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Contemporary composers, late twentieth-century composers, a list of websites

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Contemporary and twentieth-century composer website directories and databases

Boosey and Hawkes music publishers.

Chester Novello music publishers
Long identified with such leading 20th century composers as Stravinsky, Elgar, de Falla, Lutoslawski, Holst and Bliss, these two renowned publishing houses continue to offer the very finest in international contemporary music, publishing – among others – the work of Bainbridge, Bennett, Gorecki, Guy, Henze, Holt, Maxwell Davies, McCabe, Musgrave, Nyman, Saariaho, Sallinen, Salonen, Swayne, Tavener and Weir.

ECM Records composer database.

Autre Genre
A directory of composers available on Apple Music. The directory also includes lists of female contemporary composers at

Greek contemporary composers.

The Music Sales Group
The Music Sales Group is an international family of publishing houses which together form one of the world’s largest independent holdings of classical music

The Living Composers Project
Information on today’s composers as provided by the composers themselves. .

Médiathèque de l’Ircam, Paris
IRCAM is a French institute for music, sound and avant-garde electro-acoustical music. It is situated next to the Centre Pompidou in Paris.

Sequenza 21. Contemporary classical music weekly.

21st-century classical composers, from Wikipedia.

UNESCO International Rostrum of Composers, Paris.

Vienna International Composers Competition

Wikipedia entries on 20th-century composers.

Contemporary Composers Index *


Abrahamsen, Hans

Hans Abrahamsen, Wikipedia entry.

Adamo, Mark

Mark Adamo. Shirmer Publishers.
The Mark Adamo website.

Adams, John

John Adams. Official home page.
Harmonielehre, a note by John Adams.
John Adams. Boosey & Hawkes, biography and works.
The Death of Klinghoffer
John Coolidge Adams, Wikipedia entry.

Adès, Thomas

Thomas Adès. Wikipedia entry.
Works by Thomas Ades. BMIC
Thomas Ades official website.
Thomas Ades biography.
“Don’t call me a messiah”, The Daily Telegraph
Ionarts in Santa Fe: The Tempest,” Ionarts Faber Music’s complete list of works by Thomas Adès.
Thomas Ades. Classical Music Review
Thomas Ades. Works by Thomas Ades at Composition Today.

Andersen, Viana

Andersen Viana. Music Academy Online
Andersen Viana. Wikipedia
Andersen Viana. Vox Novus

Andriessen, Louis

Louis Andriessen, Living Composers Project
Louis Andriessen. Wikipedia entry.
Louis Andriessen. Boosey & Hawkes

Ashley, Robert

Robert Ashley bio.
Robert Ashley, composer profile.
Robert Ashley interview.


Barrett, Richard

Richard Barrett. Wikipedia

Barry, Gerald

Gerald Barry
an Irish composer, composer of the opera The Importance of being Ernest. Wikipedia entry.
Gerald Barry
Schott Music profile.
Gerald Barry
Contemporary Music Centre, Ireland

Beamish, Sally

Sally Beamish
Sally Beamish, Wikipedia entry.
Sally Beamish. Scottish Music Centre
Sally Beamish. Free listening, concerts, stats, & pictures at
Sally Beamish. AllMusic

Belcastro, Luca

Luca Belcastro. Italian composer. Biography, work list, La Primavera Escondida, a cycle of chamber compositions, The opera  1896 – Pheidippides… run again!

Benjamin, George

George Benjamin, Wikipedia entry.
George Benjamin. The Guardian
George Benjamin. Faber Music
George Benjamin. IRCAM
George Benjamin. The New Yorker, an article by Alex Ross.

Berkeley, Michael

Michael Berkeley. The Michael Berkeley website.

Berio, Luciano

Luciano Berio. Médiathèque de l’Ircam, Paris
Luciano Berio, Wikipedia entry.
Excerpts from sound archives of Berio’s works.

