Ontology, a guide to websites

Buffalo Ontology Site
The Buffalo Ontology Site contains information on ontology, on the history of ontology, and on contemporary ontology and its applications. It also provides links to other ontology sites and announcements of relevant conferences and publications.

Epistemelinks metaphysics/ontology web resources.

Ontology. A Resource Guide for Philosophers, by Raul Corazzon

Ontology; formal ontology. 
Formal ontology from Husserl to the most recent developments by Cocchiarella, a site by Paul Corazzon. PDF essays by and about Nino Cocchiarella. Bibliographies, ontological arguments for the existence of God, top ontology websites.

Henry Laycock’s Homepage
Department of Philosophy, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario.

Papers on Ontology.

Wikipedia entry on ontology.