The philosophy of mind

The Philosophy of Mind, Philosophers; a guide to websites

Contemporary Philosophy of Mind
An annotated bibliography, by David Chalmers.

Field Guide to the Philosophy of Mind. An Italian site. 

Philosophy of Mind
Essays, texts, artificial intelligence, organizations, events, publications, people, references, Artificial Intelligence (from Duke University).

MindPapers: A Bibliography of the Philosophy of Mind and the Science of Consciousness,
compiled by David Chalmers (Editor) & David Bourget (Assistant Editor).

Dictionary of Philosophy of Mind

Dictionary of Philosophy of Mind
Dictionary for those terms commonly used, defined, contested, and misunderstood in the philosophy of mind.

Global Consciousness Project
Designed to explore whether the construct of interconnected consciousness can be scientifically validated through objective measurement.

Journal of Consciousness Studies
Exploring how the mind relates to the brain, as well as the ideas of subjectivity and self.

Online Papers on Consciousness
Links to papers on consciousness in philosophy, psychology and other areas.

Contemporary Philosophy of Mind: An Annotated Bibliography
Compilation of articles on consciousness, mental content, philosophy of artificial intelligence, and other topics.

Imagination, Mental Imagery, Consciousness, and Cognition: Scientific, Philosophical, and Historical Approaches
Resource for the study of imagination and mental images and their relevance to the understanding of consciousness and cognition.

SWIF: Philosophy of Mind
A directory of resources for researchers of Philosophy of Mind.

An Introduction to the Philosophy of Mind,
by Paul Newall, aimed at beginners.

A list of online papers on consciousness and philosophy of mind,
compiled by David Chalmers.