Clocks, antique clocks, watches, horology

Clocks, antique clocks, watches, horology, museums; a list of websites

British Horological Institute


Chelsea Clock Museum. Boston, US

Museo Galileo. The Institute and Museum of the History of Science, Florence, Firenze, Italy

List of jewelry designers, from Wikipedia.

German Clock Museum. Deutsches Uhrenmuseum Furtwangen.

Greenwich Mean Time Homepage

Historical watch and clock research. An online library.

History of horology. An internet directory.

National Science Museum, London

National Watch and Clock Museum, Pennsylvania

Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe Museum
Discover how a passion for timepieces has brought together an extraordinary display of watches, musical automata and portrait miniatures from the 16th to the 19th century, in addition to a library dedicated entirely to horology and its related subjects. 
Sundials from all over the world. An internet directory.

A discussion site for watches.

Wikipedia entry on horology.

Watches: buy here

Men’s watches.

Men’s watches, top brands.

Cartier men’s watches.

Ladies watches.

Cartier ladies watches.