Contemporary and 20th century music

Contemporary classical Music; 20th and 21st century music

Zeitgenössische Musik; La musique contemporaine
A música contemporánea; Musica contemporanea


German contemporary music *

German Music Information Centre

German Music Information Centre in Bonn

Chronological list of German classical composers. Wikipedia

Official website of Musica Viva at Bayerischer Rundfunk
Musica Viva was established by Karl Amadeus Hartmann five months after the end of World War II, Hartmann organized a matinee concert at the Prinzregententheater in Munich where the Bavarian State Orchestra performed the music that had previously been denounced as “degenerate”. Hartmann recognized the need to present the formerly withheld cultural heritage: “The task of this series”, he said, “is to provide the audience with a survey of the intellectual and cultural development of the present and the recent past”.

Greek contemporary music *

Greek contemporary and classical composers.

Traditional and contemporary Greek music.
The Music and Arts sections of the HCS website.

Greece Music: Information about the music of Greece.Modern Greek Music
a journey to the Modern Greek music from the 50′ 60’s 70’s to nowadays.

Greek music online. 
Greek radio. Ancient music, traditional music and contemporary music on FM.I

Icelandic contemporary music *

Iceland Contemporary Music Centre

Integral serialism

Contemporary and 20th Century composers of integral serialist music.

Integral Serialism


IRCAM (French Music Research Site) 


Kairos Music
KAIROS seeks to capture music that is contemporary, that opens up new spaces and experiences for contemporary ears and minds, in the form of interpretations which have grasped the auspiciousness of the moment. KAIROS aims to return contemporary music to the world of today. A Vienna-based music label founded in 1999 by Barbara Fränzen and Peter Oswald. M

Microtonal music *

Boston Microtonal Society

Microtonal music. Wikipedia

Minimalism in music *

See: Minimalism in music

Musique Concrete *

Pierre Schaeffer

Xenakis, Iannis. Iannis Xenakis

Musique concrète. Wikipedia

Musique concrète, definition at Allmusic.


NewMusicBox: a web magazine from the American Music Center.

The Norwegian Music Information Centre


Oxford Contemporary Music.

Oxford University Press
20th Century and New Music. Sheet music for modern composers. 


Postmodern music *

Postmodern music, Wikipedia entry.

Post-Modern Composers. 
New Consonant Music. Tonal, atonal, microtonal… who cares? The point is that music is understood by both performers and audience.

Princeton University Department of Music
Contemporary composers, music resources. 


Russian contemporary music *

St. Petersburg Contemporary Music Centre
The is the St. Petersburg Contemporary Music Centre for new music, which engages an ongoing program of development work to promote new Russian music at home and abroad.


Scottish Music Centre

Sequenza21. Contemporary classical music weekly.

Serialism, Wikipedia entry.

Spectral music *

Ecole spectrale. Wikipedia

Spectral music, Wikipedia entry.

Swedish contemporary music *

Swedish contemporary music.

Music of Sweden
Wikipedia entry.

Society of Swedish Composers
The Society of Swedish Composers represents professional composers who are active in the field of contemporary classical music composition.

COMA/Contemporary Music and Artists
Ensemble Ars Nova, southern Sweden’s ensemble for contemporary art music, was established in 1986 at the initiative of composer Johannes Johansson.


Twentieth century composers *

Twentieth Century Composers (Classical Net)

20th Century Classical Music Composers. Wikipedia entry.

Twenty-first century composers *

Twenty-First Century composers. Wikipedia entry.


Vienna Modern Masters
A non-profit site distributing CDs produces and internationally distributes compact discs of contemporary classical music. Vienna Modern Masters has no stylistic, gender, ethnic, geographic or other bias in its choice of music to appear on the label. Its only criterion is musical merit.

Wien Modern
The festival of modern music held in Vienna.

Wikipedia entry on contemporary classical music.