Boulez, Pierre

Pierre Boulez. Wikipedia
Pierre Boulez. Biographie. Médiathèque de l’Ircam
Pierre Boulez. Free listening, concerts, stats, & pictures at
New York Times references to Boulez.
Pierre Boulez. Universal Edition
Paris New Music Review: Boulez
Deutsche Grammophon. Pierre Boulez biography.
Pierre Boulez: Rebel with a cause. The Guardian
Excerpts from sound archives of Boulez’s works.

Bryars, Gavin

Gavin Bryars official web site.


Caine, Uri

Uri Caine, Wikipedia entry.
Uri Caine website.

Carlos, Wendy

The Wendy Carlos homepage.
Wendy Carlos, Wikipedia entry.

Carnevale, Roberto

Roberto Carnevale
Roberto Carnevale. Wikipedia entry.

Cataldo, Giacomo

Giacomo Cataldo
Italian composer Giacomo Cataldo pursued his musical studies at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto. He continues to produce a varied body of work focusing on orchestral and chamber works that have been performed and recorded internationally.

Chin, Unsuk

Unsuk Chin
Unsuk Chin home page at
Unsuk Chin

Columbier, Michel

Michel Colombier, composer of scores, dance music, chamber music and orchestral works.

Corgliano, John

John Coriglian. Official website
John Corigliano. Wikipedia

Crumb, George

George Crumb Homepage George Crumb. Wikipedia


Dallapiccola, Luigi

Dallapiccola, Luigi. Luigi Dallapiccola, Wikipedia entry.
Luigi Dallapiccola. Bibiographie – Médiathèque de l’Ircam
Luigi Dallapiccola. Sistema Musica: Luigi Dallapiccola
Luigi Dallapiccola. Classical Net Basic Repertoire List 
Luigi Dallapiccola Biography. Naxos Records

Damase, Jean-MIchel

The Jean-Michel Damase website.

Davies, Sir Peter-Maxwell

Davies, Peter Maxwell. Peter Maxwell Davies website.
Peter Maxwell Davies, Wikipedia entry.
Sir Peter Maxwell Davies’ homepage at Chester Music
Maxwell Davies and the String Quartet
Peter Maxwell Davies interview with Bruce Duffie.
Peter Maxwell Davies. Boosey & Hawkes

Dean, Brett

Brett Dean: Biography. Bossey and Hawkes
Brett Dean. The Australian Music Centre
Brett Dean. Wikipedia

Dessner, Bryce

The Bryce Dessner website.
The National
Clogs Music
Bryce Dessner. Wikipedia

Donatoni, Franco

Franco Donatoni, Wikipedia entry.

Duckworth, William

William Duckworth. Wikipedia 

Dun, Tan

Tan Dun
Tan Dun Official Homepage
Tan Dun’s Yymphony for YouTube.
Tan Dun. Wikipedia

Dutilleux, Henri

Henri Dutilleux. IRCAM
Henri Dutilleux. The Guardian
Henri Dutilleux. Wikipedia entry.
Henri Dutilleux. Schott Music

Eichberg, Soren Nils

Soren Nils Eichberg

Eötvös, Peter

Peter Eotvos 

Evangelesti, Franco

Franco Evangelisti. Wikipedia entry.

Firsova, Alissa

Alissa Firsova’s website.
Guardian article on Alissa Firsova.
Alissa Firsovaa, Wikipedia entry.

Fujikura, Dai

Dai Fujkuira’s website.
Dai Fujikura, Wikipedia entry.


Feldman, Morton

Morton Feldman. Wikipedia entry.
Morton Feldman, a webpage.


Glanert, Detlev

Detlev Glanert

Glass, Philip Morris

Philip Glass websites.
Glass, Philip. Philip Glass official site.
Philip Glass on the Web. GlassPages.
Philip Glass, Wikipedia entry.

Goebbels, Heiner

Heiner Goebbels webpage.

