Cuisine and recipe websites

Cuisine and recipe websites from around the world, a guide to websites

Schools *

Culinary Arts College
A guide to culinary arts colleges and universities. An unbiased and updated list of every school that offers a culinary arts program in the US. A useful resource for culinary arts students. Schools sorted by state.

Culinary Schools in the U.S.

Culinary Programs
Accredited online and local culinary arts degress, a searchable database. (U.S.)

Directory of Culinary Schools
Geographical Directory of Culinary Schools organized by Continent, Geographic identification, Continental Europe, Continental Asia… The World Culinary Institute

The Culinary Institute of America
Michelin guide to the best restaurants

The Michelin Guide

Michelin 3-star restaurants around the world. Andy Hayler’s guide.

The official online Michelin guide.

American cuisine *

Cuisine of the United States
Wikipedia entries.

American Food – American Recipes and Cooking – American Cuisine
Experience the best in American food through traditional recipes, as well as new American classics.

American Food: What Defines American Food and Cuisine

British cuisine *

British Food and traditional recipes
British food and traditional recipes from England, Wales, and Scotland.

The British Food Trust
A major resource for all those in the UK and around the world who are enthusiasts for British cooking, its past traditions and future potential.

Chefs *

Best Chefs in the World
A list of the world’s best chefs, their bios and recipes for you to try.

Top 10 Chefs
A list of Top 10 Chefs worldwide.

The World’s 50 Best Restaurants
In-depth profiles of the winning restaurants and chefs; key personnel, dishes and menu structure.

Auguste Escoffier

Escoffier On Line Culinary Community

Cuisine International. Culinary vacations in Italy, France, England, Portugal and Brazil.

Cuisine magazine, New Zealand.

English cuisine *

English cuisine.

British Food and traditional recipes
British food and traditional recipes from England, Wales, and Scotland.

Gordon Ramsay
The Gordon Ramsay website.

Jamie Oliver
The Jamie Oliver website.

European cuisine *

Cuisines of Europe
Wikipedia, a list.

French cuisine *

Alain Ducasse

Georges Auguste Escoffier
Wikipedia entry.

French recipes and cuisine.

French recipes, French food tips. French Food and Cook

Provençal Cuisine Guide and Recipes

Wikipedia entries on French cuisine.

French traditional and other recipes with an emphasis on photographs.

Cuisine France
Traditional French recipes, sortable by region or course or alphabetically.

A F Touch Cuisine de France
Guide to French food and cooking. Includes recipes, articles on regional styles, restaurant guide.

Easy French Food
Find lots of easy French recipes and fun cultural information on Easy French Food.

Jeux de Vuisine Gratuit
Jeu de cuisine gratuit. Les jeux d’habillage, de maquillage, de cuisine, les jeux de décoration, de couple et d’animaux sont gratuits.

Jeux Fille Gratuit
Jeu de cuisine gratuit. Les jeux d’habillage, de maquillage, de cuisine, les jeux de décoration, de couple et d’animaux sont gratuits.

Ferme castrale and museum.


French Recipes and Food
Huge list of authentic French recipes for every skill level, regional foods, and cooking techniques.

Provençal Cuisine Guide and Recipes

Normandy. Traditional Normandy Cuisine

French Cooking at

Gastronomy from the Alsace Wine Road
A collection of recipe from the Alsace.

Greek cuisine *


Italian cuisine *

Cucina Italiana. Italian recipes, Italian cookery schools.

Introduction to Italian cuisine.

Italian cuisine.
Italia Mia

List of Italian dishes.

Mangiare Bene
Seasonal menus and regional specialties, etiquette and cooking tips, recipes from restaurants in Italy and from favorite food-related movie scenes.

Always Pasta
Historical and nutritional information, and recipes with tips and tricks (in Italian and English).

The Artisan
Exclusive recipes for great Italian meals and breads.

Contadina Recipes
A searchable index of recipes for every course from this producer of Italian products.

Global Gourmet Italy
Where, when and how to eat in Italy.

Italian Cuisine

Japanese cuisine *

Japanese cuisine.
Wikipedia entry.

List of Japanese dishes.

Jewish cuisine *

Jewish/Kosher cuisine web directory.

Jewish cuisine.

Magazine, journals and blogs

Food & Wine Magazine

Cooking Light


Grub Street: New York Magazine’s Food and Restaurant Blog

Fine Cooking

Gastronomica: The Journal of Food and Culture
The pleasures and aesthetics of food combined with the latest in food studies, food, culture, and society.

Gourmet Connection Magazine

Where food and culture meet, explored in words and pictures. Global restaurant reviews and recipes. In English and Japanese.

Restaurant Magazine

Waitrose Food Illustrated
Food and drink issues, what’s in season, eating out directory, and recipes.

Wine Spectator Magazine

Food Magazines

Magazines de cuisine.

Michelin Restaurant Guide

Middle East cuisine *

Cuisine of the Middle East, by country.

Authentic Russian Cuisine & Culinary Recipes
Recipes include appetizers, salads, soups, meat, fish, poultry, cakes and pies, vegetables, and desserts.

Cooking and Recipes: Russian Ancient Cuisine
A large number of recipes in several categories, ranging from sorrel soup to vinegar apples.

Spanish cuisine *

Spanish Cuisine news.

Spanish cuisine.
Wikipedia entry.

List of Spanish dishes.
Wikipedia entries.

Map of Spain,
with information on the cuisine in different areas.

An introduction to food from Spain.

Ferran Adrià

Ferran Adria
Bio of ‘the world’s greatest chef.’

El Bulli