Philosophy of religion

Philosophy of religion, an index of websites

The Center for Philosophy of Religion University of Notre Dame, Paris.
Disseminating scholarly work in the philosophy of religion and in Christian philosophy.

Christian Scholar’s Review
A journal which studies the integration of Christian faith and learning on both the intra- and inter-disciplinary levels.

International Journal for the Philosophy of Religion

Philosophy of Religion
A Philosophy of Religion website. The philosophy of religion is one of the most fascinating areas of philosophy. It addresses not only the perennial question Is there a God?, but also the questions If there is, then what is he like? and, most importantly of all, What does that mean for us? This site is my attempt to demystify the philosophy of religion, and so to help people to reach views on these questions.

The Thomist
A scholarly Journal of Philosophy and Theology in the Tradition of Saint Thomas Aquinas.

St. Thomas Aquinas and the cosmological argument. Classical Apologetics.

Society for Women in Philosophy

Wikipedia entry on the philosophy of religion.