Goehr, Alexander

Alexander Goehr. Wikipedia
Alexander Goehr interview.
Alexander Goehr. Schott Music

Golijov, Osvaldo

Osvaldo Golijov website.
Osvaldo Golijov. Wikipedia entry.

Górecki, Henryk

Henryk Górecki
Henryk Górecki. Wikipedia entry.

Gould, Morton

Morton Gould
Morton Gould. Wikipedia

Grime, Helen

Helen Grime. Chester Novello

Gruber, H. K.

H. K. Gruber

Gubaidulina, Sofia

Sofia Gubaidulina. List of works
Sofia Gudaidulina, Wikipedia entry.
Sofia Gudaidulina. Schirmer music publishers.
Sofia Gubaidulina, Internationale Musikverlage Hans Sikorski
Sofia Gubaidulina Albums, Pictures. Naxos
Alex Ross: The Rest Is Noise: Gubaidulina birthday miscellany


Haas, Georg Friedrich

Georg Friedrich Haas. Wikipedia (in German)

Hartmann, Karl Amadeus

Karl Amadeus Hartmann, Schott Music
Karl Amadeus Hartmann-Gesellschaft e.V.l
Karl Amadeus Hartmann. Wikipedia
Official website of Musica Viva at Bayerischer Rundfunk

Harvey, Jonathan

Jonathon Harvey webpage.
Jonathan Harvey, Wikipedia entry.

Henze, Hans Werner

Hans Werner Henze homepage.
Hans Wener Henze website.
Hans Werner Henze. Wikipedia entry.
Hans Werner Henze. Chester Novello

Hillborg, Anders

Anders Hillborg homepage.

Holliger, Heinz

Heinz Holliger, Wikipedia entry.
Heinz Holliger. Schott Music Profile

Holt, Simon

Simon Holt. Chestor Novello Music

Huber, Klaus

The Klaus Huber homepage.

Husa, Karel

Karel Husa

Hovhaness, Alan

Alan Hovhaness website.


Iglesias-Rossi, Alejandro

Alejandro Iglesias Rossi. Wikipedia
Iglesias-Rossi, Alejandro. Alejandro Iglesias-Rossi. Music online at The Sound Cloud.


Jenkins, Karl

 Karl Jenkins website.

Kairaindrou, Eleni

Eleni Karaindrouu
Wikipedia entry.
Eleni Karaindrou
ECM Records
Eleni Karaindou
Music Log

Kagel, Mauricio

Mauricio Kagel. IRCAM
Mauricio Kagel. Biographical note.
Mauricio Kagel. List of works.

Kancheli, Giya

Giya Kancelli. Schirmer publishing.
Giya Kancheli. ECM Records
Giya Kancheli, Wikipedia entry.
Giya Kanceli. Music under Soviet rule:
a lengthy essay on his composition during communist control, critical selection of works, compact discography and comments by fellow composer Alfred Schnittke.

Killmayer, Wilhelm

Wilhelm Killmayer. Wikipedia,
Wilhem Killmayer. Schott Music
Wilhelm Killmayer. AllMusic
Wilhelm Killmayer.

Knussen, Oliver

Oliver Knussen, Wikipedia entry.
Oliver Knussen article, review and interview.
Oliver Knussen. IRCAM 

Kurtag, Gyorgy

György Kurtág Kurtág. Wikipedia
György Kurtág. Boosey & Hawkes
A guide to György Kurtág’s music. The Guardian
Gyorgy Kurtag. Universal Edition
Kafka Fragments, a website.


Lachenmann, Helmut

Helmut Lachenmann, Wikipedia entry.
Helmut Lachenmann. IRCAM

Lang, David

David Lang, Wikipedia entry.

LeFanu, Nicola

Nicola Lefanu website.
Nicola LeFanu. The Guardian
Nicola LeFanu. Wikipedia

Lentz, Georges

Georges Lentz
has established himself in recent years as one of Australia’s leading composers. His works have been played by many renowned ensembles throughtout the world.

