Famous opera singers, a list of websites

Famous opera singers: sopranos, tenors, countertenors, baritones, contraltos

Opera singers, Wikipedia entries.

OperaStuff: Opera Singers.
A directory of opera singer websites listed by category.

Baritones *

Baritones. Cantabile-Subito

A list of baritones. Operastuff

Great baritones of the past. Cantabile

Wikipedia entry on the Baritone.

Great singers of the past. Andrea’s site for collectors of great singers from the past. More than 1100 singers.

Classical Singer Community.com
Classicalsinger.com. Opera singing. Audition listings, competition listings, singer directory, performance directory and online magazine.

Contraltos. Contraltos of the past

Countertenors *

The Countertenors
A countertenor bulletin board with a list of performances.

Operatic Countertenors on the Web, a web directory.

Wikpedia entry on countertenors.

An article in The Guardian on Andreas Scholl.

Andreas Scholl on YouTube.

The Andreas Scholl website

Early/historical recordings of opera singers. Marston Records

Historical singers and recordings. Marston Records.

History of the Tenor
The History of the Tenor is an archive of the greatest Operatic Tenors including narration and sound clips from 1900 until 1990.

Sopranos *

Great Voices of Opera, a blog

Soprano Central
Pictures and biography: from Emma Albani, Brigitte Fassbaender, Marilyn Horne, Ileana Cotrubas Renée Fleming to Dame Kiri Te Kanawa and Carol Vaness.

Opera sopranos, an index from Opera Stuff.

A list of operatic sopranos, from Wikipedia.

Dramatic sopranos, a list from Wikipedia.

Tenors *

Tenors. Historical tenors.
Grandi tenori

History of the Tenor
The History of the Tenor is an archive of the greatest Operatic Tenors including narration and sound clips from 1900 until 1990.

Singers by name: tenors, sopranos, baritones, contraltos *

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Alagna, Roberto. Roberto Alagna, Wikipedia entry.

Anderson, June. June Anderson, Wikipedia entry.

June Anderson’s website.

Antonacci, Anna Caterina. Anna Caterina Antonacci, a dedicated webpage.

Anna Caterina Antonacci. Wikipedia,

An interview at Opera Lively.

New York Times article on Anna Caterina Antonacci.

Anna Caterina Antonacci on YouTube.


Baker. Dame Janet. Dame Janet Baker, Wikipedia entry.

Baltsa, Agnes. Agnes Baltsa

Bartoli, Cecilia. Cecilia Bartoli Homepage

Battle, Kathleen. Kathleen Battle

Kathleen Battle, The Official Website

Kathleen Battle. Wikipedia

Berganza, Teresa. Teresa Berganza official website.

Bergonzi, Carlo. Carlo Bergonzi. Wikipedia

Bocelli, Andrea. Andrea Bocelli official website. 

Andrea Bocelli, Wikipedia entry.

Bonney, Barbara. Barbara Bonney Official Site

Barbara Bonney. Wikipedia entry.


Montserrat Caballé. Wikipedia entry.

Callas, Maria. Maria Callas Web Pages.

Official Callas Website. 200 pictures, biography, links, discography, performances.

Maria Callas YouTube Channel

Calleja, Joseph. Joseph Calleja

José Carreras. Wikipedia

Caruso, Enrico. Enrico Caruso Museum of America

Enrico Caruso, Wikipedia entry.

Enrico Caruso. Archive of Recorded Sound

Christ, Aris. Aris Christofellis, Greek countertenor.

Coote, Alice. Alice Coote. IMG Artists

Alice Coote. Wikipedia

Cura, Jose. Jose Cura Webpage


Dessay, Natalie. Natalie Dessay. Official website.

Di Sefano, Giuseppe. Giuseppe Di Stefano. Wikipedia

Di Stefano, Giuseppe. History of the Tenor. Sound Clips and Narration: Di Stefano

Domingo, Plácido. Official Placido Domingo Web Page


Fleming, Renéee. Renée Fleming Homepage

Ferrier, Katherine. Kathleen Ferrier Awards, U.K.

Fischer-Dieskau, Dietrich. Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau. Information site.

Flagstad, Kisrten. Kirsten Flagstad. Wikipedia entry.

Kirsten Flagstad Museum

Freni, Mirella. Mirella Freni


Garanca, Elina. Elīna Garanča: mezzo-soprano.

Elīna Garanča, Wikipedia entry.

Gheorghiu, Angela. Angela Gheorghiu EMI website.

Angela Gheorghiu website.

Angela Gheorghiu. Wikipedia

Gobbi, Tito. Tito Gobbi. Wikipedia entry. 

Gruberova, Edita. Edita Gruberova website.

Edita Grubbera. Wikipedia entry.


Hadley, Jerry. Jerry Hadley, Wikipedia entry.

Hampson, Thomas. Thomas Hampson website.

Official website of the Hampsong Foundation

Thomas Hampson. Facebook

Hendricks, Barbara, Barbara Hendricks website. 

Horne, Marilyn. Marilyn Horne, Wikipedia entry.

Marylin Horne fan page.


Jerusalem, Siegfried. Siegried Jerusalem

Siegfried Jerusalem, Wikipedia entry.

Jones, Gwyneth. Gwenyth Jones bio.

Dame Gwyneth Jones. Wikipedia entry.


Kaufmann, Jonas. Jonas Kaufmann website.

Jonas Kaufmann, Wikipedia entry.

Jonas Kaufmann: A Tenor in Demand. NYT

Kozena, Magdalena. Magdalena Kozena website.


Lemper, Ute. Ute Lemper 


Mattila, Karita. Karita Mattila. Ondine Records: Biography and discography.

Melba, Nellie. Nellie Melba. The Nellie Melba Museum

Nellie Melba, Wikipedia entry.

Nellie Melba media files.


Nilsson, Birgit. Birgit Nilsson

Birgit Nilsson. Wikipedia entry.


Norman, Jessye. Jessye Norman, Wikipedia entry.

Jessye Norman SChool for the Arts


Pape, René. René Pape’s website.

Pavarotti, Luciano. 
Luciano Pavarotti official site.

Popp, Lucia. Lucia Popp fan site.

Lucia Popp. Wikipedia entry.

Price, Margaret. Margaret Price. Wikipedia entry.


Quastoff, Thomas. Thomas Quasthoff’s official homepage (in German).


Ramey, Samuel. Samuel Ramey’s website.

Katia Ricciarelli. Wikipedia entry.

Katia Ricciarelli’s website


Schreier, Peter. Peter Schreier

Scholl, Andreas. Andreas Scholl

Schrott, Erwin. Erwin Schrott

Schwarzkopf, Elisabeth. Elizabeth Schwarzkopf

Elisabeth Schwarzkopf. Wikipedia entry.

Scotto, Renato. Renato Scotto

Renata Scotto. Wikipedia

Stemme, Nina. Nina Stemm’s website.

di Stefano, Giuseppe. Giuseppe de Stefano
Wikipedia entry.

Sutherland, Joan. Joan Sutherland

Joan Sutherland. Wikipedia

A Tribute to Joan Sutherland and Richard Bonynge.

Dame Joan Sutherland material in the National Library of Australia’s collection.


Tebaldi, Renata. Renata Tebaldi website.

Kiri Te Kanawa. Wikipedia entry.

Kiri Te Kanawa’s  website.

Kiri Te Kanawa, IMG artists website.

Kiri Te Kanawa Foundation

Kiri Te Kanawa

discography. Troyanos, Tatiana. Tatiana Troyanos

Turfel, Brynn, Brynn Terfel Wikipedia entry.

Brynn Turfel. Deutsche Grammophon

Bryn Terfel biography from BBC Wales.

Terfeliaid: Official site for followers of Terfel


Upshaw, Dawn. Dawn Upshaw.Wikipedia


van dam, José. José can Dam

Vickers, Jon. Jon Vickers 

von Otter, Anne-Sofie. Anne-Sofie von Otter

Stade, Frederica von. Frederica von Stade


Walker, Sarah. Sarah Walker

Wanda Yang Temko

Wunderlich, Fritz. A Fritz Wunderlich webpage.

Fritz Wunderlich. Wikipedia