(urajprasad)

V S Naipaul. Wikipedia entry.
Nobel Prize Archive


Owen, Wilfred

The Wilfred Owen Multimedia Digital Archive
Wilfred Owen poems.
Works by Wilfred Owen at Project Gutenberg.
The Wilfred Owen Collection, in The First World War Poetry Digital Archive.
The Wilfred Owen resource page at War Poetry.co.uk
Wilfred Owen. BBC Poetry Season
Wilfred Owen. Selected poems at Poetseers
Wilfred Owen Association
Wilfred Owen, Wikipedia entry.


Paterson, Don

Don Paterson. The Poetry Foundation
Don Paterson. Wikipedia
Don Paterson. The Poetry Archive
40 Sonnets review. The Guardian

Peake, Mervyn

Liens, bibliographie, documents, biographie (in French).
Mervyn Peake – Artist, illustrator
Mervyn Peake. Wikipedia

Poe, Edgar Allan

Edgar Allan Poe. Biography and Work
Edgar Allan Poe: The Raven
Edgar Allan Poe. Wikipedia entry.
Edgar Allan Poe. The Poe Decoder
Edgar Allan Poe. Poems and prose. Academy of American Poets
Edgar Allan Poe Museum
Edgar Allen Poe Society in Baltimore

Pope, Alexander

Alexander Pope, Wikipedia entry.
The Rape of the Lock
An Essay on Criticism
Works by Alexander Pope
 at Project Gutenberg.
Alexander Pope. Poems and prose at The University of Toronto
Alexander Pope, The English Poet picture slide show.
The Twickenham Museum. Alexander Pope

Porter, Peter

Peter Porter, Wikipedia entry.

Powell, Anthony

Anthony Powell resources, characters, synopsis, chronology, bibliography, etc.
Anthony Powell. Wikipedia
A Dance to the Music of Time
Wikipedia entry.

Priestley, J. B.

J B Priestley chat forum
J B Priestley Bibliography.
J.B. Priestley Society
The J B Priestley website.
Brief biography
J. B. Priestley Guardian reviews and articles.
J B Priestley collection at The University of Bradford
J.B.Priestley. The Theatre Archive, University of Bristol
J B Priestley, Wikipedia entry.

Prynne, Jeremy Halvard

J. H. Prynne. Wikipedia
‘J.H. Prynne and the Late-Modern Epic’, essay by Matt Hall (Cordite Poetry Review, December 2009)
J.H. Prynne. Poetry Foundation
Jacket # 6. J.H. Prynne poem  Rich in Vitamin C
Poems by JH Prynne review. The Guardian
The Bibliography of J.H. Prynne. Works by and about the poet
Reading J H Prynne. Arduity


Quin, Ann

Ann Quin. Wikipedia
Ann Quin and Me: An Appreciation by Deborah Levy
The free-wheeling life and wild, weird fiction of the cult 1960s author
Anne Quinn. The Irish Post


Rankin, Ian

Official Ian Rankin site.
Ian Rankin biography.
Ian Rankin. Wikipedia

Rhodes, Dan

Dan Rhodes. Complete Review

Rushdie, Salmon

Salmon Rushdie web links.
Salmon Rushdie, Wikipedia entry.
The Salmon Rushdie official website. 
Articles on Salmon Rushdie. The Guardian

Ruskin, John

John Ruskin. An overview, with Ruskin life and works
John Ruskin, Wikipedia entry.
The Ruskin Museum
John Ruskin. Ruskin’s home at Brantwood.
Works by John Ruskin. P
Birmingham Museums & Art Gallery’s online biography and gallery
UK Museum, Library and Archive collections relating to Ruskin.
Sources for the Study of John Ruskin

Russell, George

George William Russell

Sackville-West, Vita

Vita Sackville-West, Wikipedia entry.


Saki. Wikipedia entry.
Works by Saki at Project Gutenberg
Short Stories of Saki
A Collection of Short Stories by Saki. American Literature

St. Aubyn, Edward

Edward St Aubyn’s website.

Shakespeare, William

See also the Shakespeare Page
Shakespeare, William. William Shakespeare. Live texts.
Shakespeare Oxford Socie
ty homepage. Information, life, resources, articles.
Illustrations to Shakespeare.  Shakespeare Illustrated. Illustrations listed under artist and play.
Shakespeare and his critics. 
Access to a wide and increasing range of Shakespeare-related documents.
Mr. Shakespeare and the Internet

Shelley, Mary (Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin)

Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin. Biography.
Mary Shelley, Wikipedia entry.
Mary Shelley. Frankenstein etext.

Shelley, Percy

Percy Shelley. Works and biography.
Percy Shelley. Complete poetical works online, Bartleby.com
Percy Bysshe Shelley, Wikipedia entry.
The Percy Bysshe Shelley Resource Page. Etexts, bibliography, introduction.

Sheridan, Richard Brinsley

Richard Sheridan. Poems
Richard Sheridan. Bio and social background.

Smollett, Tobias

Tobias Smollett. Bibliomania entry.
Tobias Smollett, Wikipedia

Spenser, Edward

Edmund Spenser Homepage
Works by Edmund Spenser at Project Gutenberg.
Edmund Spenser, online poems Luminarium.org
The Edmund Spenser Home Page at the Cambridge University
Edward Spenser, Wikipedia entry.
The Fairie Queene
Librivox Audiobook of The Fairie Queene
Online edition of The Faerie Queene
Mary Macleod’s 1916 retelling in prose.

