Epistemology, a list of websites


Naturalized Epistemology
by Richard Feldman.

Social Epistemology
by Alvin Goldman.

Virtue Epistemology
by John Greco.

An International Journal for Epistemology, Methodology and Philosophy of Science

Research articles in Epistemology

What Is Epistemology?
An introduction to the topic by Keith DeRose.

Certain Doubts
A group blog run by Jonathan Kvanvig, with many leading epistemologists as contributors.

The Epistemological Lifeboat
by Birger Hjørland & Jeppe Nicolaisen (eds.)

Epistemology Papers
A collection of papers.

Epistemology Introduction
by Paul Newall at The Galilean Library.

Teaching Theory of Knowledge 
An electronic publication from The Council for Philosophical Studies.

Introduction to Theory of Knowledge

The Peripatetic
A practical introduction to the theory of knowledge.

Stanford Enyclopedia of Philsophy entry on epistemology.

Theory of Knowledge