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Renaissance and Medieval Resources and Links (Digital Library Links. IGIT).

Renaissance philosophers. 
A list from Epistemelinks.

Renaissance Electronic Texts
The University of Toronto

Society for Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy
Aims to foster research and teaching in the field, to organize scholarly meetings and conferences, to publish a newsletter and a monograph series, and to cooperate with other learned societies in projects of common interest.

Wikipedia: Renaissance Philosophy

Philosophers *

Bacon, Francis

Luminarium webpages on Sir Francis Bacon
An annotated list of resources and links, covering the life and works of Bacon.

The Essays, by Sir Francis Bacon

The Works of Sir Francis Bacon
Collection of online works (includes another link to the essays).

Bruno, Giordano

Official site of Giordano Bruno’s ‘followers’.

Bruno’s works.
Texts, concordances and frequency list.

The writings of Giordano Bruno.

Detailed biography of Giordano Bruno.

Latin text of Bruno’s Ars Memoriae.

Collection of short excerpts about Giordano Bruno.

Bruno’s Latin and Italian works online: Biblioteca Ideale di Giordano Bruno

Wikipedia entry on Giordano Bruno.

Machiavelli, Niccolò

Machiavelli on the Net
A webliography with a short introduction and links to electronic texts and secondary sources.

The Art of War
The work in HTML format. From The University of Adelaide Library Electronic Texts Collection.

Discourse on Reforming Florence at the Constitution Society

The Discourses
Full text of the work in plain text format. Translated by Ninian Hill Thomson.

History of Florence at Project Gutenberg –
Plain text version of the work.

The Prince
Full HTML text of the work from The University of Adelaide Library Electronic Texts Collection.

The Prince Full text of the work in HTML format. Translated by Ninian Hill Thomson.

Montaigne. Michel de

The Essays
Translated by Charles Cotton. Complete. Downloadable e-text from Project Gutenburg.

Wikipedia entry on Michel de Montaigne.