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Early musical instruments

Musical Instrument Resources
Historical articles and a directory.

Guide to Early Instruments

Period instruments,
a list from Wikipedia.

Early Music, a list of websites.

Fortepiano, Wikipedia entry.
Fortepiano designates the early version of the piano, from its invention by the Italian instrument maker Bartolomeo Cristofori.

Early Piano
Authentic Materials for Early Keyboard Instruments

Early Piano, Fortepiano, Square Piano, Harman Vietor

Electronic instuments

See also: Electro-Acoustic Music

History of electronic music instruments,
Wikipedia entry.

The History of Electronic Music

History of Electronic and Computer Music

Moog Synthesizer

Ondes Martenot

Ondes Martenot
Wikipedia entry.

Collections *

Edinburgh University. A collection of historical musical instruments.

Guitar *

Guitar instruments

Spanish guitar. Wikipedia

Guitar, Wikipedia

Musee des Instruments de Musique, Bruxelles, Belgium

Musee de la Musique, Cite de la Musique, Paris

Musical Instrument Resources
Historical articles and a directory.

Musikmuseum, Basel, Switzerland

Percussion, timpani *

Percussion, timpani, a list of websites.

Piano *

Piano and pianist websites, a list.

Steinway and Sons. Makers of pianos.

String *

String instruments, a list of websites.

Violin *

Violin, violinist websites, a list.

Wikipedia encyclopedia of musical instruments.

Wind *

See also: Wind instruments

Wind instruments, Wikipedia entries.

Woodwind section. Wikipedia