Great composers – S



Sakamako, Ryuichi

Ryuichi Sakamako homepage.

Saint-Georges, Chevalier de

Chevalier de Saint-Georges

Saint-Saëns, Camille

Camille Saint-Saëns. AllMusic
Camille Saint-Saëns. Scores online at Project Gutenberg
Saint-Saens playing his own Piano Concerto #2 (opening)
Free scores by Saint-Saëns. IMSLP
Camille Saint-Saens, Wikipedia entry.

Salieri, Antonio

Salieri: Truth or Fiction
Salieri. Wikipedia entry.
Free scores by Salieri.

Sammartini, Giovanni Batista

Giovanni Sammartini. Classical Archives
Giovanni Battista Sammartini. Wikipedia entry.
Giovanni Battista Sammartini. Free scores at IMSLP

Satie, Erik

Erick Satie. Wikipedia entry: biography, background notes.
Erik Satie. The International Music Score Library Project
Satie. Pubic Domain Scores.
Satie. Free Scores. Kreusch Sheet
Satie’s Scores. Mutopia Project
Satie. Werner Icking Music Archive (WIMA)
An Erik Satie Primer
Erik Satie, an introduction from JazClas.

Scarlatti, Domenico

Domenico Scarlatti Midi Files.
Domenico Scarlatti. Wikipedia entry.
Domenico Scarlatti. The Scarlatti Project

Schmidt, Franz

Franz Schmidt. Wikipedia entry.
Free scores by Franz Schmidt.
Franz Schmidt. Universal Edition
Franz Schmidt. Symphony No.1 in E-major (1899) – YouTube
How Franz Schmidt became the composer that history forgot. The Guardian

Schnittke, Alfred

Alfred Schnittke, a German website.
Alfred Schnittke Homepage
Alfred Schittke, Wikipedia entry.

Schoenberg, Arnold

Arnold Schoenberg Centre, Vienna
Schoenberg Archives, University of Southern California.
Arnold Schoenberg, Wikipedia entry.
Arnold Schoenberg. Internet sites on Schoenberg, a complete list.
The Arnold Schoenberg Centre, Vienna. Essays, archives, news, library, journal.
Arnold Schoenberg. Atonale Musik. Wikipedia (in German)
Arnold Schoenberg. The Second Vienna School, an introduction.

Schreker, Franz

Franz Schreker, Austrian-German composer (1878-1934). Biography, 

stage works and quotations.

Schubert, Franz

Franz Schubert biography. Naxos
Franz Schubert, Wikipedia entry.
The Schubert Institute (UK)
Franz Schubert. Société Franz-Schubert (France).
Franz Schubert. Classical Archives. Audio files.
Dutch Schubert Foundation. Nederlandse Schubert Stichting.
Half-Time Scores. A source for Schubertiana.
Free scores by Franz Schubert. The International Music Score Library Project. Over 250 of Schubert’s Songs.
Société Franz-Schubert (France), with Midi files, catalogue, chronology.
String Quintet in C major. An analysis of the work on BBC Radio 3’s “Discovering Music” program.
Schubert’s sheet music. Mutopia Project
Franz Schubert Society, U.S.A.

Schumann, William

Schuman, William. William Schuman, Wikipedia entry.
The William Schuman Trust

Schumann, Robert

Schumann, Robert. Robert Schumann midi files.
Robert Schumann Research Institute 
Robert Schumann Society, Düsseldorf.
Robert Schumann Research Institute. Links to the Schumann Society and other Schumann websites.

Schütz, Heinrich

Heinrich Schutz. Internationale Heinrich-Schütz-Gesellschaft

Scriabin, Alexander Nicolayevich

Scriabin page at Midiworld. Scriabin midi files.
Scriabin Society of America
The mythical time in Scriabin
Was Scriabin a Synaesthete?
Scriabin in Aspen No.2. A short biography. UBUWEB 
Alexander Scriabin discography.

