Metalwork arts, crafts, silverware

Metalwork arts, artists, silverware

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  1. Silverware

Architectural ironwork in New York, pictorial samples.

Metalwork. Silver, Gold, Metalwork (Victoria and Albert Museum)

Oldhouse Journal Online
Decorative ironwork, house restoration and remodelling.

Silverware *

Bryan Douglas silverware.

Antique Silver and Design Blog
A blog about antique silver, 20th century silver and design and other related subjects.

Christopher Hartop’s antique silver collector’s guide.

I Franks Antique Silver, London.

A C Silver
Specialists in Antique, Vintage and Contemporary Sterling Silver, Diamond and Gemstone Jewellery. Newcastle Upon Tyne, U.K.

Online Encyclopedia of American Silver Marks

Silver marks around the world.

Wrought iron resources, wrought iron webpage links.

Gotscha Lagidse, armourer, artist and artisan in iron and steel: 
ancient arms and armour, sacral vessels in fine metals. Netherlands.


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