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Classical music downloads, video, TV or audio streaming
Classical music radio stations, live or on demand
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Classical Music TV and Radio Stations on the Internet
Listen to classical music online here  Free classical music streaming audio
Subscription sites, midi files, classical MP3s.

C E K M R Radio stations S U Video streaming, downloads


ABC Classical Network, Australia digital music streaming and downloads.

AOL Steaming music player. 
Internet Archive is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that was founded to build an Internet library, with the purpose of offering permanent access for researchers, historians, and scholars to historical collections that exist in digital format.


Berlin Philharmonitc/Berliner Philharmoniker
The Berlin Philharmoic Digital Concert Hall. Listen to live concerts from The Berlin Philharmonic (a fee is payable).

streaming audio classical music and classical music programs.

BBC Radio 3, Discovering Music
BBC Radio 3 Discovering Music audio discussion of composers and works by composers, with music samples.


an archive of rare contemporary, jazz and classical music performances on MP3.

Chandos Records

CBC Radio, Canada, Radio 2.

Classic Cat – The Classical MP3 Directory.
A directory of free classic mp3s made available by the performers.

Classical Connect
A large collection of free streaming classical music featuring complete performances. All instruments are represented: piano, violin and other strings, woodwinds, also ensembles and orchestras. The site features more than 400 composers.

ClassicFM, Britain.

Classical Music Mobile
Download classical music for only 1 Û per work (app. 1.30$, 0.70£) whatever the duration, Internationally, sound recordings are protected for 50 years from the end of the year in which they were first released (in the USA, the legislation depends on the States). That means any recording published or released to the public before 1957 is now out of copyright, i.e. in the public domain.
Reviews, articles, repertoire list, works, composer biographies, scores.
A major classical music subscription site offering online listening, downloads, custom CDs, and a huge resource of entertaining information to expand your classical music knowledge.

Colorado Public Radio live classical music stream.
Composers Collaborative presents contemporary music by recent and living composers in New York City.


Deutsche Grammophon music downloads.


Early music recording downloads *
Have you an early music CD, record (even a 78), tape or cassette you want the world to hear and would like to donate it to them? Perhaps you have a recording of performance featuring you and/or friends/family/colleagues recorded live, in a recording studio or even your garage!

The Cylinder and Preservation and Digitization Project
With funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, the UCSB Libraries have created a digital collection of nearly 8,000 cylinder recordings held by the Department of Special Collections. In an effort to bring these recordings to a wider audience, they can be freely downloaded or streamed online.

Emile Berliner and the Birth of the Recording Industry
is a selection of more than 400 items from the Emile Berliner Papers and 108 Berliner sound recordings from the Library of Congress’s Motion Picture, Broadcasting and Recorded Sound Division.

The AHRC Research Centre for the History and Analysis of Recorded Music (CHARM)

was established on 1 April 2004, supported by a 5-year grant of just under £1m from the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

The King’s Sound Archive
The archive includes some 145,000 78rpm records, mostly UK issues, and covering classical and popular releases from the 1910s to c1960.

Damian’s 78s (and a few early LPs)

Quartier des Archives

Public Domain Archive

Pristine Classical
Pristine Classical – over 400 historic titles online. “The destination for historic recordings” (Gramophone)

Music Preserved was founded to preserve documents of public performances in recorded sound for future generations, securing the integrity of the performances and the performance contexts. It is dedicated to capturing the spontaneity and emotion, power and excitement of classic music performances through rare recordings of public performances and interviews.


European classical web stations,
a directory from

Expedition Audio
Reviews and full-track samples of contemporary, modern – and so much more – classical music.


FLAC audio download format. 
FLAC stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec, an audio format similar to MP3, but lossless, meaning that audio is compressed in FLAC without any loss in quality.


PlanetRadiocity is India’s largest music portal: Online Radio, Hindi Songs & Music Videos from Bollywood & Hollywood. Get the latest Wallpapers, Lyrics, News and Reviews.

iTunes, Apple

K, Germany lets you effortlessly keep a record of what you listen to from any player. Based on your taste, recommends you more music and concerts.


Medici TV
Music on film 24/7: live concerts, more than 200 films on VOD (Video On Demand), blogs, magazine, news.

General directory of music MP3 Downloads.


Naxos Records catalogue online, with streaming audio files.


Para Classics
ParaClassics is one of the global leaders for coverage of international classical music events, and they are doing our best to keep it totally free for the users as their contribution to the world’s cultural life.


Radio stations playing classical music *

America. Classical Music Radio Online and Streaming 
Classical Music
Tune in to the world’s radio stations. Search by location or town.

streaming audio classical music and classical music programs.

ClassicFM (UK)

Classical Live Online Radio Webcast – Free Streaming Classical Music.
Classical Online Radio Webcast is a collection of 160 Live Classical RadioStations and streaming Classical Music on the Web, broadcasting in Realaudio,

Europe. Classical Online Radio in Europe. Free Classical Music

Europe. European radio stations streaming live on the internet.

Internet Radio
Tune in and listen to thousands of internet radio stations across the planet. Search or browse for your favourite music genres and play the radio stations in your preferred player. lets you effortlessly keep a record of what you listen to from any player. Based on your taste, recommends you more music and concerts.

New York Public Radio’s Q2
New York Public Radio’s Q2 is an internet music station devoted to contemporary and innovative classical music programming.

Radio Classique, France.

Radio stations playing classical music (a world directory).

San Francisco Classical (KDFC)

Seattle Classical King FM 98.1

Sky FM Classical

WCPE – Great Classical Music 24 Hours a Day
WCPE, The Classical Station, plays great classical music 24 hours a day.



Seattle Classical King FM 98.1

Sony Classical music player.

Create, record and share your sounds for free.

Spotify is an online music  library  available for your PC, Mac, home audio system and mobile phone. Play music live from your own online music collection.


Tango. Radio Tango Online


UbuWeb MP3 Archive
Over 300 avant-garde films, performances and videos, with rare interviews and music. 


Video downloads, classical music TV, music downloads *


The Berliner Philharmoniker’s Digital Concert Hall
Watch and listen live to classical music’s finest conductors and soloists; live as it happens or on-demand as it suits you

Cite de la Musique
Concerts recorded at Cité de la musique and Salle Pleyel.

Classic FM TV online

Classical TV
Classical TV brings a global audience a destination for performing arts videos online, with the most impressive content and the most prestigious content partners. Programs are available online, at, and on connected TV platforms like Roku, Google TV, and Boxee. Viewership of Classical TV is on a subscription basis. In addition, Classical TV offers a wealth of lively, informative, and decidedly unstuffy feature articles, topical playlists, insider columns, and cultural news that give fresh insights into the exciting world of classical performance.

Euroarts, Berlin

Fine Art TV
Movies, video art. Discover in-depth articles, picture portfolios and documentaries.


Google Video

The latest videos, podcasts, features, news and exclusive offers from, the new website for anyone interested in classical music.

Yahoo Video


WETA. Washington’s source for compelling arts television.