Ethnomusicology, a guide to websites

Society for Ethnomusicology
Promotes the research, study, and performance of music in all historical periods and cultural contexts. Includes an introduction to ethnomusicology.

British Forum for Ethnomusicology

Universities with ethnomusicology programmes, a list from Wikipedia.

International Library of African Music (ILAM)

The British Library
The British Library Sound Archive holds one of the world’s largest collections of recordings variously described as traditional, folk or ‘world’ music. It is a valuable resource for musicians of all backgrounds and an essential reference collection for the study of ethnomusicology and anthropology.

The International Council for Traditional Music
The International Council for Traditional Music is an Non-Governmental Organisation in formal consultative relations with UNESCO. Its aims are to further the study, practice, documentation, preservation and dissemination of traditional music and dance of all countries.

Outreach Ethnomusicology
An Online Ethnomusicology Community and Fieldwork Resource

The Archives of Traditional Music, Indiana University
With over 100,000 recordings that include more than 2,700 field collections, it is one of the largest university-based ethnographic sound archives in the United States.
Its holdings cover a wide range of cultural and geographical areas, vocal and instrumental music, linguistic materials, folktales, interviews, and oral history, as well as videotapes, photographs, and manuscripts.

Ethnomusicology, Wikipedia entry.


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