New Zealand writers, authors and poets

New Zealand writers, authors, New Zealand poets; a guide to websites


Audio recordings of New Zealand poets reading their work.

Recordings of New Zealand poets reading their work.
Radio New Zealand

Best New Zealand Poems. International Institute of Modern Letters

NZ poets. NZ Poetry Shelf

A list of New Zealand poets, from Wikipedia.

A list of New Zealand writers, from Wikipedia.


Adam, Pip

Pip Adam. International Institute of Modern Letters, Victoria University

Pip Adam. The Arts Foundation

On the blind, mulish idiocy of reviewers and the genius of Pip Adam

Adcock, Fleur

Fleur Adcock
Contemporary Writers

Fleur Adcock
Wikipedia entry.

Fleur Adcock. NZ Book Council

Fleur Adcock. The Poetry Archive

Anderson, Barbara

Barbara Anderson. NZ Book Council

Barbara Anderson, Wikipedia entry.


Baxter, James K

James K. Baxter. Books and Writers

James K. Baxter. Literary Encyclopedia

James K. Baxter. The Fire and the Anvil.  Notes on Poetry

James K. Baxter. Wikipedia entry.

Complete Prose of James K. Baxter
A lifetime of prose by James K. Baxter covering over a million words and four hefty hardback books is released free on the internet by Victoria University.

Bird, Hera Lindsay

Hera Lindsay Bird. Victoria University Press

Spinoff journal .Monica

Hera Lindsay Bird. Guardian article.

Hera Lindsay Bird’s website.

Bornholdt, Jenny

Jenny Bornholdt
The New Zealand Electronic Text Centre

Jenny Bornholdt
The NZ Book Council

Jenny Bornholdt, Wikipedia entry.

Bracken, Thomas

Thomas Bracken
The Encyclopedia of New Zealand

Brasch, Charles

Charles Brasch
New Zealand Book Council

Charles Brasch
Dictionary of New Zealand Biography

Brunton, Alan

Alan Brunton
Online works, photo gallery, essays, video and audio files. Electronic Poetry Centre


Colquhoun, Glenn

Glenn Colquhoun
New Zealand Book Council profile.

Camp, Kate

Kate Camp, NZ Book Council pages.

Kate Camp. New Zealand Electronic Poetry Centre

Kate Camp. Victoria University Press

Campbell, Alistair

Alistair Te Ariki Campbell profile from The Auckland University Library.

Alistair Campbell NZ Book Council profile.

Catton, Eleanor

Eleanor Catton. NZ Book Council

Man Booker Prize: Eleanor Catton becomes youngest the winner. BBC

Booker Prize 2013: Eleanor Catton’s The Luminaries extract. The Telegraph

Eleanor Catton interviews at Radio New Zealand.

Eleanor Catton. The Lumiere Reader

Eleanor Catton. Belletrista interview.

Eleanor Catton. Granta interview.

Eleanor Catton. The Telegraph review.

Eleanor Catton. Wikipedia entry.

Eleanor Catton. Granta Books

Charman, Janet

Janet Charman. NZ Book Council

Janet Charman. NZETC

Chidgey, Catherine

Catheriine Chidgey
Victoria University webpages.

Catherine Chidgey. NZ Book Council

Cleave, Paul

Paul Cleave’s website.

Cliff, Craig

Craig Cliff. Random House

Craig Cliff’s website.

Craig Cliff’s blog

Cook, Hugh

Hugh Cook, Wikipedia entry.

Cowley, Joy

The Joy Cowley Homepage

Crump, Barry

Barry Crump, Wikipedia entry.

Curnow, Allen

Allen Curnow
An essay on The Tomorrow. Poems. Otago University

Allen Curnow. The Poetry Archive

Allen Curnow, Wikipedia entry.

Allen Curnow. Canterbury Writers

Allen Curnow
A summary from The Oxford Companion to New Zealand Literature.

Allen Curnow
Biography and commentary.

Curnow, Wystan

Wystan Curnow. Articles in Jackboots.

Wystan Curnow poetry readings (audio recordings),
from PennSound (University of Pennyslvania).

Wynstan Curnow, an interview

High Culture Now! A Manifesto (for Hesketh Henry), by Wystan Curnow.
Electronic Poetry Centre


Davin, Dan

Dan Davin, Wikipedia entry.

