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Mahler Universal Edition
The new Gustav Mahler Blog by Universal Edition
Their new blog is where they are publishing all information regarding performances, festivals, interviews, new editions, recordings and reviews up to and during the two Mahler anniversary years 2010 and 2011.

Mahler Symphonies *

Christoph Eschenbach conducts Mahler.
In connection with the 150th anniversary of Gustav Mahler’s birth, as well as Christoph Eschenbach’s 70th anniversary in 2010,, in collaboration with the websites of the Orchestre de Paris and Medici TV offer a unique free streaming experience of all of Gustav Mahler’s Symphonies.


Gustav Mahler. Symphony No. 1. Wikipedia

Symphony No 1. BBC concert performance, audio.

Symphony No. 1 Free score at the IMSLP.

Symphony No. 1. YouTube videos.

Symphony guide: Mahler’s First. The Guardian

Mahler 1. Symphonie for orchestra. Universal Edition

Mahler Symphony 1 Titan.


Symphony No. 2 (The Resurrection). Wikipedia

Symphony No. 2. YouTube videos.


Symphony No. 3. BBC

Symphony No. 3. Videos of Mahler 3rd symphony performances.

Symphony No. 3. What the Universe Tells Me, a documentary on the 3rd symphony.
A detailed but also approachable attempt to decipher the inner dynamics of the 3rd Symphony.

Symphony No. 3, Wikipedia


Symphony No. 4. Wikipedia entry.

Symphony No. 4
Extensive history and analysis of the 4th Symphony by Mahler scholar Henry Louis de La Grange.


Symphony No. 5. Wikipedia

Symphony No. 5. Free score in PDF.


Symphony No. 6. Wikipedia

Symphony No. 6. Free scores from the IMSLP.

Symphony No. 6. BBC

Myth and Reality in Mahler’s Sixth Symphony, by Jeffrey Gantz.

Symphony No. 6. Information on the Symphony no. 6, from Classical Source.

Documentary on Mahler’s 6th Symphony. YouTube


Free score of the 7th Symphony.IMSL

Symphony No. 7. Wikipedia entry.


Symphony No. 8. Free score at the International Music Score Library Project.

Symphony No. 8. Wikipedia

Symphony No. 8. German and Latin texts, with English translation. Naxos.

Symphony No. 8. BBC

Das Lied von der Erde

Gustav Mahler. Das Lied von der Erde. Wikipedia

Das Lied von der Erde: Free scores at the International Music Score Library Project


Symphony No. 9 Mahler. Wikipedia

Symphony NR 9 Bernstein. YouTube

Symphony guide: Mahler’s Ninth. The Guardian

Universal Edition: Gustav Mahler. Symphony No. 9

Symphony No.9  IMSLP/Petrucci Music Library

The Adagio of Mahler’s Ninth Symphony: A Schenkerian Analysis


Symphony No. 10. Wikipedia

The making of Mahler’s Tenth Symphony. The Guardian

Deryck Cooke on Mahler’s 10th symphony (audio)

Mahler websites, organizations, societies, archives *

Gustav Mahler, Wikipedia entry.

Gustav Mahler, German Wikipedia entry.

Internationale Gustav Mahler Gesellschaft, Vienna
Official site of Mahler Society. Mahler’s life and works. Membership and contact information, library, news journal and website links.

Interviews with conductors of Mahler’s music.Universal Edition, YouTube.

Remembering Mahler
Audio interviews with people who knew Mahler, including an interview with Mahler’s daughter, Anna. YouTube

Mahler Society of Chicago

Gustav Mahler. Free listening, videos, concerts.

Official site of The Mahler Society

The Gustav Mahler Society UK
The Gustav Mahler Society UK is for lovers of the great man and his music. Its function is to bring together Mahlerites across the UK together.

The Gustav Mahler Society of New York
The Gustav Mahler Society of New York is dedicated to the advancement and promotion of greater awareness and understanding of the music of Gustav Mahler through the dissemination of information about the composer and his works, supplemented by a variety of programs and performances.

Composer’s life and works.
Also membership and contact information, library, news journal and website links.

The Mahler Archives
Archives holding essays, musicological analyses, historical facts and interviews pertaining to Gustav Mahler.

Gustav Mahler Society, Czech Republic

Gustav Mahler Society, U.K.

Gustav Mahler Society, New York.

Mediatheque Musicale Mahler, Paris.

Gilbert Kaplan and his recording of Mahler’s The Resurrection Symphony, No. 2.

Gustav Mahler. The Chicago Mahlerites

Gustav Mahler. Visit the “Gustav Mahler Komponierhäuschen”.

Gustav Mahler discussion forum.

Gustav Mahler. BBC
Program notes, Mahler profile and recordings.

Gustav Mahler public domain scores in PDF from IMSLP. 

Gustav Mahler Library, Paris

Gustav Mahler. La musica di Gustav Mahler.
Homepage italiana dedicata a Gustav Mahler, a cura di Marco Gregnanin.

International Gustav Mahler Society, Vienna

The Mahler Foundation
Through their support of projects in the contemporary arts, environment and music education, the project hopes to foster community, refresh our awareness of nature as the inspiration for creativity and speak to humanity’s common purposes.  

The Anna Mahler Association
On Via Brignone in the heart of the Centro Storico of Spoleto, an area which has become under-populated in recent years, are two artist studios which since 2010 have provided an inspiring backdrop for an international artist residency and projects programme. The studios were kept by Anna Mahler (1904-1988), sculptor daughter of Gustav and Alma, and conceptual artist Sol LeWitt (1928-2007).


Zasche-Theo Gustav-Mahler
Gustav-Mahler-1906″ by Theo Zasche  (1923) Lachendes Wien: 50 Meisterkarikaturen von 1890–1922, Vienna, Austria