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Kant, Immanuel

Kant’s aesthetics. Theory of Aesthetics and Teleology (The Critique of Judgment). A summary from the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
Kant Information Online
Kant overview. Overview of Kant’s principles.
Kant, Wikipedia entry.
Kant on the Web
Works by Immanuel Kant. Project Gutenberg
Internet Encyclopaedia of Philosophy
Immanuel Kant in Italia
Stephen Palmquist’s Glossary of Kantian Terminology
North American Kant Society (NAKS)
Kant on the Web
Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy (14 sections on Kant)
Readable versions of Prolegomena, Groundwork for the Metaphysic of Morals, and Critique of Pure Reason.
Kant’s moral philosophy and the question of pre-emptive war, Revue Sens Public
Immanuel Kant’s works: texts, concordances, frequency list.
Part one of ‘The Critique of Aesthetic Judgment’
Kant’s writings on the web, German originals and English translations.
The Critique of Pure Reason
Secondary etexts on Kant.
Kant live texts. Critique of Pure Reason, Critique of Practical Reason, Fundamental Principles of the Metaphysic of Morals and other texts.

Kierkegaard, Sören

Soren Kierkegaard. Web resources on Kierkegaard, Epistemelinks.
Soren Kierkegaard. D. Anthony Storm’s Commentary On Kierkegaard. Biography, commentary, images, motifs, webpage links.
Soren Kierkegaard, Wikipedia entry.
Provocations: Spiritual Writings of Kierkegaard. An ebook.
Søren Kierkegaard Society of the UK
The Journals of Kierkegaard
The Journals and Notebooks of Kierkegaard
Søren Kierkegaards Skrifter. Full Danish texts (Danish)
Fear and Trembling
Philosophical Fragments
The Sickness Unto Death

Kojève, Alexandre

Alexandre Kojève. Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Alexander Kojeve, Wikipedia entry.
Introduction to the Reading of Hegel by Alexandre Kojeve.


Leibnitz, Gottfried Wilhelm von

Baron Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz. Leibnitz etexts in French.
Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibnitz. Introduction, biography mathematics and links to other Leibnitz or Leibnitz-related websites.
Gottfried Wilhelm Leibnitz. Introduction.
Gottfried Wilhelkm Leibnitz. Monadology
Gottfried Wilhelm Leibnitz. Introduction.
Gottfried Wilhelm Leibnitz. Leibnitz the mathematician.
Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz. Short Account of the History of Mathematics.

Levinas, Emmanuel

Levinas, Emmanuel. Emmanuel Levinas webpage. 
Levinas Center, University of North Carolina.
Institute for Levinassian Studies
The Emmanuel Levinas web page.
Institut d’études Lévinassiennes
North American Levinas Society
Levinas Wikipedia entry.

Locke, John

John Locke biography, John Locke texts, Victorian social background.
John Locke, Wikipedia entry.


Lucretius. On the Nature of Things, Lucretius. The Internet Classics Archive
Lucretius. The Internet Classics Archive. Works by Lucretius.
Lucretius, Wikipedia entry.
Lucretius. Works by Lucretius. Project Gutenberg


Malabou, Catherine

A conversation with Catheereine Malabou.
Catherine Malabou. Wikipedia entry.
A Catherine Malabou discussion blog.

Maritain, Jacques

Jacques Maritain Centre, Paris. Maritain’s collected works.

Marx, Karl

Karl Marx website links from Epistemelinks. Marx Archive website.
Karl Marx. The Communist Manifesto, Project Gutenberg etext.
The Karl Marx Museum
Karl Marx, Wikipedia entry.

McTaggart, John

John McTaggart Ellis
John McTaggart. Studies in the Hegelian Dialectic

Meillassoux, Quintin

Meillassoux, Quintin. Quintin Meillassoux. Wikipedia entry.
Meillassouz. Blogs on Meillassoux.
Meillassoux on YouTube (speaking in French)
Quentin Meillassoux. After Finitude: An Essay on the Necessity
Speculative Heresy blog, which articles by Meillassoux.

Meister Eckhart (Eckhart von Hochheim)

Meister Eckhart( Eckhart von Hochheim).Wikipedia entry.
Meister Eckhart Society
Meister Eckhart. Introduction to his ideas, from The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Mill, John Stuart

Mill, John Stuart. John Stuart Mill.  Epistemelinks
John Stuart Mill. Links to John Stuart Mill etexts.
Some Unsettled Questions of Political Economy
Principles of Political Economy
The Subjection of Women
Representative Government (Eris Project)
On Liberty (Eris Project)
Utilitarianism (Eris Project)
Thornton On Labour and its Claims.
John Stuart Mill. An introduction from the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

de Montaigne, Michel Eyguem

Michel de Montaigne. Biography,  The Essays.
Michel de Montaigne, Wikipedia entry.
Works by Michel de Montaigne. Project Gutenberg
Essays by Montaigne at
The essays, a Complete searchable text (Villey-Saulnier edition) (in French)
Montaigne Studies Journal
Michel (a German website)
Tras los pasos de Montaigne
Biographie et citations de Montaigne.


Nancy, Jean-Luc

Jean-Luc Nancy. Wikipedia
Jean-Luc Nancy. Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Newton, Sir Isaac

Isaac Newton webpages from the Newton Institute, Cambridge University.

Nietzsche, Friedrich

Thus Spake Zarathustra
Twilight of the Idols
Die fröhliche Wissenschaft
Die fröhliche Wissenschaft, Wikipedia entry.
Wikipedia entry on Friedrich Nietzsche (in German)
The Good European: Nietzsche’s Work Sites in Word and Image. UCP. Photographs of places in Italy, Switzerland and France where Nietzsche worked.
Nietzsche, Friedrich. Nietzsche information, Nietzsche webpages.
Literatur von und über Friedrich Nietzsche
Datensatz zu Friedrich Nietzsche
Tabellarischer Lebenslauf von Friedrich Nietzsche
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Weimarer Nietzsche-Bibliographie
Nietzsche-Archiv, Weimar
Eintrag im philolex
Nietzsche Online (Uni Saarbrücken)
Nietzsche manuscripts at Nietzsche
Nietzsche Scholarly Editions. Digitale Kritische Gesamtausgabe. Digital version of the German critical edition of the complete works of Nietzsche edited by Giorgio Colli and Mazzino Montinari. Digitale Faksimile Gesamtausgabe. Digital facsimile reproduction of the entire Nietzsche estate, including first editions of works, manuscripts, letters and biographical documents.


Paine, Thomas

Paine, Thomas. Thomas Paine etexts.
Thomas Paine, Wikipedia entry.


Parmenides. An introduction.
Parmenides. Parmenides,  by Plato.
Parmenides Wikipedia entry.

Pascal, Blaise

Blaise Pascal websites, biographies, live texts.
Pascal’s Wager. A commentary and explanation of Pascal’s wager theory.
Pascal, Wikipedia entry.
Pascal. Pensées, in English.
Pascal live texts. The Provincial Letters, Pensées, Life and Times of Pascal, Pascal quotes, by Katharina Eiermann.

Philo of Alexandria

Philo of Alexandria. WWW Resources.

Pierce, Charles S

Pierce, Charles S. The Pierce Edition project. Events, texts, newsletters, contributors, The Essential Pierce Companion, internet resources.

Plantinga, Alvin

Plantinga, Alvin. Alvin Plantenga, Wikipedia entry.
Alvin Plantenga, faculty site at The University of Notre Dame.
“The Dawkins Confusion”, Plantinga’s review of Richard Dawkins’s The God Delusion. Books and Culture
Papers by Alvin Plantinga online.
Alvin Platenga. The Gifford lectures.
1987–1988: Warrant and Proper Function 
1987–1988: Warrant: The Current Debate
2005: Science and Religion: Conflict or Concord


Plato biography from St. Andrews University, UK.
Plato, Wikipedia entry.
WWW resources for Plato. Plato’s dialogues, forms, doctrines.
Plato’s Dialogues, the complete works translated into English by Benjamin Jowett. 

The Dialogues of Plato, in 5 vols (Jowett ed.) The Online Library of Liberty
Platos’ Dialogues, an introduction. 


Plotinus. The Six Enneads.MIT classics.
Plotinus. An introduction.

Popper, Sir Karl Raimund

Karl Popper. A Realist View Logic, Physics and History
Karl Popper, Wikipedia entry.
Karl Popper. The Karl Popper Web (Referenced by the B.B.C., the British Science Museum and The Encyclopaedia Britannica)
Karl Popper. Science: Conjectures and Refutations
Sir Karl Popper Society
Open Society Institute
BBC Radio 4, In Our Time. A discussion on Karl Popper.
History of Twentieth-Century Philosophy of Science, BOOK V: Karl Popper.
Karl Popper Archive at University Library Klagenfurt
Austrian Karl R. Popper Research Association
Sir Karl R. Popper papers at the Hoover Institution Archives..

Proudhon, Pierre-Joseph

Pierre-Joseph Proudhon. Collected works, biography, background.

Ptolemy, Claudius

Claudius Ptolemy

Prior, Arthur

 Arthur Prior. Stanford University Arthur Prior webpages.


Quine, Williard V. O.

The Verification Theory and Reductionism