Ligeti, György

György Ligeti webpage.
Gyorgy Ligeti. Sony Classical page.
Gyorgy Ligeti. Schott Musik
A guide to György Ligeti’s music. The Guardian
Gyorgy Ligeti, Wikipedia entry.

Lindberg, Magnus

Magnus Lindberg.Wikipedia entry.
Magnus Lindberg. Boosey Hawkes

Lutoslawski, Witold

Witold Lutoslawski. Wikipedia entry.
Witold Lutoslawski. Chester Novello
Witold Lutosławski
Biographical material, recommended works, and internal links from The Polish Culture portal.


MacMillan, James

James MacMillan. Wikipedia entry.
James MacMillan. Boosey & Hawkes

Maderna, Bruno

Bruno Maderna. Wikipedia entry.

Mansurian, Tigran

Tigran Mansurian, Wikipedia entry.
Tigran Mansurjan. Schott Music

Mazzoli, Missy

Missy Mazzoli. Wikipedia
Mazzoli Official website
Missy Mazzoli : interviews, reviews and article from NPR

Mathews, Colin

 Colin Matthews

Maxwell-Davies, Peter

Peter Maxwell Davies website.
Peter Maxwell Davies. Wikipedia entry.
Peter Maxwell Davies. Chester Novello
Guardian profile.
Peter Maxwell Davies Biography. Boosey and Hawkes

Messiaen, Olivier

The Messiaen website.
The site contains articles, unseen images, programme notes and films to go alongside the orchestra’s series of concerts celebrating the Centenary of Olivier Messiaen’s birth.
Online Messiaen resource by Malcolm Ball.
Olivier Messiaen, Wikipedia entry.

Muhly, Nico

Nico Muhly website
Nico Muhly takes on Alan Turing
Nico Muhly. Wikipedia


Nancarrow, Conlon

Conlon Nancarrow. Wikipedia entry.
Conlon Nancarrow, a website with a list of works and a chronology.

Navok, Lior

Lio Nook
Recipient of numerous awards, Navok established himself as one of today’s leading young composers. Navok is the chosen artist of Israel Cultural Excellence Foundation (IcExcellence) for the year 20003/2004. His numerous awards include the Lily Boulanger Award.

Nocci, Fabrizio

Fabrizio Nocci
An Italian composer who works internationally in classical music area as well electronic and experimental music. His music has been performed all around Europe.
Fabrizio Nocci videos on YouTube.

Nono, Luigi

Luigi Nono, Wikipedia entry.
Luigi Nono. Life. works, photo gallery.
Archivio Luigi Nono, Venice, Italy.
Nono: Le Scuole di Pace
Nono at

Nørgaard, Per

Per Nørgård
Wikipedia website.
Per Nørgård
Per Norgard. Music Recordings – CD, DVD, SACD review digest for works by Per Norgard.
Per Nørgård.
Top tracks from Per Nørgård.

Nyman, Michael

Michhael Nymen (IRCAM)
The Michael Nyman website.
Michael Nyman, Wikipedia entry.

Ochering, Helmut

Helmut Oehring webpage.
Helmut Oehring. IRCAM database.

Ohana, Maurice

Maurice Ohana dedicated website. 
Maurice Ohana a reçu le Prix Italia en 1969, le Prix national de Musique en 1975, le Prix Honegger en 1982, le Prix musical de la Ville de Paris en 1983, et, en 1985, le Prix Maurice Ravel. En 1991, il fut lauréat du Grand Prix de Musique Guerlain de l’Académie des Beaux-Arts. En 1992, il reçut le Prix de la SACEM pour la meilleure première exécution 1991.

Oliveros, Pauline

Pauline Oliverosa
Pauline Oliveros. Wikipedia
Videos for Pauline Oliveros.
Deep Listening Institute
A philosophy/band put together by composer Pauline Oliveros.


