Medieval music, Renaissance music

Medieval and Renaissance Music: Composers, Archives, Scores, Websites

Medieval music, Medieval composers *

Early Music Composers

Medieval Music & Arts Foundation

Thesaurus Musicarum Latinarum at Indiana University
An archive of Latin texts on Music Theory from the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

La Trobe University Medieval Music Database

Troubadors. Wikipedia entry.

Chansons de femmes
Trobairitz, a small group of female troubadours. Elen Sentier

Beatritz de Dia. Wikipedia entry.

Waraok, France. A medieval music band.
Waraoke tries to reproduce the sound of a popular band such as would have played for marriages and village fetes in the middle-ages. They play about 30 concerts a year in medieval festivals throughout France and Spain.

Wikipedia encyclopedia entry on Medieval music.

Women’s Early Art and Music

Early music festivals *

Festivals and fairs.
A directory of early music, Medieval and Renaissance festivals around the world.

Stoke Newington Early Music Festival (UK)

York Early Music Festival (UK)

Amherst Early Music
Amherst Early Music is the largest and most comprehensive teaching music festival for historical performance in the Western Hemisphere.

Belgrade International Early Music Festival

Boston Early Music Festival & Exhibition

Carmel Bach Festival

European Festival Info Centre
Euro-Festival Info Centre is the website of the European Festivals Association and presents you 88 European Festivals and 11 National Festivals Associations.

Felicja Blumental International Music Festiva

Festival Bach de Lausanne

Medieval composers *

See also:  List of Medieval composers, Wikipedia entries.

Alfonso, X of Castile

Alfonso X of Castile. Wikipedia entry.

Brumel, Antione

Brumel, Antione

Antoine Brumel

Guido da Arezzo

Guido da Arezzo. Wikipedia entry.

Dufay, Guillaume

Guillaume Dufay – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Guillaume Dufay. A discography. Medieval Music & Arts Foundation

Dunstaple, John

Dunstaple, John. John Dunstaple

John Dunstaple, Wikipedia entry.

Free scores by John Dunstaple at The IMSLP

Hildegard von Bingen

Hildegard von Bingen Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179) – A discography.

Hildegard of Bingen.

Machaut, Guillaume

Machaut, Guillaume de. International Machaut Society Home Page


Perotin, biographical note and discography.

de Vitry, Philippe

Philippe de Vitry

Renaissance music, Renaissance composers; directories and archives *

Composers. Music History 102: The Renaissance
Composers, major styles and developments, illustrations, and Real Audio RAM sound files from the Internet Public Library.

Wikipedia directory listing over 125 individual Renaissance composers.

Pandora Radio: Renaissance Music

Ancient FM
Online radio station featuring medieval and renaissance music.

Guide to Medieval and Renaissance Instruments

Early Music Chicago
Early MusiChicago is a web portal to the Early Music scene in the greater Chicago Metropolitan Area and adjoining region.

Early music web links.

Early Renaissance.

French Chanson

Medieval and Renaissance Music, Early Music Resources on the Web.

Renaissance and Baroque Society, Pittsburgh

Renaissance and Medieval Composers Web Directory.

A Selection of Renaissance Music

Music of the Renaissance Period

Wikipedia entry on Rennaissance music.

Wikipedia entries on Renaissance composers.

Renaissance composers *

Allegri, Gregorio

Allegri, Gregorio

Gregorio Allegri

Byrd, William

Byrd, William

William Byrd. Midi Files

William Byrd. Background article.

William Byrd. The Keyboard Music of William Byrd

Campion, Thomas

Campion, Thomas. Thomas Campion

Thomas Campion. Free scores by Thomas Campion
Choral Public Domain Library (ChoralWiki)

Thomas Campion. Wikipedia entry.

des Prez, Josquin

Josquin des Pres, Josquin. Josquin des Pres, A Josquin website.

Josquin des Pres. Free scores WIMA

Josquin des Prez. Wikipedia entry.

Dowland, John

Dowland, John. John Dowland.


John Dowland. Lute Player and Composer. MP3s, life, essays. John Dowland. HOASM

John Dowland. Classical Composers Database

John Dowland. Detailed biography from CD liner notes.

John Dowland. Bio, Albums, Pictures. Naxos Classical Music.

John Dowland, Free scores.

John Dowland. Free listening, videos, concerts and pictures.

Dufay, Guillaume

Dufay, Guillaume. Guillaume Dufay

Dunstable, John

John Dunstable discography.

Ferrabosco family

Domenico Ferrabosco. Wikipedia entry.

Alfonso Ferrabosco the elder. Wikipedia entry.

Gesualdo, Carlo

Gesualdo, Carl. Carlo Gesual

do. Wikipedia entry.

Gesualdo. Free scores. IMSLP

Gibbons, Orlando

Gibbons, Orlando. Orlando Gibbons. An introduction.

Orlando Gibbons. Free scores
Werner Icking Music Archive (WIMA)

Orlando Gibbons. Grove Music Online

Orlando Gibbons. Wikipedia entry.

Monteverdi, Claudio

Monteverdi. Free scores by Claudio Monteverdi
Choral Public Domain Library (ChoralWiki)

Monderverdi. Free scores

Free scores by Claudio Monteverdi
International Music Score Library Project.

Website devoted to Monteverdi’s Vespers of 1610.

Palestrina, Giovanni Pierluigi da

Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina. Wikipedia

Giovanni Pierluigi Da Palestrina. HOASM

The Palestrina Foundation

Free scores by Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina
Choral Public Domain Library (ChoralWiki)

Free scores by Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina

Werner Icking Music Archive (WIMA)

Tallis, Thomas

Thomas Tallis, Wikipedia entry.

BBC Radio 3 Discovering Music program.

Thomas Tallis. Free scores in the Werner Icking Music Archive

Thomas Tallis. Free recordings of Latin and English church music.

Thomas Tallis. Free scores
Choral Public Domain Library (ChoralWiki)

Taverner, John

Taverner, John

John Taverner. Wikpedia entry.

Victoria, Thomas Luis de

Victoria, Tomas Luis de. Tomas Luis de Victoria
The Tomas Luis de Victoria web site by Nancho Alvarez.

Tomás Luis de Victoria, biography,

Tomás Luis de Victoria, Wikipedia entry.