Ukrainian literature

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Ukrainian literature, a list of websites

Biblioteka ukraïns’koï literatury/
бліотека української літератури

Ukrainian Literature

 A Journal of Translations.

A Collection featuring poets from the early 18th c. to the 21st.

A collection dedicated to Medieval and Early Modern Ukrainian Literature.

A background to Ukrainian literature.

Electronic Library of Ukrainian Literature. Toronto University

The 10 Best Contemporary Ukrainian Authors – Culture Trip

Ukrainian Canadian Foundation of The Taras Shevenko Foundation

YIVO. Encyclopedia of Ukrainian Literature

Ukrainian literature – Wikipedia

Ukrainian writers *

Famous Ukrainian writers, from Proud of Ukraine

List of Ukrainian-language writers. Wikipedia

Serhiy Zhadan. The Bard of Eastern Ukraine, Where Things Are Falling Apart. New York Times

Serhiy Zhadan. Wikipedia

Taras Shevchenko
Encyclopedia of Ukraine

Lesya Ukrainka, Ukrainian poet.

Lesia Ukrainia. Internet Encyclopedia of Ukraine

Yuri Andrukhovych. Internet Encyclopedia of Ukraine

Yurii Andrukhovych. Wikipedia

Oksana Zabuzhko. Poetry International

Lina Kostenko. Wikipedia