Pärt, Arvo

Arvo Part information archive, by David Pinkerton.
International Arvo Part Centre. The IAPC was created for the purpose of preserving Arvo Pärt’s creative contribution to the arts and the education of future generations.
Arvo Parton on Vimeo. Magnificat
Arvo Part. Biography, works, photos, music clips.
Arvo Part. Wikipedia entry.
Arvo Part interview at Spike Magazine.

Penderecki, Krzysztof

Krzysztof Penderecki Homepage
Krzysztof Penderecki. The Polish Music Centre
Penderecki Homepage

Pesson, Gérard

Gérard Pesson. l’Ircam
Gérard Pesson. Audio samples from Musique Contemporaine
Gerard Pesson. Wikipedia entry.
Gerard Pesson. Audio and videos. Composition Today
Gerard Pesson. Facebook

Ping, Gao

Gao Ping homepage.

Plakidis, Peteris

Peteris Plakidis


Henri Pousseur. Wikipedia entry.

Previn, Andre

Andre Previn

Pritsker, Gene

Gene Pritsker,
composer/guitarist/rapper, has written over four hundred compositions, including chamber operas, orchestral and chamber works, electro-acoustic music and songs for hip-hop and rock ensembles.

Prokofiev, Gabriel

Gabriel Prokofiev’s website.

Punufnik, Roxanna

The Roxanna Punufnik website.


Qu Kiao-Song

Qu Xiao-Song


Rautavaara, Einoiuhani

Einoiuhani Rautavaara. Boosey and Hawkes
Einoluhani Rautavaara. Finnish Music Information Centre
Einojuhani Rautavaara. Ondine Records
Einojuhani Rautavaara, Wikipedia entry.

Reich, Steve

Steve Reich website. 
Articles, multimedia, biography, concerts, discography.
Steve Reich
Steve Reich home page.
Videos for Steve Reich.
Steve Reich. Boosey & Hawkes music publishers.
Steve Reich. Wikipedia entry.

Richter, Max

Max Richter, Wikipedia entry.
The Max Richter website.
Max Richer albums at

Rihm, Wolfgang

Wolfgang Rihm
Wolfgang Rihm. IRCAM database.
Wolfgang Rihm, Wikipedia entry.

Rorem, Ned

Ned Rorem Official Website
Ned Rorem. Wikipedia entry.

Rossille, Frederic

Frederic Rossille Online
Rouse, Mikel. Mikel RouseCameraworld

Ruders, Poul

Poul Ruders

Rzewski, Frederic

Frederic Anthony Rzewski. Wikipedia
Frederic Rzewski. The Living Composers Project
Frederic Rzewski. Bio and downloadable music.


Saariaho, Kaija

Kaija Saariaho
Saariaho. Chester Music Composer’s homepage
CompositionToday. Saariaho article and review of works.
Kaija Saariaho. Biography and web links.
Kaija Saariaho. Petals Music Project
Kaija Saariaho. Wikipeda entry.

Sallinen, Aulis

Aulis Sallinen. Chestor Novello music publishing.
Aulis Sallinen, Wikipedia entry.
Aulis Sallinen. Pytheas Center for Contemporary Music

Salonen, Esa-Pekka

Esa-Pekka Salonen website.
Esa-Pekka Salonen. Wikipedia
Waiting for a Masterpiece from Esa-Pekka Salonen. The New Yorker
Esa-Pekka Salonen. The Guardian
Contemporary composer: Esa-Pekka Salonen.

Sawer, David

David Sawer. Wikipedia
Facing the music: David Sawer. The Guardian

Sawhney, Nitin

Nitin Sawhney

Schnittke, Alfred Harrevich

Alfred Schnittke Homepage
Alfred Schnittke. Short biography.
Alfred Schnittke Akademie International
Alfred Schnittke. Wikipedia entry.
Alfred Schnittke
A collection of wordless photo essays which may or may not have any connection with the man, depending upon the viewer”s perspective and state of mind.

