Philosophers, past and present


Feuerbach, Ludwig

Ludwig Feuerbach Archive

Fichte, Immanuel Hermann

Immanuel Hermann Fichte. Wikipedia entry.
Immanuel Hermann Fichte. Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Fichte News

Fichte, Johann Gottlieb

Johann Gottlieb Fichte
Johann Gottlieb Fichte. The Philosophy of Johann Gottlieb Fichte
Johann Gottlieb Fichte. Internationale Johann-Gottlieb-Fichte-Gesellschaft e. V.
Johann Gottlieb Fichte. Gutenberg etexts.
North American Fichte Society

Ficino, Marsillo

Marsilio Ficino. Biography and introduction to Ficino’s astrology, magic and philosophy.
Marsilio Ficino. Wikipedia entry.

Foucault, Michel

Michel Foucault. A document archive. An overview of Michel Foucault. A short
biography, completed by an interview. A presentation, and bibliographies.
Searchable primary and secondary texts, with a repository of documents written by Foucault.
Michel Foucault internet references. Critical Thinkers Resources
Michel Foucault links for scholars. California State University
Michel Foucault, Wikipedia entry.

Frege, Gottlieb

Gottlob Frege, Wikipedia entry.
Gottlob Frege. Stanford University
Works by or about Gottlieb Frege


Galilei, Galileo

Galileo webpages, etexts, biography, Galileo museum from the Museum
of the History of Science, Florence.
The Galileo Project
Galileo’s Considerations on the Copernican Opinion


Giorgias. Profile, bibliography, map and text. 

Gramsci, Antonio

Antonio Gramsci Links Archive
Antonio Gramsci. Wikipedia

Grosseteste, Robert

Robert Grosseteste homepage.


Habernas, Jurgen

The Jürgen Habermas Web Resource, by Steve Robinson.
Jürgen Habermas. Wikipedia

Hampshire, Sir Stuart

Stuart Hampshire. New York Times Review of Books
Stuart Hampshire – Wikipedia
Obituary: Sir Stuart Hampshire

Hegel, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel. The spirit, the absolute.
Hegel, an overview from The Stanford University Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Life, Works, Phenomenology, Logic, Nature, Spirit.
Hegel, Wikipedia entry.
Hegel Society of America
Hegel websites and discussion lists, a directory from  Epistemelinks.
Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit. A study by Robbert Veen.

Heidegger, Martin

Heidegger Gesellschaft
Martin Heidegger online texts.
Martin Heidegger. Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Martin Heidigger. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Heidegger Wikipedia entry.
Poetry, Language and Thought PDF file.
Heidegger. Internet links.


Heraclitus. Translations from the original Greek to English and French.

Herder, Johann Gottfried von

Johann Gottfried von Herder. International Herder Society, Herder Wesite.
Johann Gottfried von Herder. Wikipedia entry.

Hobbes, Thomas

Thomas Hobbes’s Moral and Political Philosophy
Thomas Hobbes, Wikipedia entry.
The Leviathan etext from Project Gutenberg.

Hume, David

David Hume WWW resources.
David Hume. The Hume Society
David Hume, Wikipedia entry.
David Hume etexts
A Treatise of Human Nature
An Enquiry concerning Human Understanding

Husserl, Edmund

The Husserl Homepage: Husserl internet resources.
The Husserl Archives at the New School of Social Research
Husserl Archives, Leuven, Belgium.
The Husserl Circle of International Scholars
Husserl, Wikipedia entry.
Edmund Husserl Collected Works
Husserl-Archives Cologne
The Husserl-Archives Leuven – International Center of Phenomenological Research
Husserl Studies, a journal.
The Husserl Net. Search for key terms in Husserl’s work, such as “noema,”
“horizon,” “zeit.” 


Irigaray, Luce

Luce Irigaray. Wikipedia
Irigaray, Luce. Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy


Jaspers, Karl

Karl Jaspers, Wikipedia entry.
Karl Jaspers, articles, books, web links.
Karl Jaspers, an Existential Primer.
Karl Jaspers. Philosophy books and online resources.
EpistemeLinks web directory for Karl Jaspers.
On My Philosophy, Karl Jaspers’ lecture in defense of Existentialism,
Karl Jaspers Society, Austria.