Motifs in art

Motifs in art, a guide to websites

Decoration in Islamic architecture.

The Arabesque in Islamic art. Wikipedia

Hindu motifs. Inndira Ghandi National Centre for the Arts

Viking embroidery motifs.

Pattern, Texture and Textile motifs. Images from Pinterest

Design Motifs in Byzantine Art. The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Tessellation in art and design. Wikipedia entry.

Plant motifs in Islamic art. The Victoria and Albert Museum

William Morris design motifs.V&A

Art deco designs and motifs, Google image search.

Art Deco patterns at Pinterest.

Indian patterns, Indian designs at Pinterest.

Indian motif vector downloads.

The motif in the visual arts. Wikipedia

Persian carpet, motifs and techniques. Wikipedia

The Boteh or paisley motif. Wikipedia

Armenian rug Paraka with a stellar ornament
Islamic geometric patterns, Marrakesh Museum