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Japanese crafts; Ikebana, Origami, Netsuke; a list of websites

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Dolls. Hand-made Japanese Imari and Hakata dolls.

Ikebana *

Ikebana, Wikipedia entry.

Ikebana International

Ikebana Japan Guide

Nihonkoryu Ikebana School


Japanese Embroidery Center

Kyoto National Museum

Netsuke *

The International Netsuke Society

Wikipedia entry on Netsuke.

The only antique netsuke gallery in Japan, Sagemonoya deals exclusively in genuine Japanese netsuke, inro, pipecases, ojime, yatate and bokuto.

Edmund de Waal’s website.

Origami *

British Origami Society
Instructions, Origami videos

Origami Video
How to fold origami models, flowers, animals, cranes, boxes, planes as well as animations, cartoons and more.

Origami Butterfly Video
Origami instructions. Making the butterfly’s wings flutter.

Origami for Kids (Paper Airplanes)
Originals, exclusives and unique origami. Interactive 3D animation to help you fold the paper airplanes and boats and guide you, step to step, in the construction of the craft models.

OrigamiTube.com, an easy-to-use origami video site with instructional and other origami related videos.

Easy Origami Folding Instructions: Video Series | eHow Videos
Learn the art of origami, including how to make basic folds and how to make paper flowers, bats, cups and more.

Como Fazer Origami
Aprenda como fazer origamis, saiba a história e muito mais sobre essa arte com papel

Joseph Wu’s Origami Page

The Origami Forum

Origami USA

Origami World

Oxford Origami Society

Wikipedia entry on Origami.