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Amsterdam Marionette Theatre/Amsterdams Marionetten Theater

Burmese puppets. Mandalay Marionettes Theatre

Center for Puppetry Arts, Atlanta, Georgia


Gerry Anderson. The Official Gerry Anderson Web Site

Glove puppets, Wikipedia entry.

Greek Marionette Theatre


International Institute of Marionette Art, Czech Republic


Japanese puppets. Tonda Traditional Japanese Bunraku Puppets

Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna, The Richard Teschner puppet collection. 

Marionettes *

Online gallery and resource of marionettes from the Czech Republic

International Marionnette Institute, Charleville-Mézières

Online gallery and resource of marionettes from the Czech Republic.

Marionettes of Venice

National Marionette Theatre. Prague.

Salzburg Marionette Theatre

Handspring Puppet Company
Handspring Puppet Company was founded in 1981 by four graduates of the Michaelis School of Fine Art in Cape Town, South Africa. Arguably one of the greatest puppetry companies in the world.

Thunderbirds (TV series). Wikipedia

War Horse
Actors, working with astonishing life-sized puppets by the Handspring Puppet Company, take audiences on a journey through history.

Jean-Pierre Norblin de La Gourdaine (1745–1830) Marionettes polonaises) 1779/80
Jean-Pierre Norblin de La Gourdaine (1745–1830)
Marionettes polonaises)

Muppet Central


Performers *

An international directory of puppetry performers and performance companies.

Prague. National Marionette Theatre

Punch and Judy *

Punch and Judy on the Web

Punch and Judy College of Professors.
A gateway to the world of leading Punch and Judy performers in the UK and the Punch & Judy tradition.

Punch and Judy. Worldwide Friends of Punch and Judy

Punch and Judy.  Wikipedia

Wikipedia entry on Punch and Judy.


Poppenspel Museum. The Puppetry Museum, Netherlands.

Puppeteers of America, dedicated to the art of puppetry.

Puppetry Homepage
Puppet-making, puppet theaters, puppetry website links, news, international puppet theater directory.


The Salzburg Marionette Theatre

Shadow puppets *

Shadow puppets. Central Java. Shadow puppets (Wayang kulit).

Turkish Shadow Theatre, Karagoz. Tradional Turkish Shadow Theatre

Shadow theatre in China. Wikipedia

Sicilian puppet theaters / marionettes. Fratelli Pasqualino


Thunderbirds *

Thunderbirds TV series. Wikipedia entry.

FANDERSON. The Gerry Anderson Appreciation Society

Thunderbirds (1965)

Thunderbirds. Screenonline

Thunderbirds online site archive copy at the Internet Archive.

Turkish Shadow Theatre, Karagoz. Traditional Turkish Shadow Theatre


Ventriloquism *

Ventriloquism. Ventrilo-Quick. An on-line reference guide to learning ventriloquism.

A Cultural History of Ventriloquism

International Ventriloquists Association

Maher Studios

Cybervent, website for ventriloquists

Vent Haven Museum: Ventriloquist Museum

Ventriloquism. Wikipedia


Wikipedia entry on the puppet.