Sciarrino, Salvatore

Salvatore Sciarrino. IRCAM
Salvatore Sciarrino website.
Salvatore Sciarrino. Salvatore Sciarrino. Wikipedia entry.

Serra, Eric

Eric Serra Online

Sevåg, Øystein

Oystein Sebag Official Website

Schedrin, Rodion

Rodion Shchedrin background information.

Seither, Charlotte

Charlotte Seither’s website.

Silvestrov, Valentin

SValentin Silvestrov. ECM Records
Valentin Silvestrov. Wikipedia entry.
Valentin Silvestrov. Schott Music

Sorensen, Bent

Bent Sorensen. Wikipedia
Bent Sørensen official web page
Bent Sørensen at Edition Wilhelm Hansen

Stocken, Frederick

Frederick Stocken
Frederick Stocken is the British composer whose credits include the best-selling Lament for Bosnia and a symphony commissioned for the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

Stockhausen, Karlheinz

Karlheinz Stockhousen Home Page
Karlheinz Stockhausen, Wikipedia entry.
Karlheinz Stockhausen, Aspekte des Seriellen bei Stockhausen.


Takemitsu, Toru

Tōru Takemitsu. Wikipedia
Tōru Takemitsu
Schott Music
Toru Takemitsu Biography.
Naxos Records

Tan Dun

Tan Dun. Schirmer Music
Tan Dun. Wikipedia entry.
Tan Dun Online

Tavener, John

John Tavener website.
John Tavener, Wikipedia entry.
John Tavener at ChesterNovello
John Tavener at Classical Net

Tower, Joan

Joan Tower. Summary of works by Joan Tower.
Joan Tower. Conversation with Bruce Duffie.
Joan Tower. Reviews of concertos by Joan Tower.

Turnage, Mark-Anthony

Mark Anthony Turnage
Mark-Anthony Turnage. Wikipedia entry.
Mark-Anthony Turnage. Boosey & Hawkes
Mark-Anthony Turnage. The Guardian
Mark-Anthony Turnage. Schott Music profile.

Ugoletti, Paolo

Paolo Ugoletti’s website.

Ustvolskaya, Galina

Galina Ustvolskaya
Galina Ustvolskaya website.
Galina Ustvolskaya. Wikipedia entry.

van der Aa, Michael

Michel  van der Aa. Wikipedia : News
Michel van der Aa. Boosey & Hawkes
The Book of Sand


Wallen, Erroll

Errol Wallen
A British composer who combines classical, pop and gospel influences,

Wollin, Rolf

The Rolf Wollin website.
Rolf Wallin. Music Sales Classical

Weinberg, Mieczyslaw

Peer Music Publishing
Mieczysław Weinberg. Wikipedia entry.

Weir, Judith

Judith Weir, Wikipedia entry.
Judith Weir’s website.

Wertens, Wim

Wim Wertens
The Belgian minimalist composer.

Wilson, Ian

Ian Wilson’s website.

Wilson, Richard

Richard Wilson, composer and pianist.

Wolff, Christian

Christian Wolff, Wikipedia entry.
Christian Wolff. Biography and analysis.

Wood, Hugh

Hugh Wood. Wikipedia entry.
Hugh Wood. Chestor Novello music publishers.

Wuorinen, Charles

The Charles Wuorinen official homepage.


Young, La Monte

The Mela Foundation. Dream House: Seven+eight Years of Sound and Light
La Monte Young. Wikipedia entry.
La Monte Young. Biography from Other Minds.
La Monte Young, a webpage.

Yung, Isang

Isan Yung
Isang Yun, Wikipedia entry


Zhou Long

Zhou Long
Zhou Long. Living Composers Project
Zhou Long. Calarts Alpert Award

Zimmermann, Bernd Alois

Bernd Alois Zimmermann