Greek philosophy

Greek philosophy, ancient Greek philosophers; a guide to websites

The ancient Greek philosophers.
Background information, history, biographies, portraits.

Ancient Greek philosophers.
A list from Wikipedia.


Aristotle. Aristotle link pages and websites from  Epistemelinks.
Aristotle. Project Archelogos. The site aims at the construction of a database which will contain all the philosophical arguments of the works of Plato and Aristotle.
Aristotle etexts., a free, central place for information about Aristotle and Aristotelian philosophy.
Aristotle’s Ethics. Project Gutenberg
Aristotle, Wikipedia entry.
Online Aristotle live texts. A comprehensive selection from Epistemelinks.
Nichomachean Ethics


Lucretius. An the Nature of Things, Lucretius. The Internet Classics Archive
Lucretius. The Internet Classics Archive. Works by Lucretius.
Lucretius, Wikipedia entry.
Lucretius. Works by Lucretius. Project Gutenburg


Parmenides. An introduction.
Parmenides. Parmenides, by Plato.
Parmenides Wikipedia entry.


Plato biography from St. Andrews University, UK.
Plato, Wikipedia entry.
Plato’s Dialogues, the complete works translated into English by Benjamin Jowett. 
Platos’ Dialogues, an introduction.


Pythagoras and the Pythagoreans,
Pythagoras. Wikipedia entry.


Socrates, Wikipedia entry.
Socrates. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
The Last days of Socrates. A site is designed to help first year philosophy students read the Euthyphro, Apology, Crito, and the death scene from the Phaedo.
Socrates, Plato’s dialogues from etexts from Project Gutenberg.


Xenophanes, Wikipedia entry.