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The literature of Scotland, a guide to websites; novelists and poets

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The 20 Scottish books everyone should read. The Scotsman

Scottish literature. Wikipedia

List of Scottish writers. Wikipedia

List of Scottish poets. Wikipedia

Works by Robert Louis Stevenson

Association for Scottish Literary Studies
Supporting the teaching, study, writing and reading of Scottish literature and language, past and present.

Writers *

Scottish Writers By Name
A list of the Scottish authors, writers and poets featured on Books from Scotland. Interviews with Scottish authors about their books.

Scottish Authors
A list from Information and Libraries Scotland (SLAINTE)

List of Scottish writers. Wikipedia.

Edinburgh Review
Edinburgh’s oldest literary journal and released three times a year.


Glasgow University, Department of Scottish Literature

International Journal of Scottish Literature


Libraries in Scotland

National Library of Scotland

Poetry *

The Scottish poetry page. Holyrood Festival

Scottish Arts Council
The Scottish Arts Council is actively involved in developing Scottish literature through its support for writers, writing and the publishing industry across Scotland.The SPL is one of three poetry libraries in the UK, but the only one to be independently constituted and housed. It is the only poetry house in the world to have an extensive lending library at its core.

The Scottish Poetry Library
The Scottish Poetry Library is a national resource and advocate for the art of poetry, and Scottish poetry in particular. They are committed to bringing the pleasures and benefits of poetry to as wide an audience as possible.

Scottish Authors
Biographical information on prominent Scottish writers.

A comprehensive guide to the history and linguistic characteristics of the Scots language.

Theatre *

Scottish Theatre Archive
This website aims to help preserve and promote interest in Scotland’s theatrical heritage. The Special Collections department, University of Glasgow

Word Power. Scotland’s radical bookshop, based in Edinburgh.

Famous Scottish writers *

Banks, Ian

Iain Banks, a page at The Guardian.

Iain Banks, Wikipedia entry.

Iain Banks, the official website.

Boswell, James

James Boswell, Wikipedia entry.

Burns, Robert

Robert Burns. Official Homepage.

Robert Burns etexts from Project Gutenberg.

Robert Burns, the letters.

The Robert Burns Birthplace Museum, Alloway, Ashire.

Robert Burns, Wikipedia entry.

Carlyle, Thomas

Etexts from The Internet Archive.

Thomas Carlyle
Wikipedia entry.

Conan Doyle, Arthur

Arthur Conan Doyle, Wikipedia.

Arthur Conan Doyle Novels

Crumey, Andrew

Andrew Crumey

Hird, Laura

Laura Hird’s website.

Kay, Jackie

Jackie Kay. Wikipedia

Jackie Kay. British Council Literature

Jackie Kay. Poetry Archive

Jackie Kay. Interview in The Telegraph

Jackie Kay. The Guardian

Kennedy, A. L.

 A L Kennedy website.

MacDiarmid, Hugh

Hugh MacDiarmid. Wikipedia entry.

Hugh MacDiarmid
A collection of audio recordings.

Muir, Edwin

Edwin Muir
A time line of Muir’s life with links to several of his poems.

Edwin Muir. Poems online. The Poetry Foundation

Edwin Muir. The poems of Edwin Muir. The Poem Hunter

Edwin Muir. Wikipedia entry.

Riach, Alan

Alan Riach

Scott, Sir Walter

Sir Walter Scott
Biography, with etexts and web links. Selected Poems of Sir Walter Scott.

The Black Dwarf, The Lay of the Last Minstrel, Ivanhoe,

Bride of Lammermoor, Waverley and other etexts.

Spark, Muriel

Muriel Spark, Wikipedia entry.

Stevenson, Robert Louis

Robert Louis Stevenson

Robert Louis Stevenson. Wikipedia entry.

Robert Louis Stevenson Website
A website dedicated to Robert Louis Stevenson.

Etexts of works by Robert Louis Stevenson, including:

Treasure Island

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Robert Louis Stevenson. The National Library of Scotland

Robert Louis Stevenson, Wikipedia entry.