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The Ardabil Carpet in The Victoria and Albert Museum

Afghan Rugs and Carpets: Rugs from Afghanistan

Afghan rugs.


Carpets from the Islamic World, 1600–1800, in The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Chinese Textiles

The Cyber Rug Center, Photographs


Moroccan rugs. Wikipedia

Boucharouite Rugs-Berber Rug Museum Marrakech-Maison 28

New England Rug Society


Old Carpet
provides a central location for knowledge and commerce in Persian rugs and carpets. Founded in 1877, their business originated in Tabriz (Northwest of IRAN) when the first package of Persian rugs and carpets were loaded on the backs of the horses enroute to Istanbul.


Persian rugs *

Antique Persian Rug, A Buyer’s Guide to Antique Carpets

Persian carpets/rugs, Wikipedia entry.

Persian Carpets, a history.

Persian rug design patterns.

Unknown, Iran, mid-16th Century - The Rothschild Small Silk Medallion Carpet - Google Art Project



Textile as
Antique costumes, antique textiles, ancient textiles.

The Textile Museum, Washington D.C.

Turkish rugs *

Turkish carpet, Wikipedia entry.

a non-commercial site devoted to collectible weavings, where rug enthusiasts can connect.


Wikipedia entry on carpets and rugs.