Sterne, Laurence

The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy
A Sentimental Journey Through France and Italy
Laurence Sterne, Wikipedia entry.
Laurence Sterne Homepage and Biography. Bibliomania

Stevenson, Anne

Anne Stevenson. Anne Stevenson’s personal website. 
Anne Stevenson. Poetry Archive

Stevenson, Robert Louis

Robert Louis Stevenson. Life and works. Museums, etexts, scholarly material.
Treasure Island
The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Swift, Jonathon

Jonathon Swift homepage.  Gulliver’s Travels, biography, web links.
Jonathon Swift discussion board. The Jonathon Swift Lecture Hall
Jonathon Swift, Wikipedia entry.

Swinburne, Algernon Charles

Algernon Charles Swinburne. Victorian Web
Algernon Charles Swinburne. The Swinburne Project, a searchable database of works.
Algernon Charles Swinburne. poems and ballads.

Symons, Arthur

Arthur Symons. An overview.
Arthur Symons, Wikipedia entry.


Tempest, Kate

Kate Tempest’s website.

Tennyson, Alfred Lord

Alfred Lord Tennyson. An overview, with background material.
Alfred, Lord Tennyson. Wikipedia entry.
Lord Alfred Tennyson
Biography and a searchable collection of works.
Selected Poems of A. Tennyson
The Twickenham Museum. Alfred Lord Tennyson in Twickenham
Works by Alfred Tennyson, 1st Baron Tennyson. Etexts at 
Project Gutenberg.

Thackeray, William Macpeace

William Macpeace Thackeray websites.
William Macpeace Thackeray, Wikipedia entry.
William Macpeace Thackeray, etexts from Project Gutenberg.
Text downloads:
Vanity Fair (complete)
Vanity Fair Vol One (chapters 1 – 25)
Vanity Fair Vol Two (chapters 26 – 50)
Vanity Fair Vol Three (chapters 51 – 67)
Vanity Fair (in 6×9 single column format, 910 pages)
Barry Lyndon

Thomas, Dylan Marlais

Dylan Thomas. The official website dedicated to Dylan Marlais Thomas.
Dylan Thomas. Wikipedia entry.
Dylan Thomas. Poetry, Poems, Bios & More. Poets.org
The Dylan Thomas Boathouse at Laugharne
Dylan Thomas. BBC Wales
Dylan Thomas, HarperAudio. The poetry of Dylan Thomas, read by the author.

Thomas, Edward

Edward Thomas Fellowship
Information about the poet, essayist and country writer Edward Thomas.
Edward Thomas. All the poems of Edward Thomas
Edward Thomas. Poems and information.
Edward Thomas. Wikipedia

Thomas, R. S.

R S Thomas. Wikpedia entry.

Tóibín, Colm

Tolm Coibin Official Website

Tolkien, J. R. R. (John Ronald Reuel Tolkien)

J R R Tolkein Resource Centre
Webpages, Tolkien internet resources. Lord of the Rings chat, background, numerous essays, events, Tolkein places of interest, graphics,
J R R Tolkien, Wikipedia entry.
Tolkein Society. Tolkein archives, events.
Tolkein’s Middle Earth. Dedicated to Tolkein’s memory.
Peter Jackson’s film of Lord of the Rings. Official site.

Tomlinson, Charles

Charles Tomlinson. Wikipedia entry.
Charles Tomlinson. The Poetry Archive
Charles Tomlinson, an interview in The Paris Review.


Vaughan, Henry

Henry Vaughan
Henry Vaughan
The Cambridge History of English and American Literature
Henry Vaughan
Wikipedia entry.


Webb, Mary (Mary Gladys Meredith)

Mary Webb, a dedicated website.
Mary Webb, Wikipedia entry.
Mary Webb. The Shropshire tourism website.

Wesker, Arnold

Arnold Wesker, playwright. Homepage
Arnold Wesker. Guardian Unlimited article.

Wilde, Oscar

The Oscar Wilde Homepage
Oscar Wilde, Wikipedia entry.
Oscar Wilde, downloadable etexts.
Oscar Wilde. Biography and Works
The Oscar Wilde Collection
Online & Downloadable editions of the works of Oscar Wilde
Oscar Wilde Quotes
The 10 most popular misconceptions about Oscar Wilde. The Guardian

Wilmot, John

(The Earl of Rochester). John Wilmot. Poems, web links, thesis.
John Wilmot, 2nd Earl of Rochester. Wikipedia
John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester. Poetry Foundation
Blazing Star: The Life and Times of John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester. The Guardian

Winterson, Jeanette

Jeanette Winterson pages on the net, Winterson news, reviews, photographs.
Jeanette Winterson dedicated website.
Jeanette Winterson, Wikipedia entry.

Wodehouse, P. G.

P G Wodehouse Society.org.uk
TWS, The Wodehouse Society (North America): events, links to essays.
A Celebration of P G Wodehouse
Annotated bibliography, characters index, text annotations.
P G Wodehouse Books.com
A guide to P G Wodehouse: bibliography, history, articles, films/TV, quotes.
P G Wodehouse, Wikipedia entry.
P G Wodehouse, etexts from Project Gutenberg.

Woolf, Virginia (Adeline Virginia Woolf)

International Virginia Woolf Society
Virginia Woolf. Biography and etexts.
Virginia Woolf. The British Library
Works by Virginia Woolf. Project Gutenburg
Archival material relating to Virginia Woolf. The National Archives
Virginia Woolf – Wikipedia

Wordsworth, William

William Wordsworth, Wikipedia entry.
William Wordsworth, complete poems online.
The Wordsworth Trust
William Wordsworth. Biography and Works. Search Texts
William Wordsworth. Poetry, Poems, Bios & More. Poets.org


Yeats, William Butler

Yeats Society of New York. Yeats internet resources.
William Butler Yeats, poems. Poem Hunter.com
W B Yeats. Poems at The University of Toronto Libraries.
William Butler Yeats, Wikipedia entry.
W B Yeats archival material at The National Archives, U.K.
W B Yeats Society, New York.


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