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Hungarian literature online, Hungarian writers and poets, history; a list of websites

The Hungarian Electronic Library

Hungarian / Magyar folklore page. Discussion and zine.

Hungarian Literature Online
Contemporary Hungarian Literature in English on the Web. Events, calendar, reviews, work, resources for translators, publishers and scholars.

Hungarian poems and poets. A selection.

Novelists. Hungarian novelists, Wikipedia entries.

Poets. Hungarian poets, Wikipedia entries.

Wikipedia entry on Hungarian literature.

Writers and poets *

Kertész, Imre

Imre Kertész. Wikipedia
Paris Review. The Art of Fiction No. 220, Imre Kertész
Imre Kertész. The Nobel Prize Archive.
Imre Kertész. The Guardian
Imre Kertsz. The New Yorker

Krasznaharkai, László

László Krasznahorkai. Wikipedia entry.
lászló krasznahorkai, official website.
Everything you need to know about László Krasznahorkai …
The winner of the 2015 Man Booker International Prize.
Guardian review of Satantango.
Madness And Civilization: The very strange fictions of László Krasznahorkai,
The New Yorker

Nádas, Péter

Parallel Stories by Peter Nádas. The Guardian
Péter Nádas. Wikipedia
Peter Nadas. The New York Times