Dances, styles of dance

Dance, styles of dance; Indian, Japanese, Javanese, Italian, Latin-American dance…


Indian dance *

Bharathi Kalalaya
Fine arts institution dedicated to Indian music and dance

Classical Dances
The various forms of classical dance from India.

Dancers. Foremost Indian dancers.

India dance videos, from Zee TV.

Wikipedia entry on dance in India.

Dances of India
Dance festivals, dancers, folk dances by region.


Indian Classical Dance. Directory of dance forms, dancers, with photos.

Kay Poursine
Classical Dance from the Tanjore Court.

Photographs and pictures of various Indian dance forms. Dances of India.

Scruti. India’s music and dance magazine.

Italian dance *

The Florence Dance Centre

Italian Dance. 15th Century Italian dance.

Italian dance web links.

Dance in Florence, Italy. Florence Dance Festival

Japanese dance *

History of Japanese dance.

Japanese dance directory. Performing Arts Japan

Japan Performing Arts Net
Sponsored by the Japan Foundation to inform people around the world about performing arts in Japan.

The Nihon Buyo Foundation

Noh theatre and dance; Wikipedia entry.

Noh Events and Performance Schedule

Nohgaku Promotions Association

The Traditional Japanese Dance Association

Wikipedia entry on Japanese traditional dance.

Japanese Bon Odori Dance Video

Traditional Geisha dance video.

Matsuyama Ballet Company Foundation

Javanese dance *

Balinese and Javanese Dance. Dance, Music, and Theaters of Bali.

Balinese Dance Maestros

Balinese Dances
With over 1000 troupes, dance is at the very center of the Balinese life. On Java dance is the prerogative of the courts, but on Bali it’s most prevalent in the villages.

Javanese dancing. Java’s Art of Classical Dancing


Latin-American dance *

Luigi jazz dance website.


Merce Cunningham Dance

Movies/Dance movies *

Dance Movies at the Box Office.Top Grossing Dance Movies

10 Great Dance Movies. MSN Movies


New York Central Ballet

New Zealand dance *

The New Zealand Dance Company
This company was formed to build a hot bed of talent and creativity that is sustainable. Attracting new talent and reclaiming dancers and choreographers that have left our shores, a creative environment that can challenge and grow New Zealand dance culture.

New Zealand dance and ballet websites, a list.

North American Indian dance *

Mandala Transformation
The Mandala Transformation Foundation, Inc. (MTFI) is a non-profit foundation committed to administer charity by promoting and educating others about Northern Cheyenne traditional dance and culture, as part of the overall efforts of the tribe. It is dedicated to promote the spiritual, social, and physical well being of individuals through performing artistry, including members of the Northern Cheyenne tribe.