Davis, Leigh

Leigh Davis. General Motors, in  Jack Books, a place for written art.

Leigh Davis. The Book of Hours.  An online text.

Duder, Tessa

Tessa Duder official website.

Tessa Duder, Wikipedia entry.

Duff, Alan

Alan Duff. An overview from Brown University, US.

Alan Duff. NZ Book Council

Alan Duff, Wikipedia entry.

Books in Homes – The Alan Duff Charitable Foundation

Duggan, Maurice

Maurice Duggan, Wikipedia entry.


Edmond, Lauris

Lauris Edmond. NZ Book Council

Lauris Edmond. NZETC

Lauris Edmond. Wikipedia entry.

Edmond, Martin

Martin Edmond. Background information. NZ Book Council

Martin Edmond. NZEPC interview.

The Martin Edmond blog, Luca Anatra.

Edmond, Murray

Murray Edmond. NZEPC

Murray Edmond. New Zealand Book Council

Eldred-Grigg, Stevan

Stevan Eldred-Grigg webpage.

Stevan Eldred-Grigg. NZETC

Stevan Eldred-Grigg. Wikipedia

Else, Chris

Chris Elese. NZ Book Council

Chris Else, Wikipedia entry.

TFS Literary Agents and manuscript Assessment Services


Fairburn, A. R. D.

A.R.D. Fairburn
NZ Book Council

A.R.D. Fairburn.
Selected poems. NZEPC

A Farewell

The Cave

Walking on my Feet

A R D Fairburn, Wikipedia entry.

Faith, Rangi

Rangi Faith
New Zealand poet, freelance writer, editor and teacher. The writer’s own website.

Rangi Faith. NZ Book Council

Farrell, Fiona

Fiona Farrell. A Fiona Farrell website.

Fell, Cliff

Cliff Fell
Biographical information, from The New Zealand Book Council.

Fletcher, Beryl

Beryl Fletcher. Winner of the Commonwealth Writers Prize, 1992

Frame, Janet

Janet Frame. 3 articles on Janet Frame from Otago University.

Janet Frame. Brief notes on her life and novels.

Janet Frame. New Zealand Book Council

Janet Frame Wikipedia entry.

The Janet Frame Estate and Literary Trust

A Night at the Opera. The New Yorker.


Gee, Maurice

Maurice Gee. New Zealand Book Council

Maurice Gee. Wikipedia entry.

Interview with Maurice Gee. Christchurch City Libraries

Maurice Gee, a bibliography and news.

Maurice Gee. Entry in The New Word.

Glover, Denis

Denis Glover
New Zealand Book Council

Denis Glover. Wikipedia

Denis Glover. Poetry

Grace, Patricia

Patricia Grace.
New Zealand Book Council

Patricia Grace
Reading Towards the Indigenous Pacific: Patricia Grace’s Potiki, A Case Study by Miriam Fuchs.

Green, Tony

Tony Green. Accumulations. Words as They Come to Hand

Tony Green. Fugacity 05

Tony Green videos at YouTube.

Tony Green. Aotearoa New Zealand Poetry Sound Archive, biographical details.

Tony Green reading his poems,
plus a conversation at The Kelly Writers House. Audio recordings from  PennSound (University of Pennslyvania).

Gunn, Kirsty

Kirsty Gunn’s website.

Kirsty Gunn. VUW

Kirsty Gunn. The Guardian review of The Big Music.

Kirsty Gunn. Faber and Faber


Hall, Bernadette

Bernadette Hall
Bernadette Hall. Introduction, New Zealand Book Council.

Hall, Roger

Roger Hall
Introduction, New Zealand Book Council

Roger Hall

Roger Hall

Harris, Mathew James

Mathew James Harris
An online archive of fiction, short film, poetry and literary criticism by New Zealand writer Mathew Harris.

Mathew James Harris. Trout journal.

Mathew James Harris. Blackmail Press 18

Hart, Adrian

Adrian Hart. The Glass Cube

Hulme, Keri

Keri Hulme. Overview of The Bone People.

Keri Hulme. Christchurch City Libraries

Keri Hulme
Books and Writers

Keri Hulme, Wikipedia entry.

Keri Hulme’s Blog

Hunt, Sam

The Sam Hunt Website

Sam Hunt. Poetry Today

Sam Hunt’s website.

Sam Hunt Wikipedia entry.

Sam Hunt. NZ Book Council website.

Hyde, Robin

Robin Hyde. Introduction, New Zealand Book Council.

Robin Hyde, Wikipedia entry.

Robin Hyde. Electronic Poetry Centre. Online works by Robyn Hyde.


Ihimara, Witi

Witi Ihimaera. Wikipedia entry.

Witi Ihimaera. Māori-language biography, including list of works.

Witi Ihimaera. New Zealand Book Council

Ireland, Kevin

Kevin Ireland
New Zealand Book Council

Kevin Ireland. Sailing the World


Jackson, Anna

Anna Jackson. Victoria University, New Zealand Book Council

Anna Jackson. Electronic Poetry Archive

Anna Jackson. NZ Book Council

Jackson, Michael

Michael Jackson. NZ Book Council

Johnson, Stephanie

Stephanie Johnson. NZ Book Council

Stephanie Johnson. NZETC

Jones, Lloyd

Lloyd Jones
Victoria University

Lloyd Jones. NZ Book Council

Lloyd Jones, Wikipedia entry.

Joseph, M. K. (Michael Kennedy)

M. K. Joseph.
NZ Book Council

M. K. Joseph – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

M K. Joseph. The Poetry Archive

M. K. Joseph. Victoria University. NZETC


Kassabova, Kapka

Kapka Kassabova. NZ Book Council

Kapka Kassabova. NZEPC

Kapka Kassabova. Poems. The Clive James website.

Kapka Kassabova’s website

Kidman, Fiona

Fiona Kidman
Overview of her work from The New Zealand Book Council.

Fiona Kidman’s website.

Fiona Kidman, Wikipedia entry.

Knox, Elizabeth

Elizabeth Knox
Introduction from The New Zealand Book Council.

Elizabeth Knox. Wikipedia entry.

Elizabeth Knox website.

Elizabeth Knox
NZ Electronic Text Archive

Koea, Shonagh

Shonagh Koea. NZ Book Council

Shonagh Koea. NZETC


Leggott, Michele

Michele Leggott
Biography and list of works from Auckland University.

Michele Leggott
Online works from The New Zealand Electronic Poetry Centre

Michele Leggott. New Zealand Book Council

Leonard, Louise Wareham

Louise Wareham Leonard. NZ Book Council

Lian, Yang

Yang Lian
Online poems, essays, bio, bibliography, audio and video files. Electronic Poetry Centre Yang Lian. Two poems. Yang Lian homepage.

Loney, Alan

Alan Loney
Alan Loney reads his poems at PennSound (University of Pennsylvania) sound archives. The page includes an interview by Charles Bernstein.

Low, Nic

Nic Low’s website.

Mahy, Margaret

Margaret Mahy. New Zealand Book Council

Margaret Mahy, Wikipedia entry.


Tina Makereti website

Manhire, Bill

Bill Manhire’s The Brain of Katherine Mansfield.

Bill Manhire article on poetry. From The Poetry Kit.

Bill Manhire. Seeing Voices

Bill Manhire. Interview, online poems, essays. NZEPC

Mansfield, Katherine

Katherine Mansfield
Katherine Mansfield e-texts from Project Gutenburg (FTP).

Katherine Mansfield, Wikipedia entry.

Katherine Mansfield diaries in blog format.

Katherine Mansfield. The Garden Party and other short stories.

Katherine Mansfield e-texts from Project Gutenburg (FTP).
In a German Pension, The Garden Party. Brief literary background summary.

Katherine Mansfield
Images and e-texts of her works at NZETC.

Katherine Mansfield website.

The Katherine Mansfield Society

Katherine Mansfield Birthplace Trust, Wellington.

Katherine Mansfield at Fontainebleau Isola Bella, Menton.

Katherine Mansfield’s villa at Menton,a video from YouTube.

Marsh, Dame Ngaio

Dame Ngaio Marsh
The home of Dame Ngaio Marsh

Ngaio Marsh House and Heritage Trust, Christchurch.

Ngaio Marsh, Wikipedia entry.

Marshall, Owen

Marshall, Owen. The Owen Marshall Homepage.

Owen Marshall. New Zealand Book Council

Mason, Bruce

Bruce Mason. New Zealand Book Council

Bruce Mason, Wikipedia entry.

Bruce Mason. Te Ara Encyclopedia of New Zealand

Mason, R. A. K.

R A K Mason. New Zealand Book Council

R A K Mason poems.
Searchable text files of poetry by R.A.K. Mason (1905-1971). The site includes poems both published and unpublished, plays and selected prose.

McCarten, Anthony

Anthony McCarten.
Introduction from The New Zealand Book Council.

Anthony McCarten, Wikipedia entry.

McNeish, James

James McNeish. New Zealand Book Council

Meredith, Courtney Sina

Courtney Sina Meredith
Courtney was the first New Zealander, the first Pacific Islander and the youngest artist to be selected

Mila, Carlo

Carlo Mila, contemporary New Zealand poet.

Carlo Mila. Victoria University Press

Mitchell, David

David Mitchell obituary from The NZ Poetry Archive.

David Mitchell. NZEPC

Steal Away Boy: Selected poems of David Mitchell. PDF

Mittal, Pooja

Pooja Mittal: Three poems. Jacket magazine.

Mok, Tze Ming

Mok, Tze Ming. Tze Ming Mok
New Zealand Book Council webpages.

Tze Ming Mok’s blog archive. Public Address

Tze Ming Mok. New Zealand Electronic Text Centre

de Montalk, Count Geoffrey Potocki

Count Geoffrey Potocki de Montalk, Wikipedia entry.

Morey, Kelly

Kelly Ana Morey. New Zealand Book Council

Morris, Paula

The Paula Morris weblog, Trendy But Casual.

Paula Morris. Wikipedia

Paula Morris. The New Zealand Book Council

The Paula Morris website.

Morriesen, Ronald Hugh

Ronald Hugh Morrieson, Wikipedia entry.

Morrisey, Michael

Michael Morrisey
NZ Book Council.

Michael Morrissey
The Michael Morrissey website

Michael Morrissey

Mulgan, John

John Mulgan, Wikipedia entry.

John Mulgan, NZ Book Council


O’Leary, Michael

O’Leary, Michael
Michael O’Leary, publisher, poet, novelist, playwright and performer, has published several books fiction, non-fiction and poetry. More recently he has published a novel,  Unlevel Crossings, and his selected poems, Toku Tinihanga (Self Deception). NZ Book Council website.

Michael O’Leary, Wikipedia entry.

O’Sullivan, Vincent

Vincent O’Sullivan. Biography and commentary.

Vincent O’Sullivan, Wikipedia entry.


Patchett, Laurence

Laurence Patchett’ s website.

Paterson, Alistair

Alistair Paterson. New Zealand Book Council

Pattrick, Jenny

Jenny Pattrick. NZ Book Council

Paul, Joanna

Joanna Paul, prose and poems.
New Zealand Electronic Poetry Archive

Joanna Paul
An article on Joanna Paul by Peter Ireland, from Art New Zealand.

Perkins, Emily

Emily Perkins. New Zealand Book Council

Emily Perkins. Guardian article.

Price, Chris

Chris Price. New Zealand Book Council

Chris Price. Auckland University Chris Price.
Book Review from The Listener.

Webpages with poems by Chris Price

Best NZ Poems 03

Best NZ Poems 06

Snorkle Trout 14


Quigley, Sarah

Sarah Quigley. New Zealand Book Council

Sarahv Guigley’s website.

Deutsche Welle interview with Sarah Quigley.

Guardian review of The Conductor.


Rabbitt, Lindsay

Rabbit, Lindsay
Lindsay Rabbitt is a Kapiti Coast-based writer. He writes regularly for the NZ Listener and has published poems, essays and short stories. His book These Lives I Have Buried was published as part of the Four Winds Press essay series.

Randerson, Jo

Jo Randerson’s website.

Reeve, Richard

Richard Reeve. Under the Squid Boats, by Richard Reeve.

Ricketts, Harry

Harry Ricketts, literary scholar, poet and reviewer. New Zealand Book Council website.

Ross, Jack

The Jack Ross weblog Imaginary Museum.


Sargeson, Frank (Norris Frank Davey)

Frank Sargeson. The New Zealand Book Council

Frank Sargeson. Wikipedia entry.

Frank Sargeson. Queer History New Zealand

Frank Sargeson Criticism

Frank Sargeson. Biography, Te Ara Encyclopedia of New Zealand

Frank Sargeson. Entry at GLBTQ

Frank Sargeson. NZETC. References to texts by or about Frank Sargeson.

Shadbolt, Maurice

Maurice Shadbolt. NZ Book Council introduction.

Maurice Shadbolt. University of Auckland bibliography.

Maurice Shadbolt, Wikipedia entry.

Shuker, R. Carl

Carl Shuker. Complete Review. Reviews.

Carl Shuker. New Zealand Electronic Text Centre

Carl Shuker. NZ Book Council

Sinclair, Keith

Sir Keith Sinclair. NZ Book Council Keith Sinclair. Wikipedia entry.

Sinclair, Stephen

Stephen Sinclair. NZ Book Council

Stephen Sinclair. Internet Movie Database

Smaill, Anna

Anna Smaill. NZ Herald article.

Anna Smaill’s website.

Anna Smaill. New Zealand Book Council

Smither, Elizabeth

Elizabeth Smither
New Zealand Book Council

Elizabeth Smither. NZETC

Elizabeth Smither. Wikipedia entry.

Smithyman, Kendrick

Kendrick Smithyman
Sound and video archives, online poems, articles. Electronic Poetry Centre

The Collected Poems of Kendrick Smithyman.
A dedicated website from Auckland University,

Southam, Barry

Barry Southam  homepage.

Barry Southam. Exodus for Some (A Memoir)

Barry Southam. Listener article.

Stanley, Mary

Mary Stanley
Online poems, bio, archives, manuscripts, articles about Mary Stanley, photo gallery. Electronic Poetry Centre

Stead, Carl K.

C K Stead. New Zealand Book Council

C K Stead. New Zealand Literature File

C K Stead. The Poetry Archive

C K Stead. An interview. The Financial Times

C. K. Stead. Wikipedia entry.

CK Stead. The Guardian

Sturm, J. C.

J. C. Sturm. NZ Book Council

Sullivan, Robert

Robert Sullivan. New Zealand Book Council

Robert Sullivan
New Zealand Literature File. University of Auckland

Robert Sullivan. Online works. NZEPC


Taylor, Apirana

Apirana Taylor homepage.

Apirana Taylor. New Zealand Book Council

Interview with Apirana Taylor in NZine.

Taylor, Chad

Chad Taylor official website.

Chad Taylor. NZ Book Council

Chad Taylor, Wikipedia entry.

Temple, Philip

Philip Temple. New Zealand Book Council

Turner, Brian

Brian Turner

NZ Literature File, a bibliography from Auckland University.

Brian Turner
Brian Turner has published several books of poetry and short fiction. He won the Commonwealth Poetry Prize for his first collection,  Ladders of Rain and the New Zealand Book Award for Poetry for Beyond. NZ Book Council website.

Brian Turner, New Zealand Poet Laureate

Tuwhare, Hone

Hone Tuwhare
New Zealand Book Council introduction.

Hone Tuwhare. Wikipedia entry

Hone Tuwhare
New Zealand Book Council

Hone Tuwhare
Christchurch City Libraries


Virtue, Noel

Noel Virtue.  Introduction from The New Zealand Book Council.

von Sturmer, Richard

Richard von Sturmer
NZEPC, poems and biography.

Richard von Sturmer
Best New Zealand Poems 2003, Victoria University Press.

Richard von Sturmer, NZ Poets Online

Richard von Sturmer
New Zealand Book Council

Richard von Sturmer. Mudlark Journal

Richard von Sturmer
Fourteen Tanka. Trout journal


Wedde, Ian

Ian Wedde
Bibliography from The New Zealand Poetry Archive.

Ian Wedde. Jacket magazine.

Ian Wedde

Ian Wedde. The Arts Foundation

An interview with Ian Wedde in the NZ Herald.

Ian Wedde
The New Zealand Book Council

Wells, Peter

Peter Wells. NZ Book Council

The Peter Wells blog.

Peter Wells, Wikipedia entry.

Wendt, Albert

Albert Wendt
Albert Wendt, an introduction and bibliography.

Albert Wendt. NZEPA

Albert Wendt. NZ Book Council

White, Judith

Judith White. NZ Book Council

Wilkins, Damien

Damien Wilkins
An introduction from The New Zealand Book Council.

Damien Wilkins
Fantastic Fiction bibliography.

Damien Wilkins
Review of Chemistry in The Guardian.

Young, Ashleigh

The Ashleigh Young blog.

The Spinoff

Victoria University Press

Pantograph Punch