Medieval philosophy

Medieval philosophy and philosophers, a list of websites

Mediaeval Resources from The Labyrinth.
Grouped by country. Primary texts. A searchable index.

Medieval Philosophy and Theology Journal

Wikipedia entry on Medieval philosophy.


Thomas Acquinas

Thomas Aquinas. Wikipedia

Thomas Aquinas. Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Thomistic Texts. Thomistic Philosophy

St. Thomas Aquinas’ Works in English

St. Thomas Aquinas, texts from Sacred Texts

Abelard, Peter

Peter Abelard. Wikipedia

Peter Abelard › Texts –

Peter Abelard (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

Letters of Abelard and Heloise by Peter Abelard … – Project Gutenberg

Saint Augustine

Saint Augustine, etexts.

Augustine of Hippo Wikipedia entry.

The Confessions
Translated in to English by E.B. Pusey

The Confessions of Saint Augustine, by Saint Augustine

Augustine: Texts and Translations


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