German philosophy, philosophers

German Philosophy, German Philosophers, a List of Websites

German Idealism

German philosophy, Wikipedia entry.

German philosophers

Philosophers. German language philosophers. Wikipedia entries.

Hegel, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich

Georg Hegel, Wikipedia entry.

Works by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, Project Gutenberg., a Hegel website.

Heidegger, Martin

Martin Heidegger, Wikipedia entry.

An online Study Guide to Being and Time

Google books search for Heidegger.

Martin Heidegger (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

Martin Heidegger. Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Ereignis. Martin Heidegger in English
A list of websites, online papers and articles on Heidegger.

Martin Heidegger
The European Graduate School pages on Heidegger, along with video lectures on Heidegger.

Husserl, Edmund

Edmund Husserl, Wikipedia entry.

Kant, Immanuel

Immanuel Kant, Wikipedia entry.

Kant on the Web. Kant etexts, writings on Kant.

Kant. Works by Immanuel Kant, 

Project Gutenberg.

Schonpenhauer, Arthur

Arthur Schopenhauer, Wikipedia entry.

Schopenhauers Philosophie der Kunst

Assorted essays by Arthur Schopenhauer from The University of Adelaide

Schopenhauersource: Reproductions of Schopenhauer’s manuscripts.

Works by Arthur Schopenhauer at 

Project Gutenberg

Vienna circle

The Philosophy of Logical Positivism

Institute Vienna Circle

Wikipedia entry on The Vienna Circle

Virtual Library. Deutsche Datenquellen, Philosophie