Sessions, Roger

The Roger Sessions Society – University of North Carolina Wilmington
Roger Sessions. Wikipedia

Shostakovich, Dimitri

Shostakovich, Wikipedia entry.
The DSCH Journal
Shostakovich. Music under Soviet Rule. A collection of documents and photographs
relating to Shostakovich.

Sibelius, Jean

Jean Sibelius Database
Jean Sibelius. Helsinki website.
Jean Sibelius. An illustrated account of the composer’s life divided into chapters.
Jean Sibelius website, Finland.
Jean Silbelius. Recordings, reviews.
Jean Sibelius. Notes on  The Tempest.
Jean Sibelius. Notes on The 7th Symphony.
The Sibelius Museum

Silvestrov, Valentin (Valentin Vasil’yevich Silvestrov)

Silvestrov, Valentin (Valentin Vasil’yevich Silvestrov). Silvestrov, Valentin

Simpson, Robert

Simpson, Robert. Robert Simpson, an introduction.

Skalkottas, Nikos

Nikos Skalkottas. Wikipedia
Nikos Skalkottas. Schirmer Music Publishing
The official Site of The Friends of Nikos Skalkottas Music Society

Smetena, Bedrich

Smetana, Wikipedia entry.

Sousa, John Philip

Sousa, John Philip, The Sousa Archives
John Philip Sousa. Biography, bibliography, work list, sound files, news, links.
John Philip Sousa. The Collected Works of John Sousa’s Band
John Philip Sousa, Wikipedia entry.

Spohr, Louis

Spohr Society of Great Britain
Louis Spohr. Wikipedia

Stamitz, Karl

Carl Philipp Stamitz – The Mozart Forum
Carl Stamitz. Music Biography, Credits and Discography : AllMusic
Carl Stamitz. Bio, Albums, Pictures. Naxos Classical Music
Carl Stamitz. Wikipedia

Stamitz, Johann (Johann Wenzel Anton Stamitz)

Stamitz, Johann. Johann Stamitz, Wikipedia entry.

Stanford, Sir Charles Villiers

Stanford, Sir Charles Villiers. Sir Charles Villiers Stanford. Classical Net.

Steffani, Agostino

Agostino Steffani, Wikipedia entry.
Free scores by Agostino Steffani.

Stockhousen, Karlheinz

Stockhousen, Karlheinz  Karlheinz Stockhousen Home Page
The Stockhausen Society (International) website
Obituary in The Times, 10 December 2007
Aspekte des Seriellen bei Karlheinz Stockhausen
Complete list of works by Stockhausen (PDF)
Karlheinz Stockhausen, Wikipedia entry.

Strauss, Richard

Richard Strauss, Wikipedia entry.
Richard Strauss Online, a dedicated site.
Richard Strauss operas. Stanford University
Free scores by Richard Strauss. IMSLP
Die offizielle Richard Strauss Website (Austria)

Strauss, Johann (II)

Johann Strauss II, Wikipedia entry.

Strauss, Johann (I)

Johann Strauss I website.

Stravinsky, Igor

Igor Stravinsky. Religious works by Stravinsky.
Stravinsky and the Pianola
Multimedia Web Site. Keeping Score: The Rite of Spring
Stravinsky A to Z
Stravinsky and the Rite of Spring
An audio recording of Stravinsky rehearsing his Symphonies of Wind Instruments in Memory of Debussy.
Stravinsky conducting the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra in 1961 (film)
Igor Stravinsky, Wikipedia entry.
Robert Craft on the Web

Suk, Josef

Suk, Josef. Josef Suk. Wikipedia entry.
Free scores by Josef Suk at The IMSLP.

Suppé, Franz von

Franz von Suppé, Wikipedia entry.
Franz von Suppé. AllMusic
Franz von Suppe. Bio, Albums, Pictures. Naxos Classical Music

Szymanowski, Karol Maciej

Szymanowski, Karol Maciej. Karol Maciej Szymanowski
Karol Szymanowski, a dedicated page from Culture.Pl.
Karol Szymanowski. In Polish, with sound samples. Wersja internetowa encyklopedii.
Karol Maciej Szymanowski, Wikipedia entry.