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Academic Philosophy Blogs
Top Blog Sites in Linguistics and Philosophy

Top philosophy blogs according to rank (site scores, search engine ranking).

ANTHEM, the “Actor-Network Theory
The ANTHEM blog is the public face of ANTHEM, a gathering of human and nonhuman actors that are interested in both actor-network theory and the work of Martin Heidegger, as well as the relationship and controversies between the two. Our primary focus is the question of technology.

Certain Doubts
What is knowledge and do we know anything? Leading epistemologists explore central puzzles, historical and contemporary, in the theory of knowledge.

Continental Philosophy
A bulletin board for Continental Philosophy

Philosophical Weblogs
A comprehensive directory of philosophy weblogs.

David Chalmers

Early Modern Experimental Philosophy Blog
The University of Otago, New Zealand.

Meillassoux. Blogs on Meillassoux.

Nigel Warburton
The Virtual Philosopher

EpistemeLinks Philosophy Blogs
Categorized links to philosophy-related blogs (weblogs), including blogs by philosophers, graduate and undergraduate …

My Past Life

Philosophy Blogs. A Blog Catalogue

Leiter Reports: A Philosophy Blog
Thinking out loud about Nietzsche’s philosophy. Brian Leiter’s Legal Philosophy Blog

Philosophers’ Carnival
NOTES & IDEAS: Using Blogs to Teach Philosophy. Academic Commons

Philosophy Talk: The Blog

Marginal Revolution

Philosophy Blogs. Top Sites in Linguistics and Philosophy

Philosophy Blog
Guide to philosophy groups and events in the Sydney area.

Publishers of online and hard-copy philosophy books. aims to publish the best philosophical works available, whether these emerge from well-established or from previously unknown thinkers, whether they are from the North or the South, the East or the West, whether they are Platonists or Hegelians, materialists or idealists

The Stone (New York Times)
The Stone features the writing of contemporary philosophers and other thinkers on topics both contemporary and perennial. The series is moderated by Simon Critchley.

Philosophical research and development.

Speculative Realism blogs *

The Speculative Heresy Blog

Mark Fisher’s assessment of “Speculative Realism” written for Frieze after the second conference.

Ian Bogost’s blog, which collects recent posts from the network of blogs connected with speculative realism/object